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Zong Yingmei is fascinated Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:33   Engineering   Bayreuth   251 views Reference: 368
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Aunt May, who was dressed very beautifully, leaned against the glass door and said hello to them who almost opened the debate on the spot with a smile. I have to say that the dress sent by Joshua and Draco was really very good, which completely depressed Aunt May's good figure. The controversy was put behind him in an instant, and Peter gave a thumbs-up and sent Aunt May all the way back to the boyfriend's car. After calming down, Nei decided to stay at Peter's house to improve their plans, while the rest of them went to the Avengers'celebration party as planned. Joshua, who had been discussing professional issues with Peter all the way, had just arrived at the Fulian Building, and before he could even get out of the car and stand still, there was a violent explosion in the Fulian channel that the two people around him had just opened. Peter's face changed in an instant and he rushed in without thinking. Joshua, who had not had time to catch him, looked at Draco subconsciously, and Channel Stark was still shouting loudly. Steven! Mine has lost control of the legion! I can't control them! SHIT Someone must have taken over their operating system! The glass exploded overhead, and before he could look up, Joshua was pulled back several steps by Draco, and the huge glass falling from a high place hit the ground, splashing so sharp that it could scratch a face. Joshua stood at ease in the light blue safety circle constructed by Draco and looked up in surprise. That height should be the living room, the floor glass of the sun has disappeared, revealing a swarthy opening, a steady stream of steel machines pouring out of these dark places. These'Ironclad Xiaobao 'who had been following Stark now stood in a row one by one to surround the floor, constantly attacking the interior of the floor with less aggressive palm cannons. The broken glass kept falling down, surrounded by a group of curious and desperate people. Draco pursed his lip liner with a flash of displeasure in his eyes. He raised his hand,Walking tape measure, and the silvery light hit the third floor, then grew around the building into a closed circle. The circle gradually stretches, forming a slight upward curve, which blocks the glass fragments. Draco? Are you downstairs? Rogers's voice rang. He seemed relieved. "Please take care of the pedestrians. Don't let them get hurt. I'll solve the problem here soon." "Captain, I don't think it's as good as you think." "Clint and I can't help you. It's just you and Tony Wilson in this fight. Oh," said Natasha, catching her breath as something exploded under her arm. "There's a little guy flying in her eyes." And our baby. " "Tony, can't you take back the right to operate?" Rogers asked, throwing out his shield and dividing the steel machine into two sides. Stark kept tapping on the keyboard. "No!"! Jarvis seems to be imprisoned by this new agent, and I have to help him! "Well, then we only have.." Natasha said calmly and even with a little smile, Walking measuring wheel ,Wheel tape measure, "Captain and Wilson, good luck to you, Captain.". Peter, watch your back. The little spider who was almost hit in the head said thank you in a panic. Falcon Wilson fluttered his wings and kicked an armored baby into a scrap. He covered his thighs and fell to the roof breathlessly. "I have to say Tony's material is so good that my feet are almost broken." "Mr. Stark," Joshua, standing on the ground, raised his face, listened to their seemingly leisurely conversation, looked left and right, and asked, "if the whole of New York were on fire.. Can you afford it? “……” The channel suddenly quieted down. I don't know what you're going to do, kid, but I'm saying we're going to end up in jail. Stark then tapped on the keyboard and said patiently, "I can afford to burn the whole United States, but only if I still have that life." Joshua smiled and winked at Draco beside him. "Mr. Stark, can you find a way to lead them to the highest point?"? Just above the height of the tallest building in New York. I think it will only cost you 30 seconds. I hope you can help me. Maybe this will solve the problem at present. You can concentrate more on dealing with the person who hurt Mr. Jarvis. Stark took one look at the mass of data and agreed without much thought. The golden red armor rushed out of the wide open window in an instant, and then the machines followed up like dogs chasing steamed buns. I'm still so popular. Joking, Stark accelerated his ascent and asked quickly, "Almost there, son. What do you need me to do?" "Come down and leave them at the top." Joshua pulled out his wand, excited to do something big. He raised his arm slowly, kicked his right foot back, and Draco stepped back. "You and the other gentlemen get out of there right now.". Oh, I wish there weren't any birds around here. "Coming!" As the words fell, flames emerged from the tip of Joshua's wand and turned into a huge oriental fire dragon roaring into the sky. Waving its claws, it raised its head and roared into the sky. The tip of its tail grazed the golden red figure, swallowed the steel mecha that rushed down behind it, and then circled around the highest point. With the faint sound of thunder on the horizon, it exploded, and the rolling clouds of fire covered the whole sky of New York in an instant. It's like a cloud on fire. Terrible but magnificent. "Whoa!" Stark snapped off his blackened mask and smacked his tongue. "Boy, I think we can open a barbecue restaurant together." "I have to add this hand to my suit, it's simply." It's so handsome. Text 69. Chapter 69 At the end of the day, all the Avengers, except Stark, who was eager to save the cub, gathered around Joshua's hand and gossiped enthusiastically. They watched the rare "fire in the sky" and teased Stark's thoughts without hesitation. Wilson folded his wings, landed on the balcony, pressed the communicator and said,Fiberglass tape measure, "Iron Man is going to become a gas tank?"? Oh, Tony, your cover girls are gonna cry. tapemeasure.net

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Zong Yingmei is fascinated