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Zhengdi system Full-time Job

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This kind of contempt for other people's performance, seems to be sent out from the soul, has a very terrible impact, was hit by such an expression, Ji Canglan and Yuntianya are about to go mad, the heart gushed out boundless anger, and no longer hesitate. Both roared and flew onto the battle platform. Yun Tianji, Ji Cangqiong, do you still want to do it? You can also go together! Li Xiao is joking. Disdain. This is a run, a run, two people retreat, leave the battle platform! As long as two people leave. Li Xiao will go crazy, take out the false source Dan, give the enemy the illusion at the same time, kill three people in one fell swoop, even if it pays a painful price, also at all costs! "I'll see how you die." Yuntianji snorted coldly, and his figure flashed and appeared beside the elder Tianyue. Ji Cangqiong also took a deep look at Li Xiao: "You don't have to run anything. I won't make a move. Have a good understanding of how you died." Finish. Ji Cangqiong also appeared beside Elder Tianyue. "Dead?"? The wound of the Holy Spirit? Ha ha ha ha, ridiculous! Li Xiao suddenly burst out laughing, and a'halo flow 'of the elixir appeared in his hand, and then he put it directly into his mouth. Sure enough! Seeing this scene, Ji Cangqiong had a sneer on his face. Yun Tianji, on the other hand, just snorted coldly to show his disdain. I knew you would! Xie Yunyan is not in a hurry, in this moment she hit a space-time tower, derived heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, fixed the time void. All of a sudden from the hands of Li Xiao took away the'source Dan ', then the space-time tower is just a tremor, Li Xiao was shaken out of nearly ten meters away. Li Xiao stood in place,ultrasonic metal welding, the bones of the whole body like a piece of fracture, the body suffered a seemingly light but actually contains a terrible blow to the sky of the space-time tower attack, and finally with the'holy gas' scars, together with the outbreak. Li Xiao's body fell down, as if a generation of genius had fallen. But what do you think you can do? Xie Yunyan disdains a smile, at the same time, Ji Canglan and Yuntianya are somewhat stupefied, not yet started, Li Xiao so died? It's, it's,ultrasonic extraction cbd, it's even a little too easy. Two people still some can not touch the situation, then at this time, a towering flame suddenly invisible outbreak, then infinite purple light block the sun, Li Xiao's fall is false, ready to kill is true. At this moment, Li Xiaoru went crazy, once again combined with Xiaoguang, directly evolved into a fighting body, turned into a human-shaped dragon, and repeatedly hit Soul Calibur to kill the souls of the three people in an instant. At the same time, Li Xiaoru destroyed the fire of Nirvana with the fighting body, burned heaven and earth, branded the fighting platform, and blocked outsiders from entering. At the same time, Yanlong roared and terrorized to kill Yuntianya, Ji Canglan and Xie Yunyan. Bitch Li Xiao once again broke through the soul of Xie Yunyan, Xie Yunyan turned pale, subconsciously swallowed the'original Dan 'into the body, but at this time, the original Dan directly exploded, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic cutting machine, destroying half of her body. When Li Xiao caught up with Xie Yunyan, the purple light smashed her into pieces. Unfortunately, the empty tower protected Xie Yunyan's head at that time and could not be killed. Li Xiao went crazy and made two roars of Yanlong, still unable to shake the tower of terror in time and space. Suddenly, he knew that he could not delay time. At that moment, he destroyed the energy and swallowed it. While extracting the spirit of Xie Yunyan, he went crazy and killed Yuntianya and Ji Canglan. Beaten by surprise, and the soul hit through, two people's strength is less than ten percent, Li Xiao combined with light brain, invincible, direct display of terror Ziguang Yanlong roar, will kill two people again and again, died on the spot. Without the top magic weapon to resist the roar of Yanlong, the two suffered a heavy blow to their souls. They were stared at by Li Xiao and beaten to death. Then they were swallowed by the energy and extracted the spirit and soul. The two people went up in smoke in an instant. This moment, really happened in a moment, and Xiaoguang's light brain fusion, Li Xiao's brain calculation is terrible, everything will be completely taken into account to the extreme, the time will be pinched exactly! So that, this time, three geniuses, two dead and one seriously injured. At this time, Ji Cangqiong saw everything, Yuntianji saw everything, the two super-strong people were completely mad at the same time! At the bottom, the endless geniuses are also looking silly! Yan Jiuhuang and others were stunned and flew to the battle platform again. At this time, the fire of Nirvana was completely destroyed by the tower of Ji Cangqiong. He rushed out and killed Li Xiao with absolute invincible momentum. Cloud Tianji, Tianji suzerain, at this time his face was ferocious, his eyes were bloody, and he also launched a terrible killing machine. Li Xiao will surely die! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 126 there is no way out. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 15, 2013 18:19:28 Number of words in this chapter: 5705 At this time, Tianyue Elder suddenly sent out a terrible divine power, which shocked the killing intention of Yuntianji and Ji Cangqiong, so that they could not move a step. At the same moment, Su Mucheng is no longer shackled, the outbreak of terror Tianji Kendo killing, appeared in front of Li Xiao, alert staring at Ji Cangqiong and others. At this time, Li Xiao's "road injury" has not yet recovered, and this madness seems to have exhausted all his vitality. However, he still did not give in, just looking at the current scene. Li Xiao, you are a character. But you think you can recover from all your injuries with this source Dan, which can only be a fool's dream. However, through this, with their own disadvantages, calculating others, and success in one fell swoop, you are also a number one person. Tianyue Elder's voice was cold, staring at Li Xiao's affairs, and his eyes showed a terrible cold color. You, the means are too vicious, this is a waste of people, but also to do such a bad thing that damages the long-term development of the clan foundation, must be punished. The day month elder said, unexpectedly is about to start work! At this time, Su Mucheng stood out without saying a word and stood in front of Li Xiao. Su Mucheng, do you dare to stop this elder? Elder Tianyue had a cold look and a tone of disdain. Li Xiao, as my disciple, I should stand up naturally. Besides,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the wound of the Holy Spirit is useless in the body? Even if Li Xiao is destroyed, so what? With his will and talent, what's the harm even if he rebuilds? "Rebuild?" fycgsonic.com

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