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Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:26   Independent & Freelance   Calden   263 views Reference: 150
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"Don't worry, when I turn around, I'm sure I can find the cliff." The big black dog ran forward like a black lightning. In the next few days, they went around more than thirty cities, and the big black dog wandered around, looking like a loafer. Boy, you are really doing a bad thing. You see, your portrait has been posted in this city. It's a reward for a thousand catties. In an ancient city named "Changfeng", Ye Fan saw his own image, and there was no doubt that someone had posted the arrest warrant issued by Ji Jia and Shaoguang. He had seen the order to arrest the leaves of immortals in the eldest brother's place, and it was exactly the same. When I am free, I will kill all the young people who have entered the northern region. "Do you want to practice with them after you get the Western Imperial Sutra?" The big black dog saw through his mind. " Haven't you found the location yet? Don't tell me you forgot. ” Ye Fan said with a black face. I've come to think of it and I'm ready to go. The big black cypress I gave a positive answer. After a few days, Ye Fan felt something was wrong. The big black dog was taking him to the Taichu Ancient Mine. "Are you sure you remember the right way? This is going to the Taichu Ancient Mine." "Yes, this is the old place to go to the Jade Pool." Replied the big black dog. Ye Fan has heard that the old place of the Jade Pool is more than ten thousand miles away from the ancient mine in Taichu, and was later sent to move. However, no one knows where the so-called old place of the Jade Pool is now, and no one can find it. It is said that when the Jade Pool was evacuated, it had been completely sealed. Around the Taichu Ancient Mine,Precision Welded pipes, the vast and boundless area was all mining areas. The big black dog, like an old horse, knew the way, watched the mountains and rivers, and constantly circled around the mining area of the Holy Land, bringing Ye Fan into the depths of the reddish-brown earth. Why did the Jade Pool withdraw? Ye Fan asked. In fact, many ancient books have recorded that the Jade Pool is far away from the Taichu Ancient Mine,side impact door beams, and there is no mention of the so-called relocation. No one knows the exact reason. The moonlight is like water. Ye Fan and the Black Emperor have been in the no-man's land for more than ten days, but they still haven't reached the so-called ruins of the Jade Pool. No, the Jade Pool is an oasis with beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery. It should be in this area. Why is it missing? The big black dog is suspicious. Under the moonlight, the red earth is boundless, endless, empty, not to mention mountains, even big stones are hard to see. The black emperor looked up at the bright moon, then looked at the blood-colored earth and said, "This place is sealed. Hurry to look for it. If we enter a world of flowers and birds, maybe there will be a big chance." Suddenly, Ye Fan was startled to see a white figure flying up on the distant horizon. Flying fairy in the Jade Pool! "The big black dog shot out two divine awn from his eyes and said," It seems that we have come to the right place. We must export the sealed place of the Jade Pool. I'd like to see why they want to withdraw. ". Chapter 241 Ancient Jade Pool. In the northern region, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. The moon rice is clear and cold. On the horizon, a few white figures are very ethereal and uncertain. They are as ethereal as immortals and fly away. Ye Fan disappeared step by step, leaving more than a dozen shadows on the open earth, chasing far away, but nothing was captured, he stood in the night, looking up at the boundless starry sky. "What is that?" He had doubts in his heart, and a few white shadows disappeared in the vast night sky, never to be seen again. "Flying Immortals in the Jade Pool." Replied the big black dog. "Flying fairy?" Ye Fan was puzzled. Immortals, for monks, are illusory and unreal, although there are always legends about their existence, but there is no evidence, even if some are recorded in ancient books, they can not withstand scrutiny. "It's hard to say." The big black dog shook his head. The Jade Pool is a historic site. There is a wonderful scene of flying immortals under the moon at night. No one can tell what is going on. It looks hazy from a distance, but it looks dim from a close look. It is said that this is the afterimage of ancient times, the reflection of endless years ago, and the playback of ancient events. "It can't be a fairy." Ye Fan doesn't believe it. "I didn't say it was a fairy." The black emperor's eyes are shining green, and he is no different from the wolf in the dark. There was nothing on the open earth except sand and stone. It was very quiet in the middle of the night. Ye Fan and the Black Emperor found nothing in the middle of the night. At that time, the Jade Pool opened here, because it was a rare land of immortals with beautiful mountains and rivers, but now it is desolate, and nothing can be seen except red sand. Jade Pool Flying Immortal wonders are now, here is absolutely the old place of the Jade Pool, but no matter how to look for, also can not see a flaw. The morning glow was bright red and golden, and the reddish-brown earth shone brightly. Ye Fan and the Black Emperor were busy all night, not to mention the ruins, not even a piece of pottery tile was found. You are so unreliable that you can't even touch the door when you tell me that there is a Western Emperor's Sutra here. Do you know what good things come and go? What is that? It was created by the legendary Queen Mother of the West in the Book of the West Emperor. How can it be so easy to get? The big black dog is looking for reasons. Before you came, you said it was easy. You said it was carved on a cliff. You could find it as long as you came here. What was the result? 'With A long face, the big black dog walked to one side, squinting his eyes and pondering. It took him a long time to say, 'This place has been sealed. The emperor is a little ill. He may not be able to open it now. He can only think of another way.' 'He Stood up with a groan and said, 'Go to the edge of the Jade Pool, where the seal is the weakest. I guess you can sneak in.' After walking for half a day, searching and even digging many big holes in the gravel ground, the big black dog decided to come down and said, "Let's look here." The midday sun was very scorching, and under the scorching sun, the man and the shadow almost coincided. The black emperor turned around and suddenly jumped up and said, "I found it." Ye Fan rushed over when he heard this. Ahead,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, a patch of red sand sparkled, and the light from the burning sun flowed there like a big stove. Is there anything strange underground? Can you enter the Jade Pool from here? I remember there is an ancient well on the edge of the Jade Pool. It should be here. You can probably get in. Replied the big black dog. I said Lao Hei, are you reliable? Don't fool around again. ' Ye Fan doesn't believe it. cbiesautomotive.com

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