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You are my little fortune (female lawyer vs male doctor) Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:14   Tourism & Restaurants   Saarlouis   293 views Reference: 197
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This is the second time that Wen Shaoqing saw Cong Rong appear as a lawyer. The last time was a night ago. At that time, the atmosphere was not so tense, and her aura was not so strong. She just negotiated with the traffic police slowly and crushed the traffic police quietly. It was completely different from what it looks like now. At first, the girl who met him by chance at the elevator entrance and stood behind him to look at him secretly after a flash of surprise in her eyes has long been honed into a real legal beauty in many years of study experience and various cases. Rational attitude and thinking has already become her instinct, even in the face of a strong and difficult opponent, but also to be calm in the face of change, the best precipitation of quality and self-cultivation is cautious and calm between eyebrows and eyes. Calm in the face of change? Wen Shaoqing remembered her frown when she first entered the door staring at his hand, and suddenly lowered her eyes and smiled, except when facing him? The other party was at his wits' end, and the leading medical troublemaker encouraged the patient's family members to come over and grab the cell phone. Cong Rong quickly flashed and dodged. Soon, the police heard the noise and shouted a few words. Then they went to Cong Rong and discussed with her in a low voice: "Lawyer Cong, don't make a big fuss. It seems that the hospital also hit back. This is at most an affray. After a while, they went through a procedure and paid a fine.". You take them all back, and we will detain them for a few days. Now the doctor-patient relationship is so tense, this is not the first time that these people have come in, and every time it is nothing. "Forget it?" On weekdays, Cong Rong also likes to mediate in private,65 inch touch screen, but this time he is unexpectedly strong, "I'm afraid not." The policeman looked surprised. "What's the matter?" "That man." Cong Rongyang pointed to Wen Shaoqing with his chin, "he is a soldier." Chapter 39 "I say." The policeman's face changed, and finally he complained to Cong Rong with a bitter face, "How can he look bookish and fight with these people, but that group of people suffered a loss, it turned out to be military status." What can I do? Cong Rong raised his hand and glanced at the time. "You slow down first. I'll go out and make a phone call." A group of medical troublemakers probably saw that Cong Rong was very familiar with the police. Afraid of suffering a loss,smartboard for business, they began to shout again: "Comrade police, they beat people, and you can't ignore them!"! You see, they're not hurt at all. Look at us again! The policeman paused for a moment and turned to explain to a group of doctors: "We can't manage this. The doctor you beat is a soldier. Go to the garrison headquarters." Then he went over and asked Wen Shaoqing with a smile, "Our director will be here soon. Do you think you can go back by yourself?"? Would you like me to find a colleague to take you back? Also, can I discuss something with you, your comrade-in-arms later. Uh Don't be in front of us when they solve the problem, okay? The leaders above often come to check recently, and we will be scolded. While the police were talking to Wen Shaoqing, Cong Rong stood in the corridor and called Tan Size. I can't make the meeting in the afternoon, so you can attend for me. "Is something wrong?" Cong Rong told the truth: "I received a commission." Tan Size became interested. "What case?" Cong Rong hesitated for a moment before answering: "Medical dispute." There suddenly came a bang, half a day to hear Tan Size surprised voice, 86 smart board ,interactive panels for education, "medical disputes?"? Did you answer it? Don't you never take medical cases? "Well.." Cong Rong paused, "just take this one." Tan Size was amazed: "To tell you the truth, what kind of person can let you take medical cases?" Cong Rong explained in an evasive manner: "He is my cousin's tutor." Tan Size considered for a moment, "what about the price?" Cong Rong answered frankly and freely, "Oh, I forgot to tell you just now. I provide legal help for friendship, free of charge." Tan Si Ze gnashed his teeth. "Do you think I'm a partner or not?!" "At most, I'll pay for it myself!" "Have you ever seen a lawyer who pays for his own commission?" Cong Rong knew that when it came to money, Tan Size would definitely hold on to it. He couldn't say it clearly for a while, so he interrupted him: "Well, well, I'm still busy. We'll talk about it in detail when we meet." Then he hung up the phone without waiting for Tan Size's reaction. When she returned, a group of policemen were carefully sending Wen Shaoqing and his party out. Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing and asked him for advice. "Are you leaving now?" Wen Shaoqing looked aside, "they are tired after tossing and turning for so long, go back first, and solve the problem later." Cong Rong thought about it and nodded in agreement, "then I'll go through the formalities." Director immediately replied: "No, no, Cong lawyer, do not bother you, you quickly take them away." Cong Rong couldn't help laughing. It was the first time she had seen someone so anxious to release him. Suddenly she remembered something and pointed to the room. "Where are they?" The director quickly replied, "I will be detained for fifteen days." Wen Shaoqing glanced into the room, "Forget it, the family members of the patient are inevitably a little excited about the death of their loved ones, right?" Cong Rong couldn't help but look at Wen Shaoqing again. She remembered an article she had read some time ago. The article said that those who were not close to Buddha could not be doctors, and those who were not close to immortals could not be doctors. It was not unreasonable that Wen Shaoqing could be a doctor. At least if she were her own person, she would certainly not speak for the family members of patients at this point. The director nodded hurriedly, "Yes, yes." As long as this hot potato is willing to go, Wen Shaoqing will agree to whatever he says. Wen Shaoqing nodded his thanks and then looked at Cong Rong. "What do you think?" "The family members of the patients are excusable, but the doctors are making trouble." Cong Rong turned to look at the director, "the lawyer's letter will be sent out as soon as possible." Coming out of the police station, it was afternoon, and the weather was very appropriate, overcast with the north wind. Wen Shaoqing looked at a group of drooping students and smiled, "It's getting late. Go back to eat and rest. Don't think too much. We'll talk about it tomorrow at the hospital." A group of students is also the first time to experience this kind of thing, the mood is somewhat complicated, around Wen Shaoqing refused to go. Wen Shaoqing thought about it, "then go to my house for dinner!" Then he looked at Cong Rong,digital touch screen board, "are you going, too?" Cong Rong's mood is also somewhat complicated, she until now can not accept Wen Shaoqing will start fighting. hsdsmartboard.com

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