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Yin and Yang Realm River of Life and Death-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:43   Engineering   Bad Homburg vor der Höhe   211 views Reference: 385
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There was a smug smile on his face. At this moment Fang Tianyun heard the sound of clothes floating in the wind. A glance at Fang Tianyun's alert eyes Four outside a piece of wasteland, in addition to the wind to send trees and craggy rocks, and no figure, not from the heart slightly a shock, secret way: "Weird!"! Did I hear you wrong? You should know that Fang Tianyun grew up in the deep mountains, and his ears and eyes were extremely sensitive. Even if it was a fallen leaf within ten feet, he could distinguish it very clearly. Now that he saw no one outside, he naturally felt very strange. Suddenly, he felt a shock in his heart and said to himself, "Not good!"! Did the devil really chase him down. As soon as he thought of this, his hair stood on end, and he jumped and quickly disappeared into a shadow. He knew that if the devil hadn't lost 60% of his power just now, he would have lost his life. If the devil had followed him, he would not have survived! So he held his breath, glanced at it, and somehow broke out in a cold sweat. After a while, there was still no movement. Fang Tianyun thought, "Maybe I was wrong. If it were the devil, I wouldn't wait until now.." Such a thought, immediately relieved, suddenly jumped a sweep, ran forward. Na Zhi His body began to move. Suddenly he shrieked and shouted coldly, "Stop, smelly boy. You're still running there tonight!" With the sound, two red shadows suddenly appeared in the shadows of the jagged rocks. The posture of these two red shadows was very fast, and at the end of the sound, they had already floated to Fang Tianyun's side. Fang Tianyun gazed and saw that one of them was Honggu, who had slapped him. The other one,china tile trim, although he had never seen it before, knew that they were birds of a feather from his eyes. As soon as Fang Tianyun looked at it, his anger suddenly rose. His eyes flashed and he shouted in a harsh voice, "So it's you, the lascivious enchantress again!" In the sound of drinking and scolding, the palm of "Hu" suddenly split out. The palm potential just came out one by one. He saw that the girl in red suddenly raised her palm and sent out a dark force. With a sound of "wave", Fang Tianyun's palm hit a protruding stone, splashing gravel and flying vegetation. Fang Tianyun was furious and shouted, "Shameless girl, if you dare to win with more,metal trim manufacturers, Fang will count you in!" As soon as the body slips, the double palm raises quickly, the formidable palm strength, looks like the huge wave to empty general, rolls will pass. Xmwjw scanning, langzi365ocr, exclusive serialization of Old Rain Building www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter 8 blood and tears t.xt. Small `saying` day . Don Girl in red suddenly "cough up!"! "Cough!" With a lewd laugh, the fragile body flashed and let go. She let a blow, did not fight back, on the pretty face, suddenly sent out a kind of sultry smile, staring at Fang Tianyun's face. Fang Tianyun was angry when she saw him. With a sharp shout, his palms suddenly swung, and his body and palms were in one, like an electric swoop. The girl in red had never seen such a strange move before, and her heart shook and flashed quickly, "whoosh!" With a sound, she floated to Honggu's side. As soon as Fang Tianyun's blow failed, his body suddenly turned, aluminum tile trim ,tile profile factory, and as fast as the lightning, he attacked himself with two palms. These two palms are extremely strange, only to see his strange circle, divided into two people to attack. Hong Gu Qian took a Yang, Luo Xiu burst out, "Brush!" With a sound, he attacked Fang Tianyun's waist. Fang Tianyun snorted coldly, and with a strange spin, he gave way, but he still attacked the girl in red quickly. The girl in red seemed to have been stirred up by Fang Tianyun. "You really don't know what's good for you," she shouted. "You can't do it, aunt!" As soon as the slender palm is raised, the oncoming force is received by force. But listen to "Bo!" With a bang, the two men were evenly matched, and neither of them took any advantage. "Don't be cruel, boy," said Hong Gu. "My aunt has something to ask you. As long as you tell the truth, she will not only let you live, but also Also let you taste the gentle sweetness like flowers and jade, if blindly try to be brave, send you a life to Yin? After a slight pause, she said, "Is that old monster in the River of Life and Death defeated by you?" Fang Tianyun already hated her to the bone. "Don't talk nonsense," he snorted coldly. "Fang is going to cut you into pieces tonight!" Say, eyes kill flash, deceive will come over. Hong Gu gave a sneer and said, "Are you sure you don't want to die?" Fang Tianyun did not wait for her to finish, with a sharp roar, suddenly attacked three palms. The three palms were not only extremely powerful, but also as fast as electricity. Hong Gu was taken aback and hurried back. Fang Tianyun was already fierce, and without waiting for Honggu's retreating body to stand firm, he performed the strange trick of "wind, rain, and clouds all over the sky" in the "eight styles of shaking the sky." Shuang Na turned out the shadow of his palm all over the sky, and like a shadow, he attacked Honggu's head. Although Hong Gu had fought with him a few days ago, she did not expect that Fang Tianyun's skill had improved so rapidly, and when she saw the shadow of her palm coming like a mountain, she slipped in a hurry. Shi left the school to learn the "Phantom" posture, dripped around, and retreated to the ground! Na Zhi She retreated quickly, and Fang Tianyun attacked even faster, just as she was turning close to the ground. Fang Tianyun gave a sharp cry, his wrists fell, his head slanted, his body shook, and his palms quickly hit her face. But listen to "Splat!" With two crisp sounds, ten handprints appeared on Hongshi's pretty face, and blood flowed from his mouth, rolling to ten feet away. The sudden change was only instantaneous, but the girl in red could not help but be surprised. Just listen to her sharp shout, double palm a raise, immediately a puff of silver awn as thin as hair, fly out of the hand, at the same time charming body-flash quickly float to the side of the red aunt. Fang Tianyun suddenly felt the sound of the wind behind him. He couldn't help but feel a shock in his heart. He turned his head alertly and saw the silver light and rain all over the sky. At that moment, his palms came out and circled a round of strong wind to protect the vital parts of his body. His body flashed and he performed the posture of "Shenlong Shi Fog", which drifted strangely to ten feet away. When the girl in red saw that he had let go of her "bee-tail silver needle," her heart was shocked again, and she was afraid that Fang Tianyun would make another move, so she quickly bent over and picked up Honggu. Electricity,stainless steel tile trim, like flying away. But see the red shadow flash, suddenly, has fled without a trace. jecatrims.com

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Yin and Yang Realm River of Life and Death-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise