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Yang Shen _ Dream into Shenji _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:19   Engineering   Bad Salzuflen   246 views Reference: 355
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"Awesome!"! Since it can't change out. Then I will use violence to break it! I don't believe it. You have an idea. You can trap me, the Yin God of the visible realm, to death! As soon as Hong Yi was trapped, he could not move, and his heart was filled with ferocity. The spirit of courage. The Blessed One said. There are many evil spirits outside the world. How can they be deterred? Irrational. No righteousness, no compassion, no merit, no power! Cut through the thorns, strength also.. A section of Dawei Tianlong Bodhisattva's view of the earth flowed through Hong Yi's heart in an instant. Dawei Tianlong. Mopepi! Mopepi! A loud roar. The image of Dawei Tianlong Bodhisattva's "power" once again emerged in Hong Yi's heart. He bit the "yuanyuan Dzi Bead" in one bite and held it in both hands. Countless moonlights rushed in and condensed into a huge "fork of evil thoughts" in his hands. This time, the "fork of evil thoughts" is three times bigger than the original one! Hong Yi even felt it. When I was gathering the moonlight, there seemed to be a stream of pure and incomparable moonlight gushing out of the dzi beads. Greatly enriched the power of the "fork of evil thoughts." Broken! Hands holding a huge steel fork, forward a stab, violent gallop, with a potential twist! Crash! Crash! Countless drops of water fell from the sky. It fell into the sea. This huge talon was scattered by Hong Yi's fork and turned into water again. It's just a thought. Can't stop me! Walk quickly Hong Yi broke the spell. And did not stay. Instead, the speed of galloping towards the coast has been raised to the maximum. Spent all the power of his soul. Violent flight,push back racking system, Qi potential such as electricity, such as crossbows and arrows through the air. Brush, brush, and go a few miles. Such a violent flight. The dzi beads carried by Yin Shen drew a long golden thread in the air. Seen from afar. It's like a golden wave flying over the sea, which is spectacular. If Yin Shen flies too fast in the air and exceeds the limit he can bear, he will be blown away by the wind. Out of my wits. The flying ash was annihilated,heavy duty cantilever racks, but Hong Yi relied on the advantage of practicing the Past Sutra, and his spirit was not extinguished, and his thoughts were firm. This rapid gallop, although it reached the fastest speed that his Taoist power could fly. But it can still hold up. Want to run? At the moment of Hong Yi's violent flight, he faintly saw the coastline in the distance, the barracks, the cliff, and even when Chi Zhuiyang stood on the cliff and shot a little bit, there was a loud noise in his ears. It's like a dreary sky drum. And then. In front of the sea suddenly rushed, rising up a group of crystal flow, but also only the fist of the earth drops of water. This drop of water is small. But it fell into Hong Yi's eyes. But I feel it weighs a thousand pounds! It's heavier than mercury. It's an intuitive sense. This is the scene where the sea water is condensed to the extreme. It's not good. This is a Taofa mine! In the heart one understands, teardrop pallet racking ,industrial racking systems, but is actually late, this group of water drops speed is very fast, and Hong Yi immediately bumps into head-on. The two of them collided with each other with a loud bang, like a powder keg exploding! The drops of water burst apart, the air waves rolled violently in the middle, and then the drops of water burst between them. Turned into a heavy rain, clattering down, obviously only a fist-sized mass of water, but now spread out, but it seems to be half a small pool of water. You can see this mass of water. To what extent was it instantly condensed. The mine in Taoism is a huge idea wrapped in water in an instant. Try to compress, then release with a bang, and the drops of water burst and expand. Causing the effect of gunpowder. The Taoist master who sent out this kind of mine is already at the level of ghosts and immortals! The power of this mine. Although it is far inferior to the "Flaming Charm Sword", it is much more powerful than the general gunpowder thunder amulet of Taoism. Hong Yi's Yin Shen was hit by this. The power to explode. It fell apart in an instant. Thoughts dissipate. The golden Dzi beads have lost their support. Turned into a mass of golden light and fell to the sea. Are you finally dead? A person in a small manifest realm. It's a little incredible that I have to consume 30% of the strength of the mind and condense the water and thunder to kill him. Far away on the sea, the yellow-shirted woman riding a white ox saw Hong Yi's soul scattered by the force of his own mine explosion. Ran Ran dissipated. There was an expression of surprise and speculation on his face. Just now it was trapped by my frozen water, and it was able to break out. That force is so strong, and there is a steel fork that condenses the moonlight, an evil thought. It seems to be a Taoist art in Buddhism, but it should not kill him and catch him. Ask one or two questions, according to reason. In the past, this was the camp of the Daganjing Navy. How could there be people practicing Buddhism and Taoism in it? But this boy. How dare you rob the yuanyuan dzi beads that I finally drew out. I really don't know whether to live or die. This yuanyuan dzi bead is the medicine for me to refine the golden elixir. If I become a golden elixir, I will be able to cultivate my body to the realm of Wu Sheng at one stroke. The woman in yellow shirt looked at the place where Hong Yi dissipated. yuanyuan dzi beads fall, and the handle makes a gentle move. The waves rolled up, wrapped around the argiope, and slowly flew toward her. Mammy, Mammy, coax! Dawei Tianlong! Just then, Hong Yi dissipated. A strong brilliance suddenly closed in the middle, and in a twinkling of an eye. A figure with a body like colored glaze jumped out again. Hong Yi seems to be an indestructible existence. And instantly condensed into shape, holding a steel fork. A fork in the sea water wrapped in yuan's dzi beads, bang! The sea broke apart and the dzi beads fell back into his hands. Now recapture the dzi beads. Hong Yi never gave the yellow-shirted woman any chance to perform Taoism. Grab the dzi beads. As soon as the thought stops. The supernatural power of Dawei Tianlong Bodhisattva is once again displayed. A violent gallop. In the twinkling of an eye, I was on the cliff in the distance. Yin Shen also flew back to the body, and Zheng Shen returned to the shell. What is on the sea? It's like thunder. Red chasing Yang Xing head up, facing the bright moon on the sea. Draw the bow and shoot falsely, and the strength of the whole body gathers or disperses. Incomparably comfortable, between a shake. The whole body is full of bones and muscles. Like the sound of a snake shedding its skin and a pangolin shaking its scales,warehouse storage racks, I know that these days, the kungfu of the nine changes of fish and dragon will be practiced to a great success, and the innate peak of the unity of soul and flesh is just around the corner. That's when. On the sea in the distance. A muffled sound pulled him back from the realm of martial arts. kingmoreracking.com

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Yang Shen _ Dream into Shenji _ txt Novel Paradise