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Xianjue (Shisan) Full-time Job

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Therefore, he had the intention to compete with Wuluo to see who could reach the core of the cemetery first. The problem is that Ruan Ri is very depressed now. He has no intention of giving way at all. After the tenth floor of the woods passed, his men were still resting and healing. Wu Luo had put out the bonfire, put out the smoke, and entered the ninth floor. Although Ruan Ri was anxious, he knew that sharpening the knife did not miss the truth of cutting firewood. As long as he was patient, he would honestly wait for his subordinates to cultivate themselves before starting. With this delay, time fell behind again. When Wuluo fought bravely out of the ninth Zeng Lin, Ruan Ri had just rushed halfway. As a result, the distance between the two is getting bigger and bigger, the eighth floor, the seventh floor, the sixth floor.. By the fifth floor, the gap between the two had finally widened to the point of a layer of trees. Ruan Ri was very depressed. He was leading the Jjīng warriors of the Eight Tombs of Gods, but he was lagging behind Wuluo, who was leading a group of rabble. If he knew that Wuluo was going in with a gun, he would be even more depressed. In fact, the later layers of the forest are no less dangerous than the tenth layer on the outside. But Wu Luo is basically a day to pass, Hong Po Hai gave him a limited time, the eyes will be too late. The tenth layer was not so dangerous, but Wuluo and Ruan Ri suddenly entered, and the strength is too strong, completely jjī from the ring graveyard defense system, this will directly compress the power of tens of thousands of tree ghosts into a ghost will come to deal with. In the woods behind, the strength of the ghost king is only equivalent to the superposition of ten thousand tree ghosts, but their fighting skills are more skilled. All the way through the thorns, Wuluo advance is not smooth, several times in the middle are almost defeated and died,faux grass wall, but he has many magic weapons, many means, can always pass by death. However, there was no longer a chance to perform the Jiulong Sun-swallowing Dafa on the ghost king, and the yyīn spirit amulet in Linglong's mouth was just a turn. When Wuluo entered the third floor, Ruan Ri was already one and a half behind. Now Ruan Ri's old face is really not hanging, in anger to the roaring spring tomb of the secret spirit demon clan is not good at refining to find what precious material, are also casually dug, when needed to eat raw. These spirits are the ancestors of the Roaring Spring Tomb. There was once a peerless genius who refined them according to a refining method developed from an incomplete ancient book. The raw materials used were all top-notch things. In addition, the method was quite extraordinary, so these spirits were handed down. However, since that genius, the Roaring Spring Tomb has never been able to cultivate a teacher. So these spirits really eat one grain less. By this time, there were only more than twenty soldiers left around Ruan Ri, faux ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, but all of them were jjīng fierce men, and more than twenty spirit clothes went down, not only the old wounds were gone, but also the strength was doubled. Under the force, the soldiers' temper also became irritable, assisted Ruan Ri, went all out to break through the last few layers of the woods, finally saved face at the last moment, and Wuluo almost at the same time through the last layer of the woods. Wuluo, covered with blood, came out of the woods with his sword. Even though he rushed out, he stretched out a bloody tree hand in the woods behind him, trying to catch him. Wuluo waved a sword, together with the ghost sea Kui wood also split into pieces, rose up the last trace of strength to jump forward, completely out of the woods. He fell to the ground and gasped for breath, and the faint sunlight overhead came down, and Wuluochang breathed a sigh of relief. Then, with a crash, Ruan Ri fell out of the woods with the remaining dozen soldiers. All the people, including Ruan Ri, were in a mess. Their clothes and armor were ragged, like a group of beggars. Everyone was wounded. One of Ruan Ri's arms could not move. There was a striking wound on the big uu, with a wooden dagger. Blood flowed down the big uu and dripped in the soil. Two people meet, Wu Luo is really some surprise, did not expect Ruan Ri also desperately to kill in. Wu Luo looked at the discomfited people in the Eight Great Tombs. He shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Why did the High Priest work so hard?"? Do you also have an urgent need for this soul-returning grass? Ruan Ri was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Why do I work so hard? How dare you ask? I was dragged down by you. If you hadn't come all the way in, would I have risked my life? Lao Tzu is the High Priest of the Eight Great Tombs of Gods. His splendor and wealth are inexhaustible. If he died here, he would be wronged It took more than twenty spirits to save the old face, and even so, after going out, I'm afraid I'll be laughed at by the old guys. What do you mean? Just go through three or two floors. You can also make a name for yourself when you go out. It's already amazing that you can survive from the annual ring cemetery at a young age. In that case, I will go to the fifth or sixth floor, and then back out, and everyone will look good. It's a little late. It's a sin. Besides, I don't have a monthly ticket today. It can't be like this, can it? Chapter 173 Sleeping Place (I). Chapter 173 Sleeping Place (I). The more Ruan Ri thought about it, the more he felt that his internal injuries were getting worse. But it's not easy for him to have an attack with Wuluo. It's just that his face is not very good-looking. Out of the capital, just with Wu Luo in front of a draw, too hit the confidence of Ruan Ri. When he saw Wuluo alone, he was delighted. "Where are your subordinates?"? It's all broken in the woods? If Wu Luo's men died clean, he lost to himself, and Ruan Ri immediately saw a glimmer of hope to save his old face. No, I saw them as a burden on the outermost floor and let them go out. Ruan Ri's smile froze on his face and he couldn't laugh any more. "You mean you were the only one who killed him all the way?" Ruan Ri felt a little dry in his throat and felt very uncomfortable. Not only was he, but the dozen or so soldiers of the Eight Great Tombs who were still alive were also dumbfounded: "Is this child still a living thing?"? There are so many of us,outdoor ficus tree, led by Ruan Ri, and the spirit to enhance the strength, but it is also hard to eat the strength of nnǎi to kill. This man is one step ahead of us. hacartificialtree.com

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