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Xi Dengzhi Full-time Job

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She stroked her belly, thought for a while, and looked up firmly at Hanxiang and Xiao Yun: "If my belly is pregnant with a dragon fetus, then I will give birth to this child here without anyone knowing.". As for the future fate of the child. It's not too late to plan slowly. "The master is really clever. It's hard here, but it's much safer for the concubines who are pregnant with dragon seeds than outside." Hanxiang was very happy to see that her words were not in vain. The master and servant hesitated, fearing and expecting, and ten days passed. The day of Miao Fengwu's lunar affair arrived, but there was still no movement. It was almost certain that Miao Fengwu had already given birth to a dragon fetus in her stomach, and she herself was both happy and sad. Happy is that she is going to have a child, which is something she used to fantasize but never believed would come true. At that time, she took Hong Lizhu's life as a reference and felt that no matter how well she did, she was like Hong Lizhu. Hong Lizhu never married in her life, and she had nothing to do in her life. Sadly, she could not give the child a good condition, not to mention how to raise it, just in her stomach during this period of time, she could not provide him with adequate nutrients. Hanxiang and Xiaoyun were happier than she was. In the lonely and hopeless years of confinement, they finally found a life goal worth working for,Narrow aisle rack, and immediately became energetic. Only from then on, the two of them ate less, and every meal had to set aside half a bowl of porridge and half a steamed bun for Miao Fengwu to eat more. As a result, within half a month, the two men were so hungry that they were walking and their faces were pale. Miao Fengwu felt that this was not the way. One day Song Xianlin came to visit him late at night, and she told him about her pregnancy. After hearing this,radio shuttle racking, Song Xianlin just fixed his eyes on the brazier and did not speak. I already owe a lot of favors to Commander Song, so I'm really embarrassed to ask for them again. Miao Fengwu couldn't figure out what he was thinking, so he swallowed his saliva carefully and prepared to lay the steps first. But Song Xianlin suddenly looked up, waved his hand and shouted, "Don't say these useless things. Just say what you want to do." Miao Fengwu was stunned by his drinking, and for a moment he could not open his mouth to say his request. Song Xianlin also felt that his tone was too hard, so he slowed down and said, "I just feel that at this time.." Adults are difficult. Alas! What are your plans? No matter how hard it is, I must keep this child. It's just that the food here is too bad at the moment. In order to take care of me, Hanxiang and Xiaoyun don't have enough to eat every meal. I'm afraid they're going to be hungry. "This thing.." Originally, I was going to ask someone to go to the cold kitchen to intercede and give you some improvement. But it's not convenient for me to come forward, and I haven't found the right relationship. But now that you're pregnant, it's a top priority. Song Xianlin frowned and thought. When Hanxiang saw him, Pallet rack upright ,Cantilever Storage rack, he leaned over carefully and said softly, "Forgive me for saying one more word. Maybe Commander Song can try to find Princess Jing Xiaochang.." "Oh?"? Do you have any friendship with the long princess? Song Xianlin did not know this and asked Miao Fengwu. Miao Fengwu didn't think of this person either: "It's not a deep friendship. It's just that at the Golden Chrysanthemum Banquet in Yao Hua Palace, she once blocked the bullying of Shu Fei for me. Later, she went to the Phoenix Palace to drink tea together. That's all.." However, Princess Jing Xiaochang looks good, but she doesn't know. "What is the reason for Hanxiang to mention Princess Chang?" When Song Xianlin saw Miao Fengwu hesitating, he turned to ask Hanxiang. The long princess is kind, which is the most important point. Secondly, the queen mother and the emperor are good to the long princess, and the long princess is the elder sister of the emperor, that is, the aunt of the child in the master's belly, this kind of blood relationship, more real than anyone else's relationship, so the maidservant expects her to do no harm to the master. After listening to Hanxiang's words, Song Xianlin nodded: "Well, I will try to talk to Princess Chang tomorrow. If she is willing to help, it will be the best." "Under the command of Lao Song." Miao Fengwu gave a polite salute in exchange for a supercilious look from Song Xianlin. After Song Xianlin left that night, Miao Fengwu's three masters and servants began to look forward to the daily food handed in from the palace gate, which would be a little better, so that more rice could be put in the porridge and more oil stars could be put in the dishes, which would also be worthy of the children in their stomachs. The result was beyond their expectation, and after three days of expectation, an unexpected guest came. That night, the master and servant were warming themselves by the fire and drinking the clear gruel when they heard someone walking outside the door. The three men were surprised, because this was now a forbidden place in the palace, and those who dared to break in would be beheaded if they were caught. Even Sung Hsien-lin, who was highly skilled in martial arts, only dared to sneak in in the middle of the night. At this hour, when it was just getting dark, who had the courage to come here? Xiao Yun first remembered the haunted thing, and the hand carrying the porridge bowl could not help shaking. With great courage, Hanxiang went to the door and asked in a loud voice, "Who is outside?" As soon as her voice fell, she heard a "bang" and someone came in without knocking at the door. The master and servant were startled at the same time and looked at the past in a panic. It turned out to be Princess Jing Xiaochang! Miao Fengwu was so shocked that she forgot to get up and meet him for a moment. She kept her mouth open for a while and didn't know what to say. Are you stupid to be locked up? You won't take this palace as a ghost, will you? When Jing Xiao came in, he frowned and looked around. "How did this become like this?"? It's not as good as the cold palace. Han Xiang and Xiao Yun came to their senses and knelt and kowtowed. Miao Fengwu also got up and bowed down. "I've seen Princess Chang." Jing Xiao nodded and went to look at the rice bowls of the three men. "Damn these slaves!"! The emperor only said that Miao Meiren was locked up, but he did not say that Miao Meiren would starve to death! What is this food? Is this something for people to eat? When Hanxiang saw Miao Fengwu hanging her head, she quickly seized the opportunity and said, "If you go back to Princess Chang,Steel racking system, our master has been eating this for the past three months.." | Pai Pai Novel Forum lyg021 Handwritten, Please Specify for Reprint | Chapter eighty-four Qing imperial concubine memorial day Princess Jingxiao walked around the room, but did not find a place to sit down. Xiao Yun hurriedly ran over and pulled out a quilt from the bed and spread it on the edge of the bed. "The house is shabby. Please make do with the long princess and sit here." omracking.com

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Xi Dengzhi