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Who is not a little princess (modern rebirth) Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:15   Transportation & Logistics   Waiblingen   578 views Reference: 198
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Only then did Zhong Ling realize that she had misunderstood, thinking that what Chen Yana said was "I will be with you when you graduate", "When you graduate, we will linger to the end of the world" and so on, a little embarrassed to touch her small purse and say, "Ah.. Is that so? He did teach me this kind of thing all the time, and it was partly because of him that I transferred to the design department, but now he talks to me, and he doesn't often talk about design. Chen Yana frowned and said, "don't you often talk?"? He speaks very concisely and is usually very busy. Do you really have feelings while chatting? "What are you talking about, designer Chen?" "Nothing, nothing, in short, you study hard.". When I went there before, I saw him revising the draft for you. I think you are still very promising. When you enter this circle after graduation, you must give full play to your strengths. Chen Yana patted her on the shoulder. "I'll go first and see you later." "Again.." Goodbye Zhong Ling hurriedly bowed and watched her leave. After Chen Yana's back disappeared, Zhong Ling recovered and remembered what she had said. Yan Kui was so busy, but she could not see the place to help her revise the draft, no wonder every time she looked for Yan Kui, he could say so detailed, she did not know that Yan Kui was doing enough homework, thought he was just casually mentioned. Thinking of this,interactive flat panel display, Zhong Ling was a little touched. She sent a message to Yan, which said, "Thank you for being so busy and helping me. The little princess is very satisfied with this. She specially appointed you as the general manager." It took the swallow a long time to reply to a message, a short "yes", and Zhong Ling smiled from ear to ear. Zhong Ling played with his mobile phone all the way back to the dormitory building and wanted to continue chatting with Yan for a while, but thinking that he was a busy man, he held back. She went to the door of the elevator and pressed it. It seemed that her phone was very useful in the morning. The property management soon came to repair the elevator. She got on the elevator and saw Yu Lin beside her as soon as she put down her cell phone. Zhong Ling took one look at her dazed appearance, the thing in his hand was still a little unstable,electronic board for classroom, took out a mint from his bag and handed it to her and said, "You eat one, this can relieve it." Yu Lin raised her eyes, looked at her with some surprise, took the mint and held it in her mouth, and it was much better. If you are too sleepy, put your things on the ground. Zhong Ling said, "I'll give you this pack of mints. I can only help you here. The princess's hands can't lift heavy things." Yu Lin answered. Zhong Ling did not speak to her again and got out of the elevator as soon as it arrived. She opened the door of her room and went in, tidied up the milk tea pot to be thrown and took it out, ready to throw a garbage, and saw Yu Lin standing at the door of the dormitory, probably without a key, so she was stunned there. Zhong Ling wanted to ignore her, but when she saw Yu Lin looking like she had taken medicine, she couldn't help asking, "Where is Chen Xiayu?" Yu Lin looked at her lightly and whispered, 4k smart board ,smart boards for conference rooms, "she didn't come back at noon." Zhong Ling was silent for a moment and said, "then you can come in from me." Their balconies are connected, the small railings are very easy to cross, and some dormitories often shuttle back and forth without obstacles, but because their relationship has been very rigid, they have never entered their own rooms through the next door. Zhong Ling is good, she has already changed the door, is a brush face and fingerprint and password triple security door, access without a key is very convenient, but the whole Otis no one like her specially to change the door, sometimes forget to bring the key is a bit embarrassing. Especially Yu Lin, she thought that Zhong Ling's personality would not allow her to enter the door, so suddenly some surprise, but she was sleepy to death, or hurriedly carrying their own things to follow Zhong Ling into the house. After entering the room, she knew how beautiful Zhong Ling's dormitory was and what the so-called "rich" looked like. High-profile but tasteful, not ignorant luxury, but high-style collocation, Yu Lin Leng Leng said, "really good-looking." "Yes, it's very nice. Here are disposable slippers for you." Zhong Ling said and threw a pair of shoes over. I don't need.. "I just mopped the floor yesterday." Zhong Ling explained, "You can walk over in your slippers, or it will be dirty.". ” Yu Lin was choked, put on her shoes and walked out of the balcony, across the railing. When she stepped over and saw Zhong Ling dragging a mop where she hadn't changed her shoes, she couldn't help saying, "I thought you wouldn't let me come over." "If you were Chen Xiayu, I would never let you in." Zhong Ling raised his eyebrows and said, "I don't advise you, but you should take care of yourself." Said she wanted to go back to the house, suddenly Yu Lin called her, ambiguous shouted, "right Zhong Ling."! Go Go and look at the micro-blog. Zhong Ling looked back in puzzlement, "Weibo?" "To see that." It's very hot to complain about you. Yu Lin paused and shook her head. "It's all right." Yu Lin soon lost her shadow, and Zhong Ling couldn't help turning on her cell phone. In many cases, Yu Lin and Chen Xiayu are together, she thought that the most likely thing is what Chen Xiayu said to her, and Yu Lin was impressed by her charm, but did not dare to say more, and finally ambiguously said a few words to her, want to hint at her what. Zhong Ling didn't know what she was talking about, but there were only two or three very popular ones. She looked for them and suddenly saw a title. After opening it, she finally understood what Yu Lin meant when she asked her to see it. Let's take a look at the unknown side of the little princess that often appears on the hot search recently. 30. The sneer of the little princess "Tucao Jun, I want to find you to complain about the little princess who suddenly became popular on the hot search recently.". Specific search: Dormitory, Anson, Yan Yi, I do not say more. Recently, there have been a lot of hot searches for her on the Internet, and I don't know how she became popular,touch screen board classroom, just because the match looks good? Or is it because she has money? Could it be that the atmosphere of the Internet is like this now, as long as you can show off your wealth, you think you are a little princess? I don't know if you really think so or if someone bought the water army. hsdsmartboard.com

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