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White Feather of Hokage Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:20   Financial Services   Saarlouis   98 views Reference: 446
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"Well, Lord Hokage, we're leaving too." The three students felt that the mission was bound to suffer all the way, so they also gave the client named Nakamura a look of censure. But Nakamura is very happy, or very excited, he has not waited in vain for six years! She really turned into a slim and graceful beauty! Three generations of Hokage saw Nakamura's eyes, the heart produced a bad feeling, so nodded to the window. Then, a dark part appeared behind the three generations of Hokage. With a wave of his hand, the dark part came to his ear, and the three generations of Hokage said something in the dark part's ear, and then the dark part disappeared with a bang. Zhen was very angry, when she saw this guy, she knew that this guy would not think of anything good. So when the three generations of Hokage said this task, she refused without saying a word, but did not expect that the three generations of Hokage would directly order themselves. In this way, I have no way to refuse. Follow orders strictly, even if it is to die,interactive boards for classrooms, this is the ninja. So Zhen, holding back the anger that almost made him angry, went back to his home and simply tidied up. Teacher, are you all right? Uchiha only looked at his teacher carefully, for fear of being affected by the anger of the other side. All right, now that Lord Hokage has issued an order, we must carry it out. Zhen took a deep breath and spread her anger on her students. She still disdained to do such a tasteless thing. Crunch. The door was pushed open. Are you coming? Nakamura heard the sound of pushing the door and asked cheerfully. Young master,digital touch screen board, you must keep your manners. The old man on the side reminded him helplessly. That's great, Jane. I'm so happy. Nakamura is turning a deaf ear to his housekeeper's reminder, excitedly ran to the front of Zhen, came up to grab Zhen's hand. But with his skill, how can he catch Zhen. As soon as he came down, he caught only a shadow, and Zhen was already at the window next to him. If it's all right, let's go. Zhen looked at the guy coldly and said. Don't worry, we'll stay for a while. Nakamura said hurriedly. Ask my students to inform me when they leave. Zhen finished, and the figure swayed and disappeared again. The three students looked at each other. As soon as they came in, they heard Zhen's words, and then their teacher disappeared. Why is this guy so annoying? Although he looks very handsome, in the eyes of the three students, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive flat panel display, this guy has been listed as an unpopular person. My teacher won't come out directly. You can have the three of us to protect you. Temple Dai Meilin stepped forward and pointed to Nakamura and said in a confident voice. You three kids still want to protect me? Do you think everyone is as good as Zhen? Nakamura said disdainfully, "Call her out quickly, she's leaving soon." But he still did not say too bad words, to know that these imps are ninjas, not their own ordinary people can cope with, and that thing also need to find an opportunity to use. My teacher will always protect you in the dark, and we will protect you on the surface, so that the safety factor is higher. Uchiha only mouth is also very fierce, see this guy look at the teacher's leering appearance, her heart inside gushed out a kind of a strange mood. It's strange, as if the thing you cherish most is going to be taken away. Since you ask us to escort you, it's up to us to decide how to escort you! "If you are like this, I will cancel the mission!" Nakamura is a little angry and said, how can their good things be disturbed by these three little devils? "According to the records on the data, if the principal accepts the entrustment of the Ninja Village and cancels it, he will have to pay a certain fee for breach of contract, and he can not pursue the responsibility of the Ninja Village." Anducha pushed his glasses and said in a stuffy way beside him. You OK Nakamura is looking at the three students bitterly, "I'm going to find your Hokage!" "Young master, don't be so capricious, we'd better hurry back, in case they." The butler seemed to know what Nakamura was going to do, but before he had finished speaking, he was stopped by Nakamura. "Shut up!" Nakamura was looking menacingly at his housekeeper. "Are you the master or am I the master?" "Young Master, of course?" The housekeeper answered with a bitter face. Come with me Nakamura was passing by the side of the three men, and then went straight to the room of the three generations of Hokage. Oh, Mr. Nakamura, what's the matter? See this young man came angrily, three generations of Hokage feel headache, heart said Fei Ying Zhen how not to let me rest assured? "How on earth do you Konoha ninjas protect people?" Nakamura came to the front of the three generations of Hokage and pressed on the table in front of the three generations of Hokage. As long as we can protect the safety of our clients, we will not ask about the way of executing ninjas. Three generations of Hokage are also somewhat helpless about Nakamura's vexatious behavior. Don't be rude to Lord Hokage! One of them, Nakanobu, immediately pulled the guy away. You Konoha ninjas have no quality! Nakamura shook his arm, shook his opponent's hand away, and pointed to the nose of the three generations of Hokage. Protect me, even, dare not show! What's the difference between this and Shrinking Turtle? I think you Konoha should not be called Konoha, but Shrinking Turtle Village. Your Hokage also changed its name to Turtle Shadow. How vivid it is! many His words were stuck in his neck. If you go on, I will kill you in the most cruel way! A bitter no frame on his neck, Zhen tone cold, murderous look undisguised release, "you do not want to go home?"? Very good, I will escort you well! After saying this,smart interactive whiteboard, Zhen put down his bitterness and went to one side. Nakamura was so frightened by Zhen's murderous look that he broke out in a cold sweat. He almost peed his pants and flopped to the floor. His eyes were straight, and he kept shivering there. If Zhen's murderous look was released a little stronger, this guy would probably become an idiot. hsdsmartboard.com

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White Feather of Hokage