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When Tubie Meets Turtle _ Pai Pai Novel Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:51   Real Estate   Castrop-Rauxel   212 views Reference: 27
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Jiang continued to go back to the hospital and took the medicine from Dr. Wang. He snorted coldly, "I just said that I didn't really sue you." Dr. Wang was too lazy to explain, so he had to say, "I hope you can come to the system for treatment." Jiang continued to look at people with supercilious eyes, "locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the most systematic treatment!" "Or, if you have time, don't come to the hospital every time you get off work. You can come early.." Dr. Wang advised in a good voice. Jiang continued: "No time during the day." You will be found by Chuwu when you go to the hospital during the day! Dr. Wang was completely helpless. He took out his business card and handed it over. "OK, well, I'll give you my phone number. I'll help you if you need it." Jiang Xu took it, smiled apologetically and said, "Thank you." Took the medicine to come back, the ginger continued to do the thief east to hide one Tibet one, hurriedly swallowed the water to double the amount of medicine, then prepared for all the relaxed sleep, the rest of the things are put aside first, saying in the heart: sleep, sleep.. Want to sleep and afraid to sleep, worry about not sleeping, anxiety is more serious, and worry about sleeping in the middle of the night to get up and wander around, deep anxiety and contradictions, entangled him more irritable. He had never wanted to hide his illness so strongly. Han Qian was right. He was not sure about his feelings with Chuwu. Gently close your eyes, relax your hands and feel your legs suspended.. One sheep, two sheep,plastic pallet bin, three sheep.. From eight lying to nine, from nine lying to ten, from ten lying to Chuwu back, how to hypnotize yourself does not work, there is sleepiness but how can not sleep. "Alas?" Asked Chu Wu suspiciously? Go to bed so early? Jiang Xu turned over to the wall and threw a sentence: "Don't bother me!" Anyway, Jiang Xiaozhu has always been nervous over and over again, early Wu did not pay much attention, wash and gargle,stackable plastic pallets, go to bed and want to make out with the pig. The little pig is not interested. "Sleepy, tomorrow." Well, that sleep, is sleeping in a daze, salty pig hand and reach over to touch, pretend to whine voice into the ear: "Chuwu ~ ~ dear, I miss you..." The owner, of course, answered every request and put the piglet under his body. When the bed stopped shaking, the little pig hummed: "Hungry ~" After eating the heart, the little pig brushed his teeth again and did not come back for ten minutes. Early Wu was impatient, went to the bathroom to urge, saw Jiang Xu eyes looking at the mirror, slowly brushing and brushing. Chu Wu patted him on the head. "Have you brushed enough?" Jiang Xu jumped as if he had been suddenly awakened, and his eyes suddenly became divine, but a trace of fear appeared on his face, and he hurriedly lowered his head and gargled. Chu Wu opened his down jacket and wrapped him in his arms. "Soon!" He urged! It's freezing! Jiang continued to pour cold water on his face, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, and the hot body of the man behind him kept passing his body temperature. He didn't want to move, and even wanted to keep it like this until dawn. Chu Wu urged again, "Are you ready?"? Why do you wash your face? Don't wash it. Jiang Xu turned around and put his wet and cold hand into Chu Wu's pants. Chu Wu was so excited that he jumped up and shouted, "Are you crazy?" Jiang Xu rushed up and bit the man's lips, like a wild animal, ferocious, with a strong aggressiveness, overbearing to push the other side down on the tile floor. Chu Wu broke free and leaned against the bathtub, dumbfounding: "What are you doing?"? It's cold on the ground. Jiang Xu did not allow him to finish and blocked his lips, rode on his lap, touched a few times and ignited the other side. The traces of love just now are still on the body, foreplay is avoided, Jiang Xu sat down strongly, pain with pleasure, cold air wrapped in warm body temperature, pain and contradiction. It's not that Chuwu doesn't like Jiang Xu's enthusiasm, but this time it's almost ferocious. Jiang Xu clasps his shoulder like a drowning man, doesn't whine, doesn't call the bed, doesn't even hum, just silently shrugs on his crotch. Chu Wu held Jiang Xu's face in his hands and asked him, "What's wrong with you?" No answer, Jiang continued to clench his teeth and move up and down, the initiative of pleasure is all in his own hands, to come more turbulent and more enthusiastic. Chu Wu had no choice but to hold Jiang Xu's waist and put one hand under his body. Hands soon appeared a pool of warm liquid, ginger continued to spend a few minutes on the leak, the whole person pulled out the backbone of the soft lying on the body of Chuwu, motionless, the organs under the body are also in the palm of Chuwu honestly soft down. Chu Wu said with a wry smile, "The dead pig's head is very happy. What should I do?"? Jiang continued to hum: "Chu Wu..." "Hm?" "We'll go home tomorrow." "I have a shift tomorrow, the day after tomorrow." "Just tomorrow. Don't put it off for a day." Jiang Xu's tone is not objectionable. All right, all right. Chu Wu laughed at himself and said that the inheritance of hen-pecked husband was really fatal. He turned over and put Jiang Xu down on the ground, but he was afraid that the ground was too cold, so he quickly took off his clothes and spread them for his wife. Jiang Xu looked at him without saying a word, his eyes confused. Chu Wu drew slowly. He looked down at the people under him in the dim moonlight. His mind was in a trance. He was full of love. He had never been in love before, but it was far less intense than this time. The love that Jiang continued to give him was like rice wine. It was sweet and glutinous in the mouth. People couldn't help drinking it, but they were drunk before they drank it. He was annoyed that they were childhood sweethearts, but why did they not get together until now? I have wasted so much time in the past, and I will regret how to make up for it in the future. After the climax, he bent over and hugged Jiang Xu, kissed each other's eyebrows and said softly, "Let's go to bed. It's too cold here." Jiang Xu said on his lips, "I love you." The voice was light and ghostly. I love you, too. Jiang continued to hold Chuwu's face and look at it carefully. Chuwu took his finger and kissed it on his lips. Jiang Xu's pupils could not find the focal length, and his eyes were confused. He kept groping for Chuwu's face in the dark, and finally said, "Han Qian.." Early Wu shook, like a basin of cold water poured down from the head, immediately gave Jiang Xu a slap. Jiang Xu was immediately woken up. The expression on his face turned from stupefaction to startle, and from startle to stupefaction. After a long time, he asked, "What are you doing?" ***,plastic wheelie bins, why pretend to be gentle and affectionate? There is an unbearable sour strength to rush up, early Wu's eyes instantly sour red, forced to hold back only did not shed tears. cnplasticpallet.com

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