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Villain and Villain Married [Wear Book] Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 04:12   Engineering   Adlershof   250 views Reference: 105
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"Yes, I invested 20 million." Colin said calmly, his eyebrows not moving, and naturally handed the paper bag in his hand to Si Haolan. Si Haolan subconsciously took the paper bag, looked down and asked, "Don't you eat?" A few words came out of Colin's thin lips: "I have received the heart, and I will not take away the love of others." After Si Haolan listened, he took out the drumstick generously and ate it on the spot. While eating, he said, "That 20 million yuan will never make you lose money." Colin actually smiled and said, "I never do business at a loss." Si Haolan thought that he would spend hundreds of millions of yuan to buy his wife, but he didn't know whether he would lose money or not. Si Haolan ate all the chicken legs. The skin of the crispy roast chicken was thin and the meat was tender. The fat from the roast overflowed along the connection between the skin and the meat. Si Haolan ate it all over his hands. Colin quietly took out a handkerchief, reached out and pinched Si Haolan's wrist to help him wipe his hands. He wiped the floor carefully, wrapped his handkerchief around Si Haolan's fingers, moved slowly from the palm to the fingertips, and rubbed gently at the joints. It's just that the two men are not too close, and Colin can't move freely, which makes their posture a little strange. So let you get closer. Colin complained, but his tone was still flat. Si Haolan then moved and pasted it on Colin's side. Two people's hands will inevitably touch together, Colin's fingers are very cold, there is no temperature, but Si Haolan's hand visible to the naked eye turned pink, feel hot. Your hands are very soft. Colin said. Colin often uses a serious attitude to evaluate Si Haolan, such as you are very good-looking, your hands are very soft and so on, the content of the words is not very serious, but his attitude is calm, as if discussing scientific issues. Si Haolan thought angrily, dead pervert, hooligan,Automated warehouse systems, is intentional. But Si Haolan could not control himself to pull out his hand, only to watch him wipe his fingers clean, and then Colin straightened up again, sitting in a wheelchair, calm as if nothing had happened. Si Haolan shrank his hand and stared at Colin. Colin's method is really getting better and better, from the beginning of tying him to the head of the bed, to now looking for opportunities to touch his hand, more and more attention to details, the effect is getting better and better, Si Haolan felt his symptoms are getting heavier step by step. I don't know where he learned it. Colin looked at Si Haolan with satisfaction as red as a crab and said, "I hope you can make a good film and don't let my 20 million go down the drain." After Si Haolan rushed out of the door angrily, Colin could not help but turn up the corners of his mouth, picked up the book he had just put on his leg, and unconsciously opened it, but did not read a word. Machin knocked on the door and came in with a dish of tea in his hand, only to find that Si Haolan had disappeared. The housekeeper immediately smiled helplessly and said, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,medium duty racking, "Sir, I told you not to bully Master Si." Colin closed the book again and said, "I'm not bullying him. I'm spoiling him." He laughed and said, "He came back specially to send me chicken legs, and I can't let him down." There was a layer of goose bumps on Machin's back. Colin's smile made people shudder. He put down his tea and changed the subject. He said, "This time, for the sake of Master Si, we used the channel of Zhenyu Science and Technology to draw 20 million yuan. At the same time, we were exposed.". Si Yinian will know that we have a relationship with Zhenyu. Is that really good? Collin put the smile away from his face and became gloomy again. "Nothing bad," he said. If we don't use the name of Zhenyu, the producer will not receive investment from unknown sources. People outside feel that the Ke family is declining, Si Yinian is doubting my financial resources, now show Zhenyu, give him a reassuring pill, he can rest assured to cooperate with me. Machin nodded, but still a little worried. "The cards are still too early." He hesitated for a moment, but decided to express his worries, "Is this because of Master Si, if not to invest in him.." Colin raised his hand and stopped Machin's words strongly. He said, "With or without Si Haolan, this step is to be taken." Machin poured out a cup of tea and handed it to his husband, saying, "I'm just afraid you'll waver in your determination because of Master Si. After all.." He is the son of Si Yinian. ” Colin took the tea, took a shallow sip, his eyes darkened, and said, "It has nothing to do with him, and I will not waver." Si Haolan ran out of Colin's room and went back to his own room. He threw himself into the bed with a black face and was very unconvinced. He was inexplicably given the task by Colin, obviously filming for himself. Speaking of it, he was also asking for it. He could not have come back, but his heart seemed to have a small hook, which hooked his soul into this house. And it was the first time that he was distracted by another person when he enjoyed food, and even wanted to leave a little for that person to eat. Si Haolan reached into his pocket and took out the little wooden rabbit. Rabbit is really cute very innocent, Si Haolan unconsciously pulled its tail, think. He must have been poisoned. Si Haolan bored to put away the rabbit, took out his mobile phone to brush Weibo, now online about "countercurrent" news is not a lot, the official Weibo put a few makeup photos a day, we know Si Haolan from the photos, but after all, the play has not come out, also did not hit much splash, Si Haolan harvested a few live powder along the past, in addition to nothing else. He looked at the excitement of other actors' microblogs, and his heart was sour, thinking that Lao Tzu also had fans. As always, the crazy alphabet brother gave him a like. Si Haolan clicked on his page, but there was still no content. If he hadn't persevered in giving Si Haolan a like, Si Haolan would have thought he was a zombie fan. Si Haolan thought about it and sent a private message to the alphabet brother. Are you there? There was an immediate reply: "Yes." So it's really a living person. Si Haolan casually found an unretouched photo he took from the photographer from his cell phone and sent it to him. In the photo,heavy duty cantilever racks, Si Haolan was wearing a military uniform and was majestic. He said, "Let me show you an exclusive photo that has not been published." It shows that it has been read, but there is no reply for a long time. kingmoreracking.com

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