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Try to be attracted to me. Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:21   Financial Services   Saarbrücken   89 views Reference: 449
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"Well, I'm going to school the day after tomorrow, and I only have one day off." Now even primary school students are under great pressure, let alone junior high school students, the weekend is naturally gone, other students are looking forward to the holiday every day, he is not looking forward to it, anyway, it is a person at home, there is no meaning. Originally Lu Yuxuan also has a lot of good friends, some of them were ordered by their parents to make up lessons at home, naturally there is no way to come out to play, and there are a few, against the wind to commit a crime unexpectedly puppy love, rare holiday nature is to accompany his girlfriend, so, Lu Yuxuan was alone, before he did not feel anything, after all, there is a sister to accompany him, now, even if he looked at Liang Zhao again. In the heart also knew that the elder sister has married, cannot be free to stick to her, this is not good to the elder sister, therefore has been suppressing the impulse which wants to look for Lu Jiayin. Lu Jiayin touched his dog's head. "How about this? I'll play with you all day tomorrow and send you home in the evening,interactive whiteboard prices, OK?" When the honeymoon comes back, she may not have so much time. Lu Guoan's meaning is very clear. He doesn't want her to just mix time in the company. He wants her to really learn something. Mixing time and working hard are two completely different concepts. At least half of her mind will be devoted to her work. While there is still a day to go, take good care of this loyal dog brother. Lu Yuxuan was ready to get up in the morning and go back to his home. When he heard Lu Jiayin say so, he could hardly believe his ears. Holding Lu Jiayin's arm, he kept asking, "Really?"? Really? We're going out to play, aren't we? Where to go "Yes, your brother-in-law will probably have to go to the company tomorrow. We'll go out to eat and go shopping. Anyway, I'll accompany you whatever you want to do,face recognition identification kiosk, OK?" Lu Yuxuan can't wait to open his eyes until tomorrow morning. When Liang Zhao came back, he saw Lu Yuxuan smiling at him for the first time. He came over in surprise and asked, "What's wrong?" He was carrying several packing boxes in his hand. The temperature outside was very low. Although he was driving there, there was a distance from the garage to the villa. Lu Jiayin quickly took the packing box from his hand. His fingers just touched him. He quickly said, "Why are your hands so cold?"? Is it cold outside? Liang Zhao rubbed his hands and breathed out a few mouthfuls of hot air. "Well, it's cold outside. It's all right. I'll warm up after a while." Without even thinking about it, Lu Jiayin took his hand and put it in his pajama pocket. "It'll be warmer." Liang Zhao blinked his eyes, his eyes were full of smiles, and he wanted to hold her, but looking at Lu Yuxuan with a pair of big eyes staring at them, he also rested his mind. Lu Yuxuan looked at this scene, the mood is very complicated. Although he is not very old now, he knows everything he should know, and even says that he is more precocious than the children of ordinary families. Although he could not bear to see Liang Zhao, but also knew that his sister had married him, it was a foregone conclusion, as long as there was no earth-shaking accident, Liang Zhao was likely to be his nominal brother-in-law all his life, outdoor digital signage displays ,face recognition identification, although he was very dissatisfied with his father's behavior of marrying her regardless of his sister's feelings for Liang Zhao, but he could not say anything, after all, what his father and sister did was for the family. Everyone thought he was still a child, and he felt that he had grown up, or at least knew more than adults thought. Lu Yuxuan himself has calculated, and when he can speak in the Lu family, it is estimated that ten years later, he vowed that as long as his sister is not happy, he will never put the interests of the family before the happiness of his sister, his father can not do, he can do. Selfishly, he hoped that his sister could live well with Liang Zhao and that she could be happy in this marriage. Three people are still sitting on the sofa, will buy the night snack on the tea table, Liang Zhao's speed is very fast, now fried chicken is still hot, Lu Jiayin and Lu Yuxuan ate several pieces, only to find that Liang Zhao did not move. Why don't you eat? Lu Jiayin asked curiously, holding a piece of fried chicken. Liang Zhao does not like this kind of fried, pizza does not like, rice cake looks red, always feel like a very unsanitary look, of course, these inner complaints are impossible to say in front of the sister and brother, "I am not hungry, you eat." Lu Jiayin knew that Liang Zhao did not have the habit of eating midnight snacks, and did not ask any more questions, chatting with Lu Yuxuan while eating. Liang Zhao watched her eat one piece after another, her eyelids jumping, forget it, let her indulge for a few more days. When I come back from my honeymoon, I will take her to have a check-up. Then I will work with the doctor to instill these health knowledge into her. Well, let her be happy. Anyway, there are only a few days left. After supper, Lu Yuxuan was also sleepy. Children of his age had regular work and rest. Lu Jiayin took him to the guest room and watched him sleep before turning off the light and walking out of the door. Lu Jiayin returned to the master bedroom, ready to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Liang Zhao sat on the bed and pointed to the tea table not far away: "I made a glass of milk for you. You can brush your teeth and wash your face after drinking it." At present, Liang Zhao shows that Lu Jiayin feels that he has the potential of a good man. Although he doesn't like to drink milk, he doesn't want to live up to his good intentions. He can only drink half a cup reluctantly. When Liang Zhao is not paying attention, he sneaks into the bathroom and pours out the remaining half cup. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she bumped into Liang Zhao. Lu Jiayin, who was caught doing bad things, knew he was unreasonable and could only bow his head and not speak. Dump it? Next time I'll just make you half a cup and remember to finish it. Liang Zhao's tone is full of smiles. Embarrassed, Lu Jiayin quickly bypassed him, jumped into bed, covered himself with a quilt and lay down, showing only a pair of eyes looking at him. She seldom made such a lovely gesture, and Liang Zhao looked at her and was happy. But also can see, she should be very embarrassed, Liang Zhao also did not continue to say this matter, but opened the quilt lying beside her, was about to say something else, she took the initiative to speak, "tomorrow you have to go to work?"? I'm going to take Yuxuan to play for a day, and I won't eat dinner at home. She is really very embarrassed, transposition thinking,facial recognization camera, if she specially for Liang Zhao bubble a glass of milk, the result he drank half a cup and poured out, her heart will certainly be uncomfortable. hsdtouch.com

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Try to be attracted to me.