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Time never owes me. Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:38   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   142 views Reference: 334
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When she said this sentence, she completely faded the delicacy of not going to the hospital just now, and did not have the smile that unfolded when her condition improved just now. She told Song Mufeng with every word and righteous words that even if something happened, I would protect you thoroughly, protect you from the truth, protect you from being misunderstood by the world, and protect you with a clear conscience in this life. It was the first time Song Mufeng had seen her like this in front of him. He had seen her on TV. When she interviewed business leaders, she was full of witty remarks and logic. When she interviewed social disasters, her eyes were bold, calm and tender. When she participated in entertainment programs, she was relaxed, elegant and humorous from time to time. He did not expect that she would put on an invincible armor for herself and defend him loudly. Protect him thoroughly in the professional field that she gallops freely. You just trust me? Intoxicated nodded, "I believed it early." Chapter 46 the preference owed by time, you show it. Song Mufeng sent intoxication to the door, intoxicated with a bag, only to find that the morning left in a hurry, forgot to bring the key. But at this point, Su should have come back. I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer. Intoxicated called Su late to ask, only to know that she had gone on a business trip to other places. Hung up the phone,die casting parts, intoxicated and resentful to stand in place, took out the mobile phone began to look for the number of the property, want them to come to unlock. Song Mufeng took her cell phone and said, "go to my house." "No, no, no, our residential property is very good,titanium machining parts, 24-hour service, and we can come right away." "It's not a matter of time. I sent you home. I thought Su Wan could take care of you. Now she's not here. I'm not at ease with you alone." Song Mufeng added, "Resistance is invalid. What are the consequences of resistance? I think you've just experienced it." In a word, if you are not obedient, I will take you away. When he got home, Song Mufeng let him sit on the sofa to rest. He first went into the kitchen and began to boil hot water. Then he went to the bathroom to put the bath water for her to take a good bath. Then he prepared the toiletries for her. Then he went to the wardrobe in the bedroom and took out a long shirt that he had not worn yet and put it in the bathroom for her. He took everything into consideration for her. Intoxicated looking at his busy figure for her, suddenly feel what he can do. After taking a bath, I wanted to blow my hair, but I couldn't find the socket, so I had no choice but to turn to Song Mufeng. Song Mufeng approached the dense water vapor and saw her wearing her white shirt, looking at herself with puzzled eyes, and there were drops of water on her eyelashes, which made her eyes clearer under the reflection of the light. Perhaps just after taking a bath, her skin was more white and delicate without makeup, DIN screw plug ,socket screw plug, and the faint blush looked lovely. Song Mufeng was entranced, and after reacting, he quickly coughed twice to hide his embarrassment. He pulled open the locker hanging from the wall and plugged in the hair dryer for her. So it's here, so hidden. Intoxicated said foolishly. Song Mufeng looked at her like this and suddenly didn't want her to blow her own hair. He held her shoulder, let her stand in front of him, turned the hair dryer to the smallest warm air, gently pushed her hair away with his long fingers, and did not worry, so carefully and earnestly dried her. Like polishing a work of art, she was afraid to lose a hair. The mirror on the washstand was covered by a layer of water vapor, from which only the blurred figures of two people could be seen, and the subtle expressions could not be seen clearly. She looked at him in the mirror and blew her hair gently and patiently, and the whole bathroom seemed to be filled with tender feelings. This tenderness comes not only from Song Mufeng's delicacy and spoiling, but also from his natural softness and obsequiousness. She was born white when she was young, and her soft black hair was like a checkpoint before the clearance, while her slender white neck was the last gift of the battle. Song Mufeng is like that warrior, pushing aside layer by layer, warming layer by layer, and then falling bit by bit. He accidentally touched her sensitive neck, and she didn't run away. Song Mufeng smiled at the corners of his mouth, a little satisfied. Slowly blowing from the left side to the right side, the moist monster disappeared in a circle, the refreshing fragrance overflowed his nose, and he finally reached the peak of victory. He stood on her right side, pulling up the last strand of her hair, and her side face was unreservedly displayed in front of him, and he took the opportunity to admire it, which he deserved. "It's better to say that he was born beautiful than to say that he was born like Song Mufeng." Mr. Song, you are so patient. At the end of the blowing, intoxicated could not hold back his praise. Song Mufeng turned off the hair dryer, there was no sound in the bathroom, and a silent ambiguity rose inexplicably. Why do you say that? "I blow my hair directly on the maximum gear, warm wind in winter and cold wind in summer, brush and blow it off, the thief is fast and the thief is cool." She said disapprovingly that she didn't have the patience to dry her hair bit by bit like Song Mufeng. The thief is quick and the thief is cool? Song Mufeng smiled cunningly. Does this silly girl know that this is easy to imagine? Yes Song Mufeng looked at her like this and wanted to tease her, but after thinking about it, he sighed meaningfully and said, "Don't blow cold wind in the future. The cold will enter the body, especially for girls. Don't open the maximum gear when blowing hot wind, which will damage the hair quality." Intoxicated to listen to the casual nod, Song Mufeng did not have to think to know that she certainly did not listen to this, the next time it must be vigorous and popular, go its own way. Forget it, I know you won't listen. Song Mufeng said helplessly. The second half of what he didn't say was that I would contract your hair in the future. He could not bear to let the owner of the hair spoil the thick black hair with his own hands. Intoxicated with the observation of his dressing table, there are not many things,CNC machining parts, but they are of high quality and neatly arranged. Seeing the SK2 suit just opened, intoxicated still couldn't resist asking him, "How do you know I use this brand of skin care products?" autoparts-dx.com

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Time never owes me.