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Till death do us part Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:09   Human Resources   Dahlem   197 views Reference: 186
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"What did you say?" "I said that he used to be a professor, standing on the platform, but now he was sent here to do hard labor when he was in trouble. He doesn't belong here. Sooner or later, he will leave here. His future is limitless. Who knows how big an official he will be?"? When the time comes, you don't deserve to lift his shoes. You'd better accumulate some eloquence, not for your own sake, but also for your descendants. "Thank you — for helping him so —" "I was afraid that the woman would retaliate against him," Yao Xiaoping boasted, "so I taught him a trick that would surely cure the woman." "You teach-a move of excellence?" "Well, I invited Zhuoyue over for dinner in front of that'man's wife. 'I'm not afraid of any involvement. It's not the time of the Cultural Revolution. I don't want to be an official, and I don't want to make a fortune. Who can do anything to me?"? When I invited him to dinner, I taught him that the woman was an old maid, looked like a man, five big and three thick, so no one wanted her. As long as any man looked at her more, she would have a crisp bone, thinking that others had taken a fancy to her. You usually look at her a few more times, charm her down first, and then do whatever you want to do with her. "Is he in a good mood?" "Then how can it get better?"? The motorcycle has also been sold, the scientific research funds have to be returned,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the salary has been reduced, and the part of the lecturer's salary has to be returned. It is said that every month we have to take money from the salary to pay off the debt. There is nothing left after the salary is reduced. In this way, seven deductions and eight deductions may be very tight in our hands. Anyway, every time I invite him to dinner, he eats very greedily. She was very sad, and thought that the house he lived in was also related to the title: "Does he still live there now?" "Moved, moved, the house was taken back,Edible oil filling machine, saying that he was not qualified to live there, and now moved to a single dormitory to share with others." When she thought he had been relegated to the lowest point of his life, a heavy bomb exploded. As soon as Yao Xiaoping came up that day, she even forgot to use the prologue of "excellence and bad luck" and said indignantly: "Do you think these people are boring? Told his mother about him and Aunt Jiang. She was stunned. "Huh?"? So-his mother- "" "I heard that he fainted on the spot and was sent to the hospital for rescue, but he suffered from hemiplegia." "Where is Aunt Jiang?" "I heard he was fired, and now he may have gone back to his hometown." "Who's taking care of Aunt Joe?" "I heard that someone else was hired, and then excellence ran on both sides." Shortly after learning the news, Shi Yan herself was patronized by people from the Teachers College. Fortunately, her parents went to work that day, and only she and her children and Yao's mother were at home. Two investigators from Teachers College visited her hot house, and her parents only installed an air conditioner in her bedroom, mainly for Jing'er. After the two men came, she asked Yao's mother to look after the children in the bedroom, and she herself was investigated in the living room. Although the ceiling fan and the floor fan were blowing, water bottling line ,PET bottle Mold, several people were still a little sweaty. The two men showed their credentials, explained the purpose of their visit, and asked her to talk about her relationship with excellence. Fortunately, she heard some news from Yao Xiaoping and made an offensive and defensive alliance with Zhuoyue, so she insisted that she had nothing to do with Zhuoyue. She had a love affair and broke up because of personality incompatibility. The two asked a lot of trivial questions in a roundabout way before finally revealing the subject and asking her if she knew about the relationship between Excellence and his mother's nanny. She lied with her eyes open: "They have a relationship?"? Why don't I know? "Did you break up with him because you — found something?" "He and I are out of character, and we don't get along —" The two men asked her to describe how the two personalities were incompatible, and she said something honestly, such as excellence did not do housework, was an owl type, got up late and went to bed late, while she was a lark type, got up early and went to bed early, and so on. As she spoke, she wondered why there seemed to be so many problems before, and she really couldn't find any information? I wonder if these trivial things add up to the level of breaking up? If not, will they suspect? The two men also asked her what she thought of the student movement, and she said that she stayed in the countryside and didn't know anything. It is estimated that the two people can not stand the heat, asked several times whether her fan is turned on to the highest level, the results of the two people did not stay long before leaving. She thought, if I had known this, I wouldn't have turned on the ceiling fan for you, so I said it was broken, could you eat me? Although excellent said no longer contact, but Shi Yan still made a phone call to Aunt Qiao's house, answered the phone is a strange woman's voice, heard that it is looking for Aunt Qiao, there is no voice in the phone, after a while heard a strange whine, probably answered the phone is the new nanny, now put the receiver in Aunt Qiao's ear. Shi Yan said hello and heard Aunt Qiao answering, but Aunt Qiao's speech was very vague, probably because the stroke paralyzed the facial muscles and affected the movement of the lips. She talked reluctantly for a while, completely unable to understand what Aunt Jo was saying, and then there was only the sound of crying, which she followed for a while and hung up the phone. Her parents are always asking about the situation of excellence, and urged her to go back to D city, saying that a long separation will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Considering that the house in D city was too humid and there was no air conditioning, she was afraid that Jing would suffer, so she didn't want to go back to D city. But her parents offered to let her take the air conditioner to d city to use, but also taught her that people can not be heartless, the more difficult the time, the more husband and wife should support each other. She had no choice but to say frankly, "We have broken off our relationship. It was he who brought it up." Her father is very angry: "He oneself put forward, you agreed?"? Why can't you stand the test? During the Cultural Revolution, I also proposed to your mother to break off the relationship because of my bad family background,PET blow moulding machine, but your mother was very firm and unshakable, otherwise where would you be? Her mother said, "You all have children. How can you break them?"? Doesn't that child have no father? gzxilinear.com

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