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Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:22   Financial Services   Saarbrücken   90 views Reference: 452
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At this time, Jiang Weiqing has settled down in Jianghe Town for almost a month. It was the first time he had stayed in one place for such a long time since he escaped from Jiang Chengping's other courtyard. The feeling of imminent danger made him very uneasy, but at the same time, he was greedy for the care of the people in the Longchuan Inn, especially the Tiger Master. She always forgot his taboos, always had no concept of male and female defense, and always reached out to pat him on the shoulder. But when her hand clapped on his shoulder, it always gave him an indescribable and special sense of steadfastness. It seems that as long as she is beside him, even if the killer stands opposite him, he doesn't have to be afraid. Then, sure enough, the killer suddenly appeared in front of him. On that day, it was the market of Jianghe Town. The fat uncle had a waist disease, so for the first time he gave the responsibility of purchasing to the "little rabbit". Because this is the first time that Jiang Weiqing went to the market alone, the Tiger Master did not trust him, so he accompanied Jiang Weiqing to the market on the pretext that he was going to buy something. As soon as he arrived at the market, Jiang Weiqing felt a chill on the back of his neck. The experience of many times in distress told him that there must be problems ahead. Just as he was trying to find an excuse to push Lei Yinshuang away, a carriage coming from the opposite side suddenly startled the horse. Seeing that the horse was about to bump into them, Pianjiang Weiqing's legs and feet were so inconvenient that he could not even dodge. Just as the crowd exclaimed, Lei Yinshuang suddenly pushed Jiang Weiqing away, and she jumped onto the startled horse. With a clear shout from her, the frightened horse was thrown to the ground by her. The groom, who had been thrown out of the car by the startled horse, rushed over and broke out in a cold sweat. He apologized to Lei Yinshuang and thanked him again and again. Had she not overturned the startled horse in time, many people would have been injured in today's market. On the way back, Jiang Weiqing kept silent, while Lei Yinshuang excitedly talked about the adventure just now, until she noticed his silence. She thought he was frightened, but as if coaxing a child, she bought him a sugar figurine and teased him, "After all, it's all right for a child.". It's just a shock to the horse. Look at you, it's like you're scared out of your mind. Would you like your sister to call you back? Jiang Weiqing looked at her and wanted to say, "I'm older than you," but before he could say it, he saw Third Sister running from the opposite side in a hurry. You're a dead girl. Why are you going to the market at this time? Third Sister grabbed Lei Yinshuang, "Brother Jian is back!"! Brother Jian passed the exam and came back to take you to Beijing. "Huh?" Lei Yinshuang was so surprised by the news that he couldn't react. When he did, he grabbed Third Sister with his backhand and laughed, "Now Grandma Mater is worried in vain." He turned around and greeted Jiang Weiqing, "Go, go, your boss is back!"! You haven't seen him yet. Before she had finished speaking, smart whiteboard price , she asked Third Sister to drag her away quickly. Standing on the Jinhe Bridge, Jiang Weiqing, holding the colorful sugar figure in his hand, watched the Tiger Master and Third Sister running quickly to the inn on the other side of the river while talking and laughing. There was already a circle of people in front of the inn. In the middle of the circle, a young man in official clothes was talking to the fat uncle. Far away, the tiger seemed to shout a voice. When the man heard this, he turned around and squeezed out of the crowd and greeted the tiger. On the Jinhe Bridge, Jiang Weiqing silently watched the young couple run to each other, and in his heart he could not help but feel a burst of envy. He envied the man, envied that he could make the tiger run to him so eagerly, envied that he could make the tiger laugh so freely, envied him to have her concern, to have her smile, to have.. Her. At that moment, Jiang Weiqing suddenly blinked. Only then did he understand why he always felt his heart beating violently when he saw the tiger master recently, why he could not help looking up at her when he helped the tiger master look at the account book under the lamp, and why he did not want to escape from here even though he felt the danger was imminent. Suddenly, someone bumped into him. He was stunned and looked down at the short man wearing a huge bamboo hat. The man put a hand to his chest and whispered to him, "There is a debt and a creditor. Brother, you just get the money to do things. Don't report the wrong name when you go to the King of Hell.". ” The man's right hand shrank, and Jiang Weiqing felt as if something had flowed out of his body. He looked down and saw that someone had poked a huge hole in the blue dress that the Tiger Master had given him. He reached out to touch the hole, and immediately his fingertips were wet with sticky blood. No, it's dirty. He murmured, looking up at the inn in the distance. In front of the Longchuan Inn under the bridge, Hu Ye was holding her husband's hand, looking up and laughing happily. Very good, Jiang Weiqing thought, as long as she is happy. Under the bright spring sun, Lei Yinshuang was chattering to her husband about the recent family affairs, including the beggar she had taken in. I call him Little Rabbit, a very good child. She looked back and pointed behind her, but she didn't see the rabbit. When she raised her head, she saw that on the Jinhe Bridge in the distance, the little rabbit was looking at her and smiling, and her upper lip was slightly raised, revealing two white front teeth. All right. She felt as if he were saying these three words. Then, as soon as the rabbit's body tilted, he plunged into the Jinhe River like a kite with a broken line. Chapter 1. Don't Make Cabbage Main Volume: The Eighth Year of Tianyuan [Ten Years Ago] Chapter 1. Don't Make Cabbage The old people all said that after eating the rice dumplings, they would send the cotton-padded clothes. After the Dragon Boat Festival, it is obvious that the weather is getting hotter day by day, and this year it seems to be hotter earlier than in previous years. It was not yet the middle of May, and the impatient cicadas were already climbing up the branches, hiding in the shade and calling for summer without a sound. At noon, above the row upon row of roof ridges in Jianghe Town, the faint smoke from kitchen chimneys had just dissipated. The people in the town who eat late are still busy eating lunch, while those who eat early are already preparing for their lunch break. Therefore, the old street built along the Jinhe River was silent at this time, except for the bright sun overhead, which illuminated the flagstone pavement with a white light. hsdtouch.com

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Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi