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Tianxin is angry Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 04:14   Engineering   Adlershof   112 views Reference: 108
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Between the degree of popularity and the degree of clarity, Tianxin is not worried about the degree of popularity. As a civilization, as long as there is no internal change, the popularity will be formed and expanded. Therefore, the degree of clarity is the most important. Don't underestimate the three words of Qingming. Everyone knows these three words, but it is difficult to maintain them. These three words even represent the division of civilization. This is the reason why Tianxin insists on the system of everyone's judges, because the system of everyone's judges can make these three words last forever and shine. This may be a kind of internal training. In any case, in the past 40 interstellar years, the judicial system of everyone has been carried out to the end by Tianxin. In the process of implementation, because of various strange and multi-industry cases, Tianxin has consolidated and improved the vision of the chaotic realm and the chaotic realm, so that those whose wisdom has been biased by interests and who play "policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom" have been eradicated by Tianxin. Forty years of interstellar walking made Tianxin realize more clearly that when he could not "hear" the cry of the victim one day. Whatever the reason, it represents the beginning of the collapse of the divine baby. The prosperity of the three-system civilization does not depend on how many strong people there are in the United States of China, but on what level the weakest people are at and whether the weakest people have a way to go. After 40 interstellar years of walking, the inner energy of the realm of the heart of heaven has become the inner energy of the realm of chaos, and there is a tendency to break through the thirty-first grade to the thirty-second grade. The brilliance of Shenying, which represents the three regions of the United States of China, has been greatly increased and further consolidated. The experience of walking incognito for 40 interstellar years has also given Tianxin a lot of revelatory reminders. For example, the Purple Iron Heavenly Sword, which is immovable in the Black Shakong Layer, can leap over the mysterious brilliance of the divine baby in thirty-nine interstellar years. Although it is very clumsy, the Lingqi Daodao of the level of Zhu Shen can also leap in the rich Shenying Xuanwei Guanghua in the later period of incognito, although the Fenqi can not reach the level of 100 million. And the invincible Taoists in the world of Xingyuan, wrapped in the mysterious brilliance of Shenying, their infinite vitality of Taoism was easily suppressed, and more than ten thousand scattered Taoists of all kinds in the thunder and fire area completely lost their arrogance after Tianxin's personal visit. Every Taoist who is covered by the mysterious brilliance of the divine infant clearly feels the loss of the power of the Tao. After Tianxin left, Lin Wangdao, who had become a giant in the material industry in the thunder and fire area and had a thousand trillion employees,calcium ammonium nitrate price, was in a cold sweat. Although he did not know who Tianxin was, he knew several space-based soldiers who were with Tianxin. Lin Wangdao even thought that this was the Chinese Heaven Executive Department that was beating him who had been a little unruly over the years. But Lin Wang Dao did not think this was wrong, in front of the heart of heaven. He didn't think his strength would last long, less than half an interstellar day or less. Realizing this, the king of the earth forest extinguished the idea of playing with fire, at least until his own strength did not rise to a certain level, he would be the leader of the material industry in the thunder and fire area of the United States of America, not the great evil that sometimes goes out of line. At the time of Lin Wang Dao's rapid reorganization of his men, Tianxin and Jiu Nu's journey of 40 interstellar years in disguise is over, and the plan to go from Xingyuan Thunder Fire Heaven and Earth to the Boundless World is put on the agenda. At that time, the battle between Robasta and the Great Menini's 13,000 Taoists and the 10,000 Lingqi Warriors of the United States of America, the Million Quasi-Infinite Warriors, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the 100,000 Quasi-Infinite Warriors of the Ten Clans of the Universe came to an end. In more than 240 interstellar years of battle on wheels, Robasta and the Great Menini, the 13000 Taoists, did their best to turn into emptiness when thousands of illusions and beasts were involved in the battle. China Lingqi Soldier and Quasi-Infinite Soldier withdrew to Qiyuan Jietian. Enter the starry sky of the three emperors to rest. Fire Lei Jun has returned to the big sky area with an increase of 4 billion star fields. At that time, the prestige of the United States of China rose again, and the world of Xingyuan entered a period of peace. In the year 3900 of the Terra Nova Star Calendar, the Purple Moon's Sending + Terra Nova Star City, the Royal Magic Beast enters the South China Xiuzhen Space, Witchcraft Space, Great Wilderness Space, Wanhua Space and Steel Space in the Nine Heavens Influence Zone, and then passes through the desolate starry sky. Jump into the sea of explosions and move to the sea of rediscovered stars in the blue sky. Qianyan Demon King appeared. The thunderous news quickly spread all over the five realms of flood and famine when the heart of heaven and nine women floated in the blue sky. The big men of the five realms, especially the Meridian Emperor, the Great Sun Tathagata, the Monro Demon King and the Yu Sui Demon King, were most frightened. Want to know, since the thousand Yan Demon King 46000000 boundless years ago, the boss is looking for the trace of the thousand Yan Demon King, but who also did not think of thousand Yan demon king will appear in the blue sky, that place how big ah, for tens of millions of years, every ten thousand years war, all the bosses want to explore a "palm big" blue sky. But Qianyan Demon King did appear in the blue sky, which made the big brothers of the five realms feel humiliated and at the same time, there was some kind of palpitation. For no reason, the ability of Qianyan Demon King to develop his strength is great in the prehistoric five realms. Take Lingshi City for example, during the 46800000 boundless years when Qianyan Demon King disappeared, Lingshi City's Lingqi repair grew to a terrible number, and finally the five realms had to fight together in the name of the Blue Sky Ten Thousand Years War, but Lingshi City's Lingqi repair will was firm, and the underground base was solid. Even the big brother's fierce attack is at most to let Lingqi Xiu change defensive personnel wave by wave. Now, Qianyan Demon King appeared, and according to his temperament of beating the alliance clan in those years, the five realms could not remember the bloody struggle. Of course, the five big brothers are not afraid of Tianxin, but afraid that Tianxin will get time and play the game of defecting to a certain world. The name of Qianyan Demon King belongs to the Demon Realm, but its foundation is in the Empty Demon Realm. So. The Big Brother of the Five Realms and even Chiyou, the Great Demon King of the Anti-Heaven Demon Realm, are not Yan Demon King belongs to the Anti-Heaven Demon Realm. In fact, as early as twenty million years ago, when the big brothers of the five realms occasionally found that the number of Lingshi City's Lingqi Xiu and Wuxing Qianyanyuan Shenxiu was astonishing, after some negotiations and waiting for a long time, they jointly cut off the small five realms'soaring passage to Lingshi City, and the small five realms' Wuxing Qianyan Zong also suffered the fate of the five elements in those years, and was covered by other demons. The Five Elements Qianyan Sect has actually been obliterated in the small five realms. But the road struggles,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the primordial spirit main road also returns to the table, the spirit utensil main road is suppressed. Specifically, countless low-level spiritual practitioners who were suppressed in the small five realms and could not ascend were killed in the battle with the Five Elements Qianyan Sect. Lingqi Daodao has not been passed on for 20 million boundless years. stargrace-magnesite.com

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