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Tianjue Dao-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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She said these words as if they were taken for granted, but she did not feel embarrassed and blushed at the master. No wonder Leng Jianchou wants to run away. I dare to say that Xueting is not easy to resist. But why does she still look cute? Is it really for her wildness and frankness that Leng Jianchou ran away? And what about Yan Xiaoya, who is as pure and elegant as a dream? What about Xu Xiaoxi, who is as gentle as spring water and can make a man "not give up ice and snow for Qing's heat"? Why should Leng Jianchou "escape"? The bright and warm sunshine shines on the world without discrimination, so the rough hut is very bright and warm. There were huts everywhere, but few of them were built in the deep gardens of the spacious and luxurious mansion. Especially living in huts and sleeping on hard beds. Accompanied by insects, ants and mosquitoes, the walls are bleak. The person who lived there was actually one of the richest people in the world, Lei Ao Hou, which was really unbelievable. Even a man like Niu Liansi, who did not show much expression, stared at the hut and could not speak. Lei Ao Hou's snow-white head nodded a few times and said lightly: "Don't ask me why I don't live in a comfortable house, but live in such a place.". Think of it as the eccentricity of a lonely old man? Of course Lian Si would never ask him about it again. Lei Aohou asked him to sit down in a creaking chair by the window. And way: "Xueting has been there for many days, and I am very worried." Lian Si did not answer,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but sighed softly. Who can put a bridle on that beautiful girl who is as wayward as a wild horse to tame them? Lei Ao Hou added: I'm getting old. So I often recall many things in the past. And all of a sudden worry about my only flesh and blood. Of course, he was talking about Xueting, so Lian Si sighed again. Lei Ao Hou looked at the trees and grass in the sun outside the door and said: In addition to expressing my yearning for Xueting to you, I also want to tell you something that has nothing to do with you or her. Because if I suddenly go to sleep and never wake up, you are the only one in the world who knows these things. Lian Si wanted to ask him,jacuzzi manufacturers, since these things have nothing to do with Xueting or himself, why do you know? But he finally held back. Lei Aohou is really too old. The snow-white hair made it impossible to stop him from speaking. Lian Si soon found that he had done the right thing. Because some of the Wulin secrets told by Lei Aohou seem to be related to Leng Jianchou. Later, there was a matter of Lei Ao Hou and Leng Jianchou Lian 43 people. Lei Ao Hou way: "You must have heard of the name'Evil Man Spectrum '?" Even four: "Yes, I have.". Not only is the villain spectrum very famous now, it is said that it appeared 40 or 50 years ago. Lei Ao Hou way: Of course, you know that the villain's book is not a real book. And whenever there is a qualified villain in the world, once he is listed on the list of villains, all the Wulin in the world will know. Even four: It is said that he is the leader of the Shaolin and Wudang sects, and he wrote to the 36 sects of the world at the same time. Therefore, all people in the world know and accept it. Lei Ao Hou way: "Yes.". "But why should the Shaolin and Wudang factions include a certain person in the language of the wicked?" Even four: "It seems that if anyone in the world knows everything here.". This person must be you. Lei Ao Hou Dun first way: "Not only did I know, whirlpool hot tub ,endless swim spa, but I was the one who made the comment." Even four sighs, this time the voice is very loud, way: "I hope your eyes will never be wrong, just as you identify the treasures of the world." Lei Ao Hou way: "Fortunately, no mistakes have been made.". Forty-two years ago, I tried my best to promote a grand gathering rarely seen in ancient and modern times. In fact, there were only eleven of us, including me. But the other ten people are all recognized as the top ten masters in Jianghu. Including the Shaolin Monk, the abbot of the Shaolin Temple. Wudang Xuemen Yuxuanzi Zhenren. There are also Blood Sword Yan Bei, Dao Wang Pu Gong Wang, Feng Yu Bin Nan Fei Yan, and so on. I passed the most profound and rigorous examination of everyone before I got the right to compile the'villain spectrum '. Lian Si had to use his hands to help him close his mouth. Lei Ao Hou way: "But from now on, the responsibility falls on Leng Jianchou and you." Lian Si hurried to push his chin up again. Lei Ao Hou way: "Leng Jianchou and you are good at winning, and the most rare thing is that you are friends.". ” Even four: "Can I shirk this responsibility?" Lei Ao Hou way: "No.". Unless you lose by one man's sword. Because if you lose, you will lose your life. Lian Si actually knew which person he was talking about. Way: "Yanyu Jiangnan Yanxingyu". Since even your old man says so, I will be more careful. He then asked: "Since the establishment of the'Evil Man Borrow ', the Blood Sword Yan Bei and the Sword King Dandelion Wang all participated, why are they also included in the spectrum?"? Are they willing to consider themselves'wicked '? Lei Ao Hou way: Any person whose martial arts exceed a certain level has not done good things, but has done evil things. This man is a villain. Remember, martial arts, intelligence and means must exceed a certain standard. For example, Tao Zhengli, a man with a human face and a beast heart, has harmed countless people in the past 20 years. But I still don't put him on the list. Even four: "I've heard that Tao Zhengzheng is highly skilled in martial arts. Is it too much?" Lei Ao Hou way: "No, he is really good at martial arts.". Not weaker than the bad guys at all. But this man has no wisdom and means, and his nature is mean, scoundrel and cunning. This kind of person is ashamed to be associated with the evil people on the evil people's spectrum. Even four: "I see." Lei Aohou untied a necklace, and the pendant was a swarthy oval seal. It is inscribed with eight seal characters of "the male in the evil, the name in the spectrum". He said: "This seal is entrusted to Xie and Leng Jianchou from now on.". This seal has some advantages besides selecting the wicked. Lian Si did not attach much importance to "benefits", but he could not help but understand. And when he listened to it, he did not feel slightly moved, which showed that the "benefit" was no small matter. Lei Ao Hou added: The ranking of Dao Wang Dandelion Wang and Blood Sword Yan Bei has not yet been announced. Because I don't know. Thirty years ago,whirlpool hot tub, I arranged the only opportunity, but an accident suddenly prevented me from attending, so I couldn't decide. He paused for a moment and said:. monalisa.com

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Tianjue Dao-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise