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Three immortals in Jianghu Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:18   Financial Services   Saarlouis   98 views Reference: 441
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"You ask that!"! I tell you, even the ugly aunt, we are either abandoned babies or orphans! The ugly aunt was left in the mountains when she was young and was adopted by the tiger until she was more than ten years old. When the tiger died, she came to the world! "Then how did you become her children?". "Well, my father was an imperial censor in the court." "Your surname is Shui, and you are the daughter of the iron-faced imperial censor, Master Shui?" "Brother Mo, do you know my father?" "Alas!"! Twenty years ago, my father and Uncle Shui were officials in the same court. My father was implicated in the case, and almost the whole family was beheaded. Thanks to Uncle Shui, he argued strongly and saved the lives of the whole family. He didn't want to die. He really had no way to report it! "My father was released to the magistrate. On the way, he was robbed and my parents were killed. At that time, my ugly aunt just caught up with him and tore up the strongman and saved me. She was almost like a white orangutan at that time, and she could not speak human language. I took her to the Yao Wang Temple in Xiaoyuzhou for a temporary stay.". Later, she saved four big children, that is, pigs, they are also descendants of officials, as for the four small ones, they are all abandoned babies! "Oh!"! So that's what happened! "Brother Mo, don't look at the ugly aunt who doesn't know much about human affairs. She has the best heart. How considerate you should be!" "Was she like that before?" "Before?"? She was a wild animal. When she was with us, her wild nature had not yet receded. It was only after six years of training by my teacher and several uncles that she became like this! "Who is your master Shibo?" "Master is a miraculous doctor, and Shibo is Liuqi!" "Miraculous doctor?"? Six wonders? "Yes!" "Is it elder Su, the miraculous doctor in the four differences of medicine, divination, stars and appearance?" "Not bad!" "Of course, the six wonders are the Thief, the Wine Beggar, the Incense Way, the Martial Arts Idiot,faux ficus tree, the Monk, and the Poor Scholar!" "Yes!"! How many of them do you know? "Rumor has it in Jianghu that Liuqi is back. Where is he now?" "Shifu and Wu Shibo were with us, and then they went back to the mountains. Now we are the only ones left in Jianghu!" "Oh.." "Brother Mo, is there anything else?" Mo Gaoyuan was a little embarrassed, but still asked: "My wife had some knife marks on her body. I asked her how she was hurt, and she also asked me to ask you!" "Is it on your ass?" Mo Gaoyuan smiled awkwardly and nodded! "Brother Mo, do you think Aunt Ugly's face is really hemp?" "Ah..?" "I'm telling you, she's a grimace, a human skin mask!" Her words, really like a thunderbolt, suddenly ugly aunt, white orangutan, these nouns all into the brain. Shui Qinghua went on to say, "I tell you, Brother Mo, fake ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, Aunt Ugly used to look like a white orangutan.." Mo Gaoyuan and all of a sudden, although Chengen is not appearance, teach concubine if for tolerance, ugly point does not matter, also can not hold a white orangutan every night! "Hee hee!"! Brother Mo, what are you thinking? An orangutan? Mo Gaoyuan's mind was guessed, but he didn't say anything! "You guessed wrong, Brother Mo," said Shui Qinghua, leaning back with a smile. "Wrong guess?" "Mmm!"! The knife mark on the buttocks of the ugly aunt was left by the skin taken by the teacher and the fifth uncle when they had plastic surgery for her. "My wife has had plastic surgery?" "Of course!"! But the ugly aunt told me that she would never take off her mask unless she met someone who loved her, so I told you to be more considerate to him! Mo Gaoyuan asked anxiously: "Her face...?" "You mustn't ask her before she reveals it of her own accord!" Silence for a moment! "Brother Mo," said Shui Qinghua, "do you want to know?" Mo Gaoyuan nodded! "Hee hee!"! What do you think of my face? "The girl is an immortal!" "Mmm!"! Your mouth is full of sweetness! Tell you, plastic surgery must have a sample, my face, is the teacher with five Shibo to give her plastic surgery sample! "Ah..!"! Is she the same as a girl after plastic surgery? "What's your big man's hurry? Gentle and considerate can make her feel that you really love her. Is it not good to reveal it automatically?" "Big sister, I've been taught!" "Oh, I want to ask you here, which generation of Shaolin disciples are you?" "I am a third-generation lay disciple from the Headmaster!" At this moment small loach walks outside the door to hear, interface way: "Big Man, so you are a grandson! So you are a grandson!" Mo Gaoyuan listened for a moment! "Little loach," said Shui Qinghua, "according to the theory of ugly aunt, you have to call him uncle." Mo Gaoyuan was puzzled and asked, "Miss Shui, what's going on?" "We're all right!" "All right?" "Yes, you are the third generation of Shaolin, our fifth uncle, the master uncle of your Shaolin master yuan Xu. Aren't you a grandson?"? But you are Tigress's husband, so you can also be called uncle, and Aunt Chou is our elder sister. How to calculate this account? Fortunately, the shoulders are all brothers, so we call you Big Brother! Only then did he understand it all! Tigress sat alone on the bed in the morning after everyone had come to congratulate her. She thought about the beautiful things that had happened last night. She went through the first pass, the second pass, and the third pass with the stars and the moon. The more she thought about it, the more beautiful it became. Unconsciously, she fell asleep and was still in her dream! Don't believe? Look how sweet the smile on her face is! Mo Gaoyuan learned the truth from Shui Qinghua. He went back to his room and saw his wife sleeping very sweetly. He really wanted to uncover her mask and have a look. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he took it back! Why? He thought that in case of failure, it would be a big problem in the future! Think about it, lie down and kiss! This kiss woke Tigress, who was having a tryst in her dream. Seeing that her husband loved her so much, Tigress made up her mind. "Mo Lang!" She said with a smile. "Well!" "Close your eyes!" Mo Gaoyuan closed his eyes! "If I don't speak, don't open your eyes!" "Good!" I waited for three minutes, which made me feel very long! It's long! "Open your eyes," said Tigress. Mo Gaoyuan opens an eye, what see still is hemp skin, his heart says: "Good wife, you this is to test me, OK!"! Let's hang! Tigress smiled at him,large palm trees for sale, but instead he put his arms around her and kissed her! Tigress closed his eyelids again with her hand! This time it was even longer, five minutes before he opened his eyes! But the face is still the same! Mo Gaoyuan knew she was hanging her appetite, so come on! He kissed again! Tigress told him to close his eyes again. hacartificialtree.com

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Three immortals in Jianghu