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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:41   Security & Safety   Bayreuth   287 views Reference: 378
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If these two grooms directly want to sign the indenture of sale and ask for the money of sale, she will certainly despise them and will not give them much care in the future. But they do not sell themselves, do not become slaves, do not curry favor with the county palace, this is enough to make her admire. Su Huaining thought of another thing, "by the way, how many years have they signed the long-term work documents?" "In ten years, the two grooms said that they were old and could work for another ten years at most. Ten years later, when they were sixty and could not work, they planned to go home and let their sons provide for their old age." So, two grooms are fifty, no wonder will be brought over by Duan Wufeng, fifty years old veteran, in the barracks can only do some menial work to earn some pay. The next day, Su Huaining packed a box of lychees and grapes and ordered Ning Huan to send them to the palace. At noon, Muxiang and Weiyan came back. When a group of people entered the door, they knelt down and begged for punishment. Princess, your subordinates don't do their job well. Aunt Jiao has run away and the clue has been broken. You can punish us. Wei Yandao. Muxiang's eyes were red and she was ashamed to say, "It's all because the maidservant is too impulsive to do things. If the maidservant hadn't wanted to stop Aunt Jiao on the way, she wouldn't have been disturbed and jumped off the cliff to escape." "And ask the princess to punish him." Wood, earth, and twenty young men all knelt down together and asked for punishment. Well, you deserve to be punished. A little woman can make a fool of you. You really deserve to be punished. Chapter 2048 Wei Yan, wood incense,drive in racking system, wood, and earth four people, shame all want to find a mouse hole to get into. Twenty teenagers, just out of the mountains, no experience, do not know anything, the job is not done well, this can be justified. But Wei Yanmuxiang four people with Su Huaining side for almost ten years, experienced a lot of things,Teardrop Pallet Racking, unexpectedly will be a woman to play for such a long time, even the New Year's Eve dinner did not eat at home, in order to supervise others. Finally, after a hard work, I didn't even pick up a sesame seed. I worked so hard for so long in vain. What made Muxiang and Weiyan vomit blood was that the two of them were monks, and the two monks caught a mortal, but they were even escaped by others. They are embarrassed to face their masters. I have no face to see my master. Had it not been for the master's order to let them go home, they would have been able to wander outside for a lifetime. Su Huaining said, "After this experience, I hope you can all learn a lesson, know that there are days outside the sky, people outside the sky, and do not despise any opponent, even if the other side is a child." "The maidservant (subordinate) obeys the princess's instructions." Several people kowtowed to thank him. Su Huaining waved his hand and asked them all to get up. "Wei Yan, you go home and wash up well. Tomorrow you will ask the matchmaker to come to propose marriage. Your father has already agreed." Wei Yan eyes a bright, hastened to thank, heavy duty metal racks ,industrial racking systems, and then looked at the wood incense silly smile, do not know to shut up. With a shy face, Muxiang found an excuse to slip away. Twenty young people also stayed, as a guard, plus twenty guards transferred from Ning House, and Chuang Tzu sent eight guards, now a total of forty-eight guards in the house. Zhang Bin appointed as the chief captain, the remaining 48 guards, 12 people in a team, divided into four teams of guards, each guard, and then by Zhang Bin out of a small captain. In the matter of the escort, Su Huaining called Zhang Bin to come over and gave Zhang Bin full authority to handle it. However, Su Huaining looked at the black clothes of the young guards and called Ning Dan, saying, "Go and call Mrs. Qian. I have something to tell you." "Yes, Princess." Ning Dan gave a cry and went out. After a wick of incense, Mrs. Qian came and saluted Su Huaining when she entered the door. "Princess, you call the old slave, but what do you want?" "Well, you arrange a few embroiderers to go to the guard station and measure them. Each of them will make two blue guard clothes. The clothes will be sent to the ready-made clothes shop outside, but the logo on the sleeve will be brought back and embroidered by our own embroiderers." The symbol of Junwangfu is a purple vine, which is drawn by Su Huaining himself. On the carriage of Junwangfu, a purple vine is also drawn. On the new clothes made by servant girls and women, a purple vine is also embroidered. On the guard's uniform, this purple vine is indispensable. Later, this purple vine, it represents the county palace, is also Duan Xuting and Su Huaining. You budget how much silver you need, make a list for Mammy Song, and go to Mammy Song to get the silver. Su Huaining ordered. Yes, Princess, the old slave is going out. Mrs. Qian stepped down respectfully. There were only six embroidery women in the embroidery workshop, but there were nearly two hundred servants in the county palace. One person had two clothes, and four hundred clothes were needed. Six embroidery women could not do it, so Su Huaining sent the clothes to the ready-made clothes shop outside. Of course, the cloth has to be bought from others. As for the embroidery logo, Su Huaining asked the six newly bought embroidery women to embroider themselves. When the embroidery was finished, the clothes were sent to the servants. In less than ten days, two hundred servants of the county palace were uniformly dressed. Su Huaining's big servant girls are all dressed in pink and tender colors, while Mo Wanyuan's rough maids are all dressed in yellow and tender colors, the rough maids in the back garden are dressed in light green clothes, the rough maids in the kitchen are dressed in dark green clothes, and the servant girls in the front yard are dressed in lavender clothes. The embroidery women in the embroidery workshop are all dressed in orange, while the little girl in the laundry Bureau is dressed in blue. As long as you see the clothes, you can know where the other side is on duty, and the clothes worn by each steward are different, the clothes of the boy and the guard are all made of the same cloth, but the clothes look different. The boy was wearing two blue shorts, with a red belt tied around his waist and purple vines embroidered on his sleeves. He looked very energetic. The guard's jacket was longer than the boy's, reaching the knees, with a purple belt tied around his waist, and a long belt wrapped around his elbow on his sleeve,cantilever racking system, which looked neat and neat. Su Huaining looked at the newly dressed servants in the courtyard, feeling that the eyes were bright, and the majesty and momentum of the whole county palace came out. jracking.com

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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter