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There are always monsters to eat. Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:39   Independent & Freelance   Saarlouis   92 views Reference: 424
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…… The story is a little longer. In fact, Chen Tanghua is not a crabapple flower demon, but a little boy who died and turned into a ghost. It is said that the Begonia Flower Demon is only a guess of Shiyu. It's not for the sake of abuse. Chen Tanghua did do something wrong and took other people's lives. And Shiyu didn't want to see his friend in such pain. As for Chen Tanghua's specific story, the next chapter will be written. Chapter 39 orphanages (4). ———————————— Chen Tanghua seems to have been living in a very shabby small house for as long as he can remember. There is a small window on the west side of the house, and Chen Tanghua's small bed is under that window. Looking out of the window, there is a crabapple that blooms every year. Little Chen Tanghua always stepped on the pillow and put his feet beside the window. Although the house is dilapidated, it is in good order. It was only a small place of a few square meters, but there were many flowers, and the old furniture with worn paint was covered with warm cloth pressed with lace. Chen Tanghua had never seen his father, but occasionally when he heard neighbors talking about his father, he just said, "That evil.." Chen Tanghua's mother, as he described, wore a beige apron and pulled up her hair. In spring, she always broke off a crabapple and put it in a glass bottle. At the bottom of the bottle, she put some water on the table. Then the mother and son sat on the table and ate one or two simple vegetarian dishes. There is a small pot of rice sauce in the kitchen. Sometimes when my mother comes back very late at night, she prepares rice in advance and lets Chen Tanghua eat it by himself. Small wooden spoon, dripping tap, only a dim light on the table,manganese beneficiation plant, Chen Tanghua looked at the empty chair across the table, but did not lose his temper, just quietly digging rice to eat. When he finished eating, he moved a small stool under the sink, stepped on it, and put the bowl and spoon into the sink. Then he went back to his little bed, took out a set of toys that had been worn out,coltan ore processing, muttered in his mouth, and sometimes laughed as he played with the toys. Until his eyelids were sleepy enough to close, Chen Tanghua wrapped himself in a blanket and leaned drowsily against the corner of the bed, shaking his body. Until he heard the door opened and closed, the smell of his mother wrapped him up, the warm hands gently stroked his head, picked him up and patted him on the back, and then put him on the bed and covered him with the quilt. Chen Tanghua will sleep peacefully. Sometimes when he was not asleep, he could feel his mother holding him, putting him on her knee, shaking her body, and whispering: "When he left, he wouldn't even give you a name, and his mother didn't read much. She just thought that when she gave birth to you and brought you back, gold heap leaching ,portable gold wash plant, the crabapple flowers at the door were really beautiful." "My little Tanghua, you should be as tall, strong and healthy as the crabapple outside." "I don't hate him at all. Everyone says he has failed me, but those people don't know his kindness." "Perhaps I am too stupid, but when I am in a mess, he is willing to give me a flower, how can I not be moved.". Besides, it's too tiring to live with hatred. I thought, isn't it good to live like this? "And I have a little Tang Hua," the mother kissed him on the top of his head and put her forehead between his hair. "My little Tang Hua is the best child in the world." I want you to grow up quickly, but I don't want you to grow up too fast. I really want to hold you all the time. I always felt that you couldn't even walk yesterday. "Xiao Tang Hua." Don't hate mom. And don't hate that man. You'll understand when you grow up. “……” Sometimes his mother held him in her arms and said that it was the middle of the night. In fact, Chen Tanghua did not quite understand a lot of words. He only felt that his mother's embrace was very warm. Sometimes in the afternoon, when his mother was drying quilts outside, Chen Tanghua would draw squares on the ground with small bricks at the door of his house, and his mother would jump and play with him after drying things. Chen Tanghua's mother is not very old, and when she ties a ponytail and jumps around in the crooked grid, she looks more like a little girl who has not been involved in the hardship of life. Sometimes the nature of the play, Chen Tanghua's mother can not give up their children. Chen Tanghua saw that his mother was so wronged that she was about to shed tears. At this time, the woman would quickly pick up Chen Tanghua and coax him, saying that when Chen Tanghua grew up, she would play much better than her. Mother and son's life is not rich, even some poor, can eat two meals less meat, but also so happy to live. Because life is really tight, Chen Tanghua's mother has no extra money to send Chen Tanghua to kindergarten, some basic things are taught by herself. Children are always playful, but they have no friends, so their mothers have to play games with him in different ways, even if they are two or even one. Little Chen Tanghua, standing in the depths of the broken alley, was looking forward to his mother's return every day. He had no friends, no other family, no nice stuffed animals, no video games, all he had were rubber bands, straw ropes, plastic toys, and his mother. That's all he has. He's not dissatisfied. It's enough to have a mother. The smell on my mother's body is very good, the food she cooks is very delicious, and the story she tells is very nice. I like my mother best. —————————————————— Chen Tanghua was about to go to primary school that year, but his mother went out early and came back late. Sometimes when his mother came back at night, he would hear her close the door of the bathroom and stay there for a long time without coming out. There were even some suppressed and faint cries. From then on, Chen Tanghua felt a little uneasy,Portable gold trommel, but he dared not ask his mother anything. One day, his mother finally had a free day and said she would take him out to play. He was so happy. The mother and son rode for a long time and came to a river. Mother brought a lot of little things and played almost all the games with him on that day. He had so much fun that day that he didn't even notice his mother's growing pallor. When the sun was about to set, his mother wiped the sweat of the earth on his face and asked: "Does Xiao Tang Hua want to play with other children?" "Yes." Chen Tanghua agreed almost without hesitation. Then mom will take you to a place where there are a lot of children. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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There are always monsters to eat.