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The world is the richest in the world Full-time Job

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Yes, from that combination of skills, it can be seen that the people who built the relic were very familiar with all the races on the continent, and how could they not know the most famous and peculiar spell function of the orcs, although it is not clear how they banned the use of the transport spell, but they must have prevented the escape tools in the hands of those who entered the relic. So Song Ge and others were unfortunately calculated again. Since he could not escape, he had to face it, and at the moment when the teleportation spell was invalid, Babane's warriors were ready to fight. The more dangerous it is, the more sober Song Ge is. This is not a gift, but a habit formed when he brushed past death again and again. If he is not calm, he will lose half first. Quickly analyzed the situation of the enemy and ourselves, as a leader, he should make the best use of the resources in his hands, so that there may be a chance to survive some people. Song Ge himself is still not optimistic about facing the four super mythical beasts this time, even with the strength of Babane now. The only way is to kill them all. To survive, or they're all killed! Song Ge first let himself have a calm and clear understanding of the only result. Only on this basis can we work out the best response plan. Almost two seconds later, Song Ge had a countermeasure, but he had to face a difficult choice. There are two ways, the first way is to divide the power in your hands into four parts, facing four super gods and beasts respectively. After fighting hard, whether you can survive depends on your life. The second is to concentrate the strongest forces in one place. Let the others hold off the other three super-mythical beasts and break them one by one. Apparently. Either way, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. The first way is to have a hot relationship with the super mythical beast. Perhaps even the people who have developed their potential can defeat the super-divine beast and survive, and once they win, the casualties will be relatively small. But the drawbacks are equally obvious, if one side does not come down, then the result is that all the people on this side are dead, but also involved in the other three sides of the battle. The advantage of the second method is that Baba's inland strength is not enough to fight against the four super gods. But to deal with one or no problem, concentrate a few powerful Jedi characters to kill a super God beast first, others hold the other, so one by one to solve the problem, as long as you hold on, then you can win in the end. And saved the best of them. But the problem is that the requirements of this practice are too high, the strength of the people who hold the super God beast can not be too weak, otherwise it is useless to be killed by two or three people. In this way, the power will be somewhat dispersed. And the concentration of the strongest force is able to do a super God beast in the shortest possible time is also unknown, once not in a short time to solve the battle, then the other three sides were eaten, will have to face the rise of four kill the top of the existence, the result, will be extremely miserable. Which one to choose, Song Ge hesitated, but only for a second, but the foreign prophet really hesitated, this choice has only two results, precision welded tubes ,side impact beams, either to leave triumphantly or to bury his bones here! Song Ge knows this sentence, and he can even understand the meaning of this sentence better than anyone else. He got where he is today by taking risks. But to this point, Babane has developed to today's scale, it is not dangerous to seek land, because he can choose a more secure way to progress, in life and death or greater victory, or death and steady development of quantitative accumulation, Song Ge will choose the latter, because he is responsible for too many people! Therefore, Song Ge in the difficult and even painful, chose the first, this more secure way! The choice is painful, but after the choice, the adversity has aroused Song Ge's desperate heart and full of pride! OK! Isn't it just a test! Isn't it just four super mythical beasts! Come on, let the facts prove whether your Babane is stronger or these super-divine beasts are stronger! With the change of mood, Song Ge's temperament has also changed, tight brows stretched, eyes flashing, a superior's inviolable dignity arises spontaneously, this determination to die, this calm calm, soon infected the people around! What kind of race are the orcs! What kind of race are the dwarves! What kind of race is the dragon race! They are a fighting race, and the blood flowing in their bodies is indomitable and passionate! Seeing the strong fighting spirit of their leaders in an instant, these people's eyes lit up, and they realized their boss's desire for this war! Between the strong and the strong, only by defeating each other can we prove that we are the strongest, and this direct confrontation is undoubtedly the best way to prove it! All the people and weapons were knocked heavily on the ground, and the loud sound of the exchange of gold and stone echoed in this space for a long time. This is a kind of confidence, a kind of confidence that dares to challenge the rules and order. Even if it fails and dies in the end, the blood will never lose its scorching temperature! "Master, Uncle Bass, Uncle Vana, the Sand King of Chaos is in your hands." Song Ge smiled and said to the Fire Holy Demon Guide beside him that the Master is the most powerful person in Babane now. According to the level of the mainland, the Holy Demon Guide is half a level higher than the ordinary Super God Beast. The Master, together with Bass, who can reach the realm of Kensei with the Wind God Sword, and Vana, who is close to Kensei, as well as their familiar, should be able to deal with a Super God Beast. Besides, there is support from mages and warriors behind. Pick the eyebrows, although the master just consumed some mana, but for people of his level, the recovery is also very fast, plus some small magic ornaments from Song Ge here, so that the master recovered more than half, although not the most peak state, but also almost the same, in the face of super gods and beasts,stainless steel tube 304, no doubt let the master have a glimmer of expectation. It seems that the time has come to prove himself. The three of them were old friends, and after looking at each other, they calmly went to the sand king of chaos like a super-large scorpion. cbiesautomotive.com

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