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The Woman Is the One Who Pleases Himself Author: Oi Cooking Incense Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:24   Banking   Saarbrücken   95 views Reference: 457
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"Hu Yue, you can start to answer, Hu Yue." The author has something to say: Update, wait for a long time, still very sleepy, the day before yesterday and today's red envelopes will be sent together tomorrow or later, I know everyone knows that I will not blame. Happy Lantern Festival! Did everyone eat yuanxiao today? In fact, I hate eating yuanxiao very much. I feel sticky with glutinous rice products. But today I ate a very delicious ham stewed duck, Hee Hee, ham is really a good thing! Yueyue is in crisis! How to solve it? Let's talk about it. This chapter is the last chapter of the New Year's Day, leaving a message to send red envelopes. Happy New Year! Chapter 94 game. "If the materials I submit do not conform to the regulations, will they be called back first in the data verification of the administrative office?" Just like every child who was confused by the question, Hu Yue opened her mouth and suddenly began to fight back angrily. "I really don't understand. Teachers, there are only a few rigid conditions for us to participate in the evaluation of the chief resident. We are formal employees of our hospital and have a licensed doctor's certificate. Then we work in the hospital for half a year and work 1200 hours.". How can such conditions not be met? If the conditions are met, why can't I be the chief resident? This is true. The reason why the hard conditions are set up so simply is to give the soft conditions the space to prepare their hands. It is estimated that several people in the investigation committee have asked too many such questions and are not in a hurry. It's true that the executive office will review your hard offers, but what about your soft offers? Your department also has such a rule that if you want to participate in the election, you must have one or two professional papers with an impact factor of more than 3. "My paper has an impact factor of 14, and I am a writer." Hu Yue opened her mouth in surprise. She seemed to be more angry. "I can be the chief resident, isn't it because of this paper?"? Otherwise, why? With the advanced hospital I have taken, or the Jinqi sent by the patient, or the key case of facial reconstruction in the annual propaganda of the hospital? Only a year later, at least two big noises were made. Hu Yue said it in a sarcastic tone, which made the content more real. Several investigators were obviously stunned for a moment. One of them, a bald man in a suit, and the rest of them explained it. They turned over the materials again. It was estimated that the incident mentioned by Hu Yue was true or false. When the forked finger man opened his mouth again, The tone softened a lot. Don't have a confrontational attitude. We are not targeting you. If someone reports it, there must be an attitude of investigation in the hospital. If you're innocent, isn't that a good way to clarify? He said, "Dr. Hu, your professional ability is very good, and you have received unanimous praise in all departments, but this can not cover up a problem-your paper is not in the direction of cosmetic surgery, it is about the technical breakthrough in the direction of facial reconstruction, Grey Marble Slab ,pietra gray marble, it is difficult to identify as the relevant content of this profession, so why do you want to fill it in?" Hu Yue smiled. Teacher, I think your question is so interesting-why do you ask me to fill it in instead of asking why the department leader thinks my paper is related to our major? I wrote that if the department leader decided that my paper was not qualified, then I would naturally be brushed down. In the end is the previous study of forensic medicine, detection also chose, this logic completely put the fork finger man around, Hu Yue took the information in his hand, "Besides, this paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Research, classification is in the column of cosmetic surgery and facial reconstruction, people simply do not divide these two branches, how can you say that my paper has nothing to do with this major?" It was a bit of a mess. The man with forked fingers did not speak. Another bald man in a suit said angrily, "Hu Yue, everyone who has read your paper knows that this has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery. Well, what you wrote in this article is the details of flap replantation. What is the operation related to flap replantation in cosmetic surgery?" This is a layman. A smile appeared on Hu Yue's face. Just as she was about to speak, the middle-aged woman in a white coat coughed. "Don't go off topic, Dr. Hu. What you mean is that you are sure your thesis is related to your major, so you fill it in your application form, right?" She gazed deeply at Hu Yue, as if to create a prepared atmosphere, if she answered yes, there was a back hand waiting, Hu Yue gazed at her for a while, she understood the intention but still pretended not to understand. Yes. She said, "What's the problem? If I'm wrong, I won't be the chief resident. Then I'll review other papers next time. What's the big deal? It's worth your special investigation." This is spoiled not to know heaven and earth thick, in front of the investigation team dare to speak hard, several investigators are angry, "how do you explain the admission examination?"? Our Sixteenth College has not recruited graduates with master's degree for many years. "That's even funnier. As far as I know, your recruitment requirements are clearly written on the official website every year. If you don't meet the requirements, you can't sign up online." Hu Yue turned on his cell phone. "Last year, this year and the year before last, the recruitment requirements were all here. Not to mention the master's degree, the five-year undergraduate course can take the exam. According to the regulations of our Municipal Health Bureau, there must be no discrimination against academic qualifications in the recruitment exam. Isn't the Sixteenth Hospital a public top three?"? I ranked third in the professional exam and second in the interview. Why can't I be hired? If you think it's unfair to hire me, you should ask the examiner at that time. This regulation of the Health Bureau, in fact, does not mean that undergraduates can also enter the Sixteen Academy. This regulation is obviously prepared for relatives. Five-year undergraduate courses can be run in. There must be a very hard relationship. Generally speaking,Artificial Marble Slabs, the investigation team also takes the hint and will not touch this line unless it is obvious that she is the breakthrough. Uproot the people at the end of the line. However, Hu Yue's statement that oil and salt do not enter and water does not leak has also brought them great obstacles. If you think there is a problem, you should go to the person who examines and approves it. It's really far-fetched to find the person who applies for the exam. Hu Yue is not responsible for reviewing the information. How can she know why others decided to let her pass? I have never been in direct contact with President Zhou. I have only heard that he is the president of our hospital. I saw him once at the year-end meeting. forustone.com

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The Woman Is the One Who Pleases Himself Author: Oi Cooking Incense