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The twelve kings of Jinling Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:26   Financial Services   Bayreuth   1.3K views Reference: 361
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Yan Wenxiu is the third, I don't know where he is? Judging from the answers, Lin Qianmo felt that she could be in the first class of high school, but after experiencing the accident of the county examination, she was not very sure. Fortunately, there was an accounting subject there. Here she was perturbed, and there Chang'an Lane was in a mess. Where is Qianmo? Where are the fields? "Not in the new house?" "I went and asked, but I don't know yet." The official stood there for a long time, but did not see the host come out to greet him. Many of the students dangling in front of him were from high school before, and he had reported the good news, but now he was left in the middle, and no one paid attention to him. His face suddenly wrinkled into a ball. I thought it was a good job, a top one. Even a poor family would borrow money to reward the good news officer. He was afraid that he was the first person in history who didn't even get a penny. Unwillingly, Yacha reported again: "Congratulations to Lin Qianmo, a student from Pucheng County, who won the first place in the first class of high school and was hand-picked.." In the shape of. yuan. The voice dragged on and woke the crowd. By the way, you have to reward the officer who reported the good news. As if waking up from a dream, Jin Guo'er ran back to his room and found a small piece of broken silver. With a red face, he ran out and handed it to the officer. "Don't think it's too little, sir. Take this silver first." The official looked at the little piece of silver, which was less than two yuan, and accepted it with a bitter face, thinking that it was better than nothing. Just as he was thinking that it was a big loss to run so far to report the good news, another man stood in front of him and handed him a piece of broken silver. Before he could come to his senses, the students who lived in Chang'an Alley donated money to reward them one after another, saying thank you for the good news. Although it was all broken silver, it was not a small number to collect a little for each person, and the face of the official suddenly smiled into a flower. It was the first time he had seen such a situation. There were people who borrowed money to reward others, but they seldom saw people who helped others to reward others. Even if there were,304 Stainless Steel Coil, there could not be so many people. Lin Kuishou is so popular! Back in the Yamen, the official who reported the good news described the adventure to his colleagues in a vivid way. You are really ignorant, aren't you? I heard that Lin Qianmo is the leader of the students in Ning'an Mansion. Ning'an Mansion won the most this time, and her fellow villagers got a lot of help from her. "If she lives in a house like that, she must not be rich. If others don't help her, how can she help others?" "Stupid, this help, not necessarily is the money exchange," spoke the yamen to point to the head, "people help is this, knowledge! If you think about it, she is the Number One Scholar. How much knowledge does she have to have? But people don't hide their secrets. They teach each other for the sake of their classmates. Her fellow countrymen come from the same school with her, but many people respect her as a teacher in their hearts. "No wonder." The official who went to announce the good news was suddenly enlightened. "When you said that, I remembered that the people who lived in the two houses in Chang'an Lane did not seem to have failed.". Awesome! Awesome! Su San and Shen Shenxuan had moved to the new house, and they were very happy to hear that their fellow countrymen had come to report the good news. I knew Mo would not disappoint! Shen Shenxuan went round and round. "No, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, she doesn't know yet. I'll go to Luo Fu right away and tell her that we have to celebrate tonight." "Wait a minute," Su San stopped Shen Shenxuan, who was about to go out. "Thanks to the help of fellow countrymen a few days ago, we might as well take this opportunity to invite you to the Phoenix Tower for a meal. You go to inform Mo, and I'll invite my fellow countrymen. "That's all right!"! The buyer has spent almost all the money privately. I'm afraid you don't have any silver on you. I have it here. You can take it. The things in the Phoenix Tower are precious. Shen Shenxuan promised and took out all the silver tickets on his body and handed them to Su San. Su San was not polite either. He stretched out his hand to take it and said with a smile, "I borrowed it. I'll pay you back later." Shen Shenxuan glared at him and said, "What else? Do you think I am an outsider?"? Don't take it like this. You can borrow it elsewhere and give it back to me! Su San smiled and shrank his hand. "If you don't return it, you won't return it. In fact, I want you to say it yourself so that you can repudiate it later." "Also said that Mo's slippery is learned from me, I think it is similar to what you learned, you will only play gentle in front of her, this is exposed." Su San smiled and pushed him. "Hurry up.". ” All the people in Luofu were delighted that Yan Wenxiu had won the third place, and soon learned from Shen Shenxuan that Lin Qianmo had won the first place. Yan Liner couldn't help hugging Lin Qianmo and jumping and jumping. Qian Mo, brother, that's great, that's really great! Lin Qianmo looked at Yan Wenxiu with a smile and said, "Wenxiu, I'm a star picker, and you're a flower Explorer. It's a good match." Yan Jin knew that Su San was going to have a big banquet at the Phoenix Tower, so he didn't want to keep her, and he also supported Yan Liner to go with her. That night, the Phoenix Tower was full of guests, and students from other prefectures were also celebrating there. They were all in the same year. When they met, it was naturally a lively scene. One Jiali Pucheng county Beijing alone in two people, the news spread to Pucheng every few days, yuan adult there is naturally very happy, Pucheng took the first place this time, became the county with the most high schools in Beijing, this is also her political achievements, promotion is natural. She praised Master Mo for having a good eye and knowing people, and her only son was promising. Since then, she had treated her husband sincerely, concentrated on officialdom, and put away her playboy intestines. Inside the Phoenix Tower, all the students came to congratulate Lin Qianmo, and there was a hubbub of voices. In the face of the public's good intentions, she is very embarrassed, this wine, in the end do not drink? After the incident of Yan Wenxiu, she was even more sensitive to wine, and really did not touch a drop. Hesitantly, the waiter of the Phoenix Tower came up to her and said to her, "My guest, please take a step to speak." Lin Qianmo put down his wine glass and went out. This waiter was the one who arranged Shen Shenxuan's birthday party for her that day. She still remembered it. Miss Lin, this is an antialcoholic pill. If you eat it, you won't get drunk no matter how much wine you drink. Smiling, he handed Lin Qianmo three transparent pills and added,mirror stainless steel sheet, "Just take one." Lin Qianmo took it and looked along the line of sight of the waiter. A familiar figure flashed across the corner upstairs. No need to ask her to know who gave it to her. She sent a pill to her mouth and said to the waiter, "Thank your boss for me. By the way, tell him I want to see him and let him come to see him." "I'll bring it to Miss Lin." Waiter said to step down. sxthsteel.com

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The twelve kings of Jinling