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The Supreme Way of the Other World Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:35   Engineering   Bayreuth   165 views Reference: 371
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Father Willy was aware of the thoughts of the eldest brother Ding Ao and the movements of his men. The corners of his mouth jumped a few times. He thought to himself, "Elder brother, you are really a good means. However, you have mastered Rory, and I have also mastered the Great Kang Empire.." Toltae, the God of thunder and lightning, frowned slightly and his figure disappeared in a flash. Father David, who looked usually fiery and careless, was as calm as an ice cube, with no expression on his face. Whew.. Taking a big breath, Kahlan flew dejectedly into the distance. This was not where he should come, nor where he could intervene. He seemed to have a place to go. Within a radius of ten miles, only tens of meters under Wang Yun's feet can still see the original appearance of the earth. Under the gaze of the eight gods and demons, Wang Yun suddenly put away the holy book in his hand, and his action gave the gods and demons the best answer. Come on! Whoever wants this holy book, come and get it from me! As soon as the breath of the whole body changed, the pale blue light on Wang Yun's head returned to yuan Ding, and the remnant thoughts of Victor, the dark priest,China spa factory, had long been completely dissolved by him when he absorbed the original information of the earth. In the sky, the breath of the magma in the center of the earth and the active fire elements all quickly dodged. Wang Yun doesn't care much about the foundation of Xihai Lake, but how to say. Here also has his painstaking efforts, see the West Sea Lake is completely destroyed, Wang Yun's temper again good, in the heart also has gas. Strength greatly increased, he has the same strength as Xiaobai, Wang Yun will no longer choose the way of hiding,jacuzzi suppliers, otherwise, he could have entered his own mustard space. As long as he has two feet, Wang Yun believes that there is no one in the world who can pose a fatal threat to him. As long as his feet were on the ground, Wang Yun could perform Taoist escape to any place where there was earth, and he did not want to escape any more. Some things, always have to face. Wang Yun's reply did not seem to be beyond the expectation of the eight gods and demons. In the sky, the atmosphere changed again, and the electric sparks appeared one after another under the influence of the momentum of these gods and demons. I don't know what's good! Father Dino snorted coldly. Dale, the goddess of the night, and Hal, the queen of the underworld, retreated instead of advancing. Then, the Demon King and the Hades couple flew back and gave Wang Yun to the three angry priests. Without exception, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, these gods and demons looked at Wang Yun with a very strange look and a little pity. Xiao Bai, I'm all right here. Hurry back and take care of Elvira. The voice of Wang Yun suddenly appeared in Xiaobai's head. She was slightly stunned and understood the meaning of Wang Yun in an instant. She took a look at the three priests with hatred. Xiaobai's figure went to the extreme north like lightning. Grandpa Lola! Grandpa Lola.. In the misty forest tree hole of heaven, Fox girl Naxi saw through the crystal ball in front of her that the three priests seemed to be trying their best to deal with Wang Yun. The eight tails behind her were almost entangled nervously. Naxi was worried and called the old Fox anxiously. Here it comes! Here it comes! Old Fox's figure suddenly appeared in front of Naxi. "What's the matter, son?" His tone was so soft, and the expression on his face was so kind. Grandpa Lola, please help the young master! Naci, please! Otherwise, you let me get out of here, let me go back to the young master. In Naxi's voice, there was a wave that seemed to melt everything. Awesome! When old Foxrola heard Naxi's request, he couldn't help but feel excited and asked Naxi to return to the material world? How could he let go of the best of the Fawkes in front of him? Laura narrowed her eyes and said slowly, "Don't worry, my child. Your young master will be all right." “……” There were a few anxious tears in Naxi's eyes, and his face was puzzled. Old Foxrola stretched out his hairy hand, and a yellow light shot at the crystal ball beside Naxi. When the yellow light hit, the picture in the crystal ball shrank rapidly, and in the blink of an eye over the West Sea Lake, it shrank to the size of a needle. In one breath, in that crystal ball, the physical world has become a planet the size of a finger, and above, to the left and below the physical world, there are three very large land plates. This is Naxi was frightened. Old Fox pointed to the material world in the crystal ball and said to Naxi with a solemn face, "Look carefully, the other three places are the heaven, the forgotten demon world and the underworld." As he spoke, he looked at the shocked Naxi and bent the corners of his mouth. "A long time ago, these three planes were in the same place. In order to enjoy themselves, the bored gods and demons created intelligent creatures to serve them. Later, a war between their intelligent races for resources involved countless gods and demons.." "Grandpa Lola, I know this legend. It's the battle of gods and demons and the battle of glory, isn't it?" Naxi's tone, some uncomfortable, she is worried about the safety of young master Wang Yun, and what is the relationship between the bullshit war of gods and demons and the brilliant war? "No, the battle of gods and demons and the battle of glory known to the creatures of your material world took place after the formation of the material world. You listen to me." Lola did not seem to hear the anxious tone of Naxi, still not impatient to say: "The prehistoric world finally split into three planes because of the war, and even the trend of complete collapse." At this point, Lola's face had some other expressions, he seemed to be remembering and recalling, "If these three planes also collapse, the gods and demons will not be spared." "It was at this moment that Immy, the big man, fought with his three sons." "Oh.." Lola laughed. "Those three guys got some help and thought they could kill their father. Imi is the most powerful being in the prehistoric world. Can they kill him?" "Old friend,endless swimming pool, old friend!"! I know that you were willing to be killed by those guys in order to pursue the eternal path of evolution of heaven and earth, and to save the three planes. On one side, Naxi opened his mouth slightly and listened dumbfounded. monalisa.com

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The Supreme Way of the Other World