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The superheroes I bought in those years. Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:39   Independent & Freelance   Saarlouis   99 views Reference: 425
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"I have no business to do recently. It doesn't matter whether I can get the stone or not. It doesn't matter whether I leave the earth or not. So the problem of vision is not me." The gold collector is likely to have had an accident, although he knows that he will not die, but the sale of infinite gems is completely cut in half. Wanda's expression was a little hesitant, obviously not very convinced-after all, it was about the life of Vision. Patricia had no choice but to add sincerely: "And according to the rules of the Predator, under normal circumstances, I am not allowed to attack minors." Who would have thought Vision was only three years old. This is called Xia Xia, how dare you do it. As the girl thought sincerely, she reached out and rubbed a handful of the spider's hair. Wanda: "…" Hallucination Suddenly not the smallest little spider: "Oh." The others were speechless. The first person to break the silence was the falcon. Personally, I don't think we're likely to get help from the government, whether the Thanos thing is true or not. With so many Avengers present, Sam's stance on this matter is the most objective. Because he didn't know Patricia Udonta at all, he looked at Patricia with a face that said, "It's up to you." He couldn't tell if she was telling the truth by saying, "It doesn't matter whether you take the soul gem or not.". Because he did not personally participate in the battle of "Loki and Kryptonian invasion of Earth" five years ago, he did not have a very clear understanding of the forces and powers of the universe,Carbon in Pulp, even if he had read the news reports, what he knew and guessed was relatively false. He just looked at the problem from the perspective of an ordinary earthman. It is difficult for ordinary people to believe that the Lich has no intention of infinite gems. Ordinary people should believe that "aliens may kill half of the people in the universe the next day!" …… It's even harder. Peter Parker can agree with this point, but Peter doesn't understand Sam's words very well. He looked puzzled. Why can't you go to the government? The first to respond to him was another rubbing of the dog's head by Patricia beside him, accompanied by a sneer. Why not tell the government? She asked him, shaking her head. First, they believed in Thanos' ambition. The girl's scarlet eyes reflected the figures of most of the people present, without a smile. And the first thing they'll do is get rid of me. "Because the infinite gem is in me,tin beneficiation plant, and I am the greatest goal." Peter was stunned for a moment. "But Mr. Vision …" "But Vision is also one of the holders of the Infinity Gem." Wanda said in a cold voice. Patricia answered, "In particular, he is not a human being in the true sense of the word — to be precise, he is not a [person] in your definition." "So there are two possibilities." The girl stretched out her index finger and touched her lips. "First, the government ordered the removal of the spiritual gem on the head of the illusion. If it can't be removed, it will be destroyed." "Second, let me take away the vision-just like the original little green fat-we two pack up and go away, leaving a beautiful and harmonious new earth." At the end, there was a chuckle. As Sam listened, he whispered in Clinton's ear, ".." Excuse me, mineral flotation ,Portable gold trommel, is little green fat? Clinton gave Natasha a vain glance, and Sam shrank his neck and gave a dry laugh. The smile echoed in the air, becoming more and more awkward, and Sam immediately shut his mouth. So the whole top floor was quiet again. "That won't happen." Patricia felt a familiar breath coming from behind her, and a man's sure words came from the top of her head. For a moment she thought he was saying something old-fashioned like "the government won't do this", but soon the man's next sentence dismissed Patricia's "think". Steve Rogers said in his usual assured and trustworthy voice: "We will not give up the vision, nor will we let you go alone with the gem." "We don't give up any of our companions." Chapter 60 gathering of forces. "We don't give up any of our companions." Steve was standing behind the sofa where Patricia was sitting, so she couldn't see his expression. But she could clearly see the faces of the Avengers standing or sitting in the row in front of her. Sam, a staunch advocate of Captain America, is needless to say. Peter, of course. The idols say everything is good. Good, good, good. Scarlet Witch Wanda held Vision's hand, looked up slightly, looked at Captain America with great trust, and her mature and beautiful face showed a kind of childish dependence. On the other hand, in Patricia's impression, Black Widow and Hawkeye, who should be more inclined to the government's position, have no intention of refuting it, and even seem to be distinct from the government's position. Tony, though Tony did not look at Steve, turned his head and patted Vision's upper arm. There was a hint of white hair on his temples, though it was very little, but it did exist. There was a kind of awkward comfort on the face of a man who had grown older but still had a childish temper. At the moment, however, Patricia is more awkward than Tony. Her ears were tickled by the word "companion", but also by the sense of change that was coming at the moment-all the people present had really experienced five years of ups and downs. In the past five years, this group with huge differences in membership, ability and personality has added an invisible net, their cooperation, experience, emotion, and even possible division.. Netted everyone together. Patricia can only know what they have experienced together from reports and video materials. But in many cases, bystanders can't really understand their past. They have only one name in common, which is Superhero. The word "companion" made Patricia's ears warm. She is a person, when she is uncomfortable, her mouth is usually cheap,small gold wash plant, and she especially likes to say something unpleasant to suppress the atmosphere. But this time, the phrase "you say you don't give up on behalf of other people" in the mouth of a circle, was finally suppressed by her own. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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The superheroes I bought in those years.