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The Strongest Landlord of Online Games Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:15   Real Estate   Falkensee   222 views Reference: 200
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"Is it because of this glove, or did I encounter a legendary bug?" The old demon scratched his head and thought about it, but he was not sure. When he opened the treasure chest before, he had never encountered such a problem. If he opened it successfully, he would open it, and if he failed, it would disappear. That was unambiguous. It was unreasonable that the program in this test server would make such a small mistake, right? While the old demon was thinking this way, the bluebird spoke in the team channel and asked the old demon, "Brother demon, what are you doing?"? Open the treasure chest quickly! Bluebird is not the person who opens the box, so the system naturally will not have a hint to him, he looked at the old demon from a distance to the treasure box, also do not understand what happened, so had to remind the old demon. Said by him, the old demon just reacted to come over, regardless of whether he is Mao G, there is a second chance to open the treasure chest, the fool will not grasp it! So he put his hand on the treasure chest again and chose to use the unlocking skill. It was a long process of reading seconds, but fortunately, the old demon had always left part of his mind on the black dragon, and when the second reading of seconds was completed,classroom interactive whiteboard, the black dragon still did not wake up, so that the old demon was lucky. However, the second opening process failed! The use of locksmith gloves has been used once again, and only 1/3 of them are left! The opening success rate of 1 Ying is still a bit of big paper, if there is and the success rate is all right, but now 1. Fortunately, this time the treasure chest still did not disappear, still in 1. The old demon hesitated. The glove was only used for the last time. If it failed again this time,interactive touch screens education, there would be no hope of opening the treasure chest. Do you want to keep this last time, when the server is officially opened, and practice the unlocking skills? The old demon thought about this problem carefully, so there was no movement for a while. The bluebird was so anxious that he stared at the old demon. If his eyes could control the old demon, he might want to control the old demon and move quickly. In the end, the old demon did not fail to live up to the expectations of the bluebird, and chose to continue to open it. Anyway, the locksmith gloves were sent by the bluebird, and even if they were used up three times, the equipment would disappear. The old demon had nothing to lose. At most, it was a pity that he had not been able to open the treasure chest. Open for the third time, this time the old demon's state of mind is much better, after steadily using the unlocking skills, he watched the progress bar move forward unhurriedly. Perhaps it is the reason why he did not have the previous mood of worrying about gains and losses, this time after reading the progress bar, 75 inch smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, there was a click in his ear! This This is The heart of the old demon, which had been silent, suddenly beat violently again. This kind of voice, the old demon has heard many times, is not the unique voice when the treasure chest opens successfully? Sure enough, the next moment the system came a pleasant prompt: "You successfully opened the treasure chest!" " The magnificent lid of the platinum treasure chest was slowly lifted, and the bluebird hiding behind the rocks in the distance saw it, and immediately hurriedly shouted in the team channel: "Success!"! It really worked! Brother Demon, look what you've got! The old demon also felt very excited for a while, happiness came suddenly, originally the old demon himself did not think that this last time can open the success, which knows it just so opened, the excitement of nature need not say more. So the old demon quickly squatted down and felt in the treasure chest. The first thing that came out, however, made the old demon a little confused. It turned out to be something like a recipe, but the problem was that the system gave him a hint that it was not a recipe. System: "You've got old paper." [Old paper: This is a piece of paper that looks very old. The writing on it looks like the writing of the goblins.] It was a rough piece of yellow paper, or to be more precise, it was a piece of parchment, and there were some strange words on it, and some symbols that looked like formulas, and there were some line patterns in the corners that looked like some kind of beryllium meter. And the attribute of paper is also very strange, it seems that players can not use it, so this thing is not a recipe or alchemy formula, more like a task item, although the attribute above does not indicate so, but intuition tells the old demon that this thing is indeed related to a task. In the team channel to the bluebird to see, he also do not understand what, so the old demon simply do not want to, anyway, platinum products, absolutely not where to go, so chose to pick up, put on the waist, the paper into the backpack. The things taken out of the treasure chest can only be established after the player puts them into the backpack. After all, the treasure chest is not necessarily a good thing. For example, those low-level black iron or bronze treasure chests often open some low-level whiteboard equipment. If the player feels that he has occupied the backpack and does not want it, he can also give it up. When the old demon took out the second thing and held it in his hand, he could not get excited! This is a crystal, a beautiful crystal, and there is a goblin-like thing with closed eyes in it! For this thing, the old demon is familiar with it, isn't it an artifact? It's just that the appearance of this leprechaun is not quite the same as when the old demon got the bow of Shulvanas, but the old demon can be sure that it's the same as the original spirit crystal! Can it be said that today's character explosion, and can get a artifact level items!? The old demon was so excited that he naturally forgot that he was still beside the Black Dragon! In fact, just as he opened the treasure chest and got the parchment, a white light suddenly lit up in a dark corner of the dragon's lair, and then a light fell on the head of the sleeping black dragon Stelvo, hitting him directly. If the old demon sees this scene, he will know that this is the priest's punishment skill! This skill doesn't do any damage to the Black Dragon Stelvo,interactive whiteboard for schools, but the problem is that the attack intent of this action is too obvious! So Stelvo opened seven eyes at the first time. Then, he appeared on his side, unexpectedly there is a face of excited thieves!. hsdsmartboard.com

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