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The strongest hacker Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:46   Marketing & Communication   Sankt Augustin   251 views Reference: 59
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"What's the matter?" Zhang Yang is nothing, anyway, his identity is estimated to be hidden for a long time, so he is not prepared to hide, along the way with the two of them to talk about is still good. Mr. Chen called, because your mobile phone was not turned on, so she asked you to answer the phone, saying that the company had something important to decide. Cao Yong whispered. Zhang Yang nodded, took his phone from Cao Yong's hand, picked up his cell phone and asked, "What's wrong?" Why didn't you call in advance when you came back today? I'm worried to death. The thing is, Samsung has just announced that it has increased its investment in WCG, increased a lot of bonuses, and increased its investment in various competitions. The total amount of investment is about $1 billion. You see? In addition, Zhao Fei has just come to give me a piece of information, saying that Lee Kun-hee seems to have met someone recently, Samsung has received a large amount of money, the rest is not clear for the time being,thermal imaging camera, and the shares of several of our subsidiaries in the stock market seem to be deliberately acquired. Chen Xiaowei immediately told the general story again. Zhang Yang raised his eyebrows and said hello to Lou Yixiao apologetically. Then he went to the side and confirmed that they could not hear his phone. Zhang Yang opened his mouth in a deep voice: "You don't have to worry about increasing the investment in WCG. As long as they use normal means of competition, we can compete normally. Only when the market is bigger." The cake we share with each other can be bigger. There's no need to worry about it. As for what's wrong with Samsung, I'll call Zhao Fei personally. I'll explain it. Instead, the third thing needs attention. Well, you can contact Buffett. He must have a lot of experts in this area. After all, he's also one of the shareholders of the company. It's not too much to ask him to help. Let's see if we can find out. "All right, I know." Chen Xiaowei sees Zhang Yang is very calm,facial recognization camera, she also did not continue to say what, promised, then hung up the phone. After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yang walked over with a smile and said hello to Lou Yixiao. He watched Zhou Xiaolai drive Lou Yixiao away. Zhang Yang turned around and got into Cao Yong's car. Zhang Yang probably walked seven or eight minutes slower than Lou Yixiao. There were not many bodyguards left around Zhang Yang. Except for the two people with Cao Yong, the rest were all hidden piles. When the car left the parking lot and was about to reach the exit of the upper floor, suddenly a black Xiali came out from the side. The driver stepped on the brake directly to the bottom, while Cao Yong threw himself directly on Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang's reaction was not slow at all. His body shrank slightly, and then he shrank behind the back of the back row. This car is a specially customized bulletproof vehicle, and if it is just an ordinary gun, it will not pose any threat at all. Zhang Yang raised his head and looked through the gap between the two seats. There was nothing unusual about the Xiali car. It was just a man in his thirties who came down from the cab and looked honest. As soon as the man got out of the driver's seat, he raised his hands directly to them. Look at this action Zhang Yang to understand, this is not a coincidence, this man is really directed at Zhang Yang they come. The man had a thick document bag in his hand. He raised his hands and walked slowly to Zhang Yang's car. Cao Yong in the car took out their pistols directly. However, smart whiteboard price ,face recognition identification, Cao Yong did not lower the window for the first time, but stared at the man seriously. The whole car is bulletproof glass and bulletproof body, because it is specially customized, the body can resist the attack of 7.24 MM sniper rifle, even the glass can resist two rounds of such sniper rifle bullets, so once the door is opened, it is not good for the other side to have a chance. The distance between the two sides was not far, that is, about seven or eight meters. The man walked to the front of the windshield of Zhang Yang's car, slowly put the document bag in his hand on the front cover of the car, then bowed respectfully to Zhang Yang, and then turned to Xiali. Cao Yong wanted to open the window to start, Zhang Yang reached out to stop him, although the document bag is very thick, but there is no place for explosives and other things, even if there are explosives, it is impossible to hurt Zhang Yang in that position, and the car has been checked in detail before Cao Yong drove over, there is no problem. Watching the man driving the Xiali out of the parking lot quickly, Zhang Yang opened his mouth and said, "Go down and take that thing to see what it is." Cao Yong immediately nodded, pushed open the door and walked down to the front of the car. Cao Yong quickly took the document bag, first retreated seven or eight meters to the distance, and then began to check the contents. After looking inside, Cao Yong immediately made a few gestures to the inside of the car. Then he walked into the car. A bodyguard sitting at the front desk immediately turned to Zhang Yang and said, "Mr. Zhang, there is nothing wrong with the contents, just some information.". However, you will need to wait for us to thoroughly examine it before you can view its contents. "Isn't there no problem?" Zhang Yang is a little strange. The content is no problem, but we need to check whether these papers are smeared with special drugs and other things, because there are many highly toxic substances that do not have to enter the human body, even if they come into contact with the human skin, they will enter the human body and pose a fatal threat. Cao Yong, who opened the car door, explained to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang hesitated for a moment and did not insist. After the vehicle started, the bodyguard sitting in the front row immediately took out a small box from the storage box in front of the co-driver, then opened the small box, took out a silver-white plastic glove from it and handed it to Cao Yong. Cao Yong caught the glove in his hand, then opened the document bag, took out the information inside and put it on his leg, and began to check it with the glove one by one. Mr. Zhang,temperature screening kiosk, this glove is made of special materials. It can penetrate into the human body through several colorless and tasteless poisons. There are some ingredients that can react with this glove. As long as you touch one side with it, if there is any abnormality, the glove will change color immediately. hsdtouch.com

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