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The strongest abandons less Full-time Job

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Kui's words are very few, he does not know why the old man came, if it is for the'Yanghai Business Association ', even if he is a virtual God later, in their own territory also do not want to please. The old man saw that there was no sense of embarrassment, and he was very calm in the face of a virtual God monk, even his face did not change much, and the disappointment on his face was slightly restrained. Yes, at your young age, you can actually think of the way of whirlpool Reiki to put the'guiding grass' into the elixir and refine it into the'weaving elixir ', which is amazing. The old man nodded again. Suddenly he took out a medicinal herb and put it in front of him. "Do you know what this is?" He said. "Seven levels of Lingcao'Fushenmu Rattan '?" As soon as he saw this medicinal material, he recognized it. Not only did he recognize it, but he also knew that'Fushen Muteng 'was the main spirit herb for refining'Fushen Dan'. However, although'Fushen Muteng 'is the main medicinal material for refining'Fushen Dan', it is also extremely difficult to enter the Dan. Therefore, few people have succeeded in refining Fushen Dan. 'Fushen Wood Rattan 'is very precious, even equivalent to the eight-level spirit grass,touch screen digital signage, also known as the pseudo-eight-level spirit grass. This person took out the'Fushen wood rattan ', no need to ask, must be thinking about whether he can refine the'Fushen Dan'. Before seeing the book of "things", he also thought that "Fushen wood rattan" was the main spirit grass for refining "Fushen Dan". But when he got the book of'things', he already knew that the main elixir for refining'Fushen Dan 'was'stalagmite marrow for ten thousand years'. Only later, no one could get the'stalagmite marrow of ten thousand years',interactive kiosk price, which was replaced by the'Fushen wood rattan '. Over time, all the Dan masters thought that the main spirit grass for refining'Fushen Dan 'was'Fushen Wood Rattan'. That's good. You've got a good head on your shoulders. If you use your unique Xuan Dan method, can you put the'Fushen Muteng 'into the Dan and successfully refine the'Fushen Dan'? "? When the old man saw that he had said the name of'Fushen Muteng ', he immediately asked with joy. To be continued. k Volume one chapter one thousand and four city Lord visit Chapter one thousand and four castellan visit Take back his eyes, said indifferently: "Yes, I can refine'Fushen Dan ', but what does this have to do with it?" The old man was stunned, although the other side called him senior, obviously did not have much fear or respect for him. That's just a name for his cultivation. If the other side is also a senior monk, that's all right, but the other side is just a golden elixir monk. However, the old man of the virtual God was immediately overjoyed, Interactive digital signage ,digital signage screen, without a trace of anger. He could not imagine that the first golden elixir monk in the Alchemy Hall of Fame could really refine the'Fushen Dan ', which was a pleasant surprise. He did not think that he would lie, and it was impossible for an alchemist who could lead the magic grass into the elixir to refine the magic elixir. 'Fushen Dan 'is said to be a three-grade Dan king who can be refined, but perhaps he can succeed with only one grade Dan king by virtue of his unique alchemy technique. Thinking of this, the Xushen Friar even stood up on his own initiative and said, "I am Su Jianhu from the Mochizuki Sect. I came to Feihai City this time to look for Ye Danshi.". Unexpectedly, Ye Danshi really lives up to his reputation. He can really refine'Fushen Dan '. We want to invite Ye Danshi to visit Mochizuki Peak.. Look at the latest chapter After the old man announced himself, he immediately understood what was going on. The Mochizuki Sect was one of the only two eight-star sects in North Wangzhou. Fan Fu, the head of the sect, heard Yu Yuqian say that it was a disaster. Su Jianhu can find here, apparently let him help refine'Fushen Dan '. And the other side got the news should be Pu Yufeng spread out, this Pu Yufeng really has some ability ah. He spread the news and asked himself to make alchemy. If he could succeed, it was obviously no problem to ask for a recommended quota. But this Pu Yufeng really looked up to himself, 'Fushen Dan' is not what people can refine out, this belongs to the third level of the Dan medicine ah. This kind of three-grade elixir does not mean that the three-grade elixir king can be refined, sometimes even the seven-grade elixirs king can not be refined, the main reason is that there is a'Fushen wood vine 'inside. Seeing that he was silent, Su Jianhu suddenly said, "I heard that Ye Danshi wants to go to Nan'anzhou for development. If you can help Mochizuki Zong refine a'Fushen Dan ', then the quota for Nan'anzhou is obviously no problem." When he saw that the other party had made it clear first, it was obvious that he was extremely eager for'Fushen Dan ', otherwise he would not have made it clear before he had spoken. It is estimated that the matter that he wanted to go to Nan'anzhou was also released by Puyu. He nodded and said, "Yes, I want to go to Nan'anzhou, but what I want is not one place, but four or five places." After listening to Su Jianhu's words, his face changed. Without even thinking about it, he said, "This is absolutely impossible. Even if the monks of the Three Great Plagues in Beiwangzhou are recommended together, there are not so many places.". There is only one recommended place for our master in three years. Don't think that you can go to Nan'anzhou with a transport array. The cost of activating the transport array is not generally large at all. "Stimulate the cost?" Now he is only a master of the five-level array, and he knows that the farther the transport array, the greater the cost. Take the transport array he arranged in Feihai City for example, he used two of the best spirit stones. And the transport array from Beiwangzhou to Nan'anzhou is estimated to be at least nine levels of array, which can only be arranged by the master of array. But isn't it said that everyone on the transport array needs to pay a million top-grade Lingshi? Isn't that the price? Seemingly knowing what he was thinking, Su Jianhu sneered and said, "Do you think a hundred Lingshi are enough to transmit once?"? As far as I know, from Beiwangzhou to Nan'anzhou, we need nine top-grade Lingshi at a time, plus one hundred sub-grade spar. In addition,facial recognition thermometer, there is a large amount of matrix material wear. Those materials are top-grade materials, and there is no extra stock at all. How much do you think the cost is? One million top-grade Lingshi? That's just the same meaning, and it's not even enough for a material loss. hsdtouch.com

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