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The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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The heart was already uncomfortable, this woman also listened to one side of the story, and even threatened him with the star faction, when was he afraid of being threatened by others? But before he could speak, Ling Xiaoshuang of Qingmengzhai took the initiative to open his mouth. "Sister Pan Die, this man is called Ning Xiaoma. He is a disciple. He is lascivious and shameless.". As long as they see some beautiful women, they will come forward to entangle and even use some obscene means. Obviously she thought of Cheng Nana, at that time Cheng Nana a face of tears, plus also speak for him, no need to ask, has been succeeded by him. (To be continued) Chapter one thousand and fifty-two warm friendship (congratulations to the leader of the alliance) . Chapter one thousand and fifty-two warm friendship (congratulations to the leader of the alliance) But Wen Caiyi looked at him with some surprise, and the disdain in his eyes was even stronger. She could not imagine that this guy was not only a chicken belly, but also liked to bully low-level monks, as well as a Yin Xiu. Yin Pandie stared at him coldly. Suddenly, he had a pair of double-ring magic weapons in his hand. Then he said to him in a voice with any emotion: "Hand over the things of Younger Martial Sister Yu, and then apologize, or I'll kill you." Yin Pandie yuan Ying second layer Xiu Wei, or the core disciple of the Eight Star Sect, she said to kill yuan Ying first layer is still unstable, next to the people in addition to Wen Caiyi, no one thought she was lying. Although Ling Xiaoshuang knew that she had hidden Xiuwei, she did not think that she would be Yin Pandie's opponent. Yin Pandie's aptitude was not worse than hers. Although she was a few months younger than her,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Xiuwei was slightly taller than her. In her opinion, she is not even her opponent, how can she beat Yin Pandie? But Ling Xiaoshuang sent a message to Yin Pandie, saying, "Younger Martial Sister Pandie, this man has hidden his cultivation. He is actually a monk on the third floor of yuan Ying." Yin Pandie nodded and looked at him even more disdainfully and said, "I just hide my head and show my tail, and I don't have any great achievements.". If you don't want to do what I say,White Marble Slabs, I can still kill you. Even though he was already on the third floor of yuan Ying, Yin Pandie was still confident that he could kill him. Originally, when he was less than 100 years old and reached the third floor of yuan Ying, he should be a monk with good aptitude. Yin Pandie's meaning is that no matter how good your aptitude is, you only have this kind of appearance. If you want to go further, don't dream. There are a lot of fans of Nan'an Shimei wherever they are. At this time, without Yin Pandie and Ling Xiaoshuang bewitching, the monks around looked at him with bad eyes, and even the defensive array was temporarily put aside. He looked around at his enemies and sneered in his heart. He knew that he could not beat so many people even if he wanted to do it at this time. And he has something important to do, so he can't do it at this time. Why, don't you want to take it out? Yin Pandie saw that he did not speak, but sneered, and his tone was even colder, and a pair of double-moon rings in his hands made a buzzing sound under the agitation of Zhenyuan. Sister Pandie, let me do this kind of thing. I promise to make this guy kowtow and beg for mercy. At this time, Carrara Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, a man next to Yin Pandie took the initiative to stand up and say. Kui glanced at the male Xiu, who was already on the fourth floor of yuan Ying, and was also a disciple of the Tianxing Sect. yuan Ying, who is less than 100 years old, is also a genius of geniuses, needless to say. But Yin Pandie shook her head and said, "No, Younger Martial Sister Yu's food. I must let this person eat it and spit it out. I, Yin Pandie, will do what I say." He looked coldly at Yin Pandie and said, "Idiot, tell me what I robbed that woman of." Yin Pandie looked back at Younger Martial Sister Yu, who had come over to say that she had robbed her, and asked, "Younger Martial Sister Yu, what did this man rob you of? If you say it, I will make him spit it out." Younger Martial Sister Yu's eyes looked a little alarmed, but she soon calmed down and pointed at him and said, "This man robbed me of my'congealed green vine '.." Without waiting for Younger Martial Sister Yu to continue to say something, Ning Cuiteng looked at her coldly again and said, "Take it out. Don't be unappreciative." 'Ning Cuiteng 'is also a precious elixir, but it is not a precious thing for yuan Ying Friar. A yuan Ying monk robbed a golden elixir nun's elixir, but it was only a six-level elixir. He was immediately ashamed of all the people. Seeing that the woman always wanted to make trouble for herself, she was too lazy to restrain her anger. As soon as she raised her hand, a flying sword fell on his hand. Then she stared at Yin Pandie coldly and said, "If you want to fight, just fight. Don't talk nonsense." Yin Pandie saw that he would rather fight with himself than hand over the'congealed green vine ', and immediately became angry. The momentum of the whole body soared, and a pair of bright moon rings jumped up. But Ling Xiaoshuang instead frowned, they Qingmengzhai practice pay attention to the heart and meditation, she felt that just the star of the yoga sister said is not true. But although she knew that the yoga sister said some false, but did not mention, in her eyes is the need to be taught a lesson, otherwise do not know how many nuns on file deceived. Kill him. "Kill him." Seeing that he and Yin Pandie were about to fight, the monks around him immediately began to cheer for Yin Pandie, and almost all of them were saying to kill him quickly. Younger Martial Sister Pandie, this kind of shameless monk stays in this world only to harm people. Just kill him. Don't worry, I'm sure he can't escape. yuan Guannan, who had not spoken, suddenly opened his mouth and said. Yin Pandie just took a look at yuan Guannan, of course, she knew what yuan Guannan meant, that is, he could do his best, once he was in danger and this Ning Xiaoma was going to escape, he would do it. But Yin Pandie did not answer. Just as the two men were about to fight, the light of several flying swords came. Elder Martial Brother Xiaoma, I knew you would be all right. Thank God. "Younger Martial Brother Ma, it's great that you're all right." "Brother Ma." Hearing these voices,white marble mosaic, he immediately knew that Qingyi and Qinghan had come over, and there was some warmth in his heart, but he didn't expect that Xia Youshan had privately upgraded his brother to Xiaoma. forustone.com

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