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The Soft Rice King of Quick Wear Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:34   Independent & Freelance   Calden   245 views Reference: 162
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Wang turned around and ordered the two servants. "You go to the outer courtyard immediately and find the housekeeper Luo. Let him send someone to surround the front and back of Houfu Lane. Not a fly is allowed to run away!" The people in the mansion all settled down in the alley behind the Fuyang Mansion. It was not yet dawn. As long as the front and back alleys were blocked, it was really a posture of catching turtles in Weng Zhong, with no place to escape! Ma Liu immediately screamed, "Madam, my wife and daughter, they don't know anything!" Next to the people watching, the face can not help but show the color of regret. Ma Liu's wife and daughter are still known to everyone, Ma Liu this person is some mixed, but they are honest to pay, usually Ma Liu's wages are spent on their own, sometimes they will spend the money earned by his wife and daughter selling needles and threads. It was really not good, but he was involved in the bad luck! Want to know the north of the world of ice and snow place, the central plains people unless it is really can't live, will bite the bullet to rush on the past, and the north of the miners is the most dangerous and most bitter work, miners still have free body, earn enough silver can go back home, mine slave is a lifetime even bones will rot there! Wang was cold and unmoved. Had it not been for the niece's early plan tonight, she would have been given a hand by Ma Liu, and the loss of money would have been small. If the reputation of the mother and daughter had been damaged, and there had been any bad words, who would have planned for them? "Now that you know the pros and cons, you can tell the truth as soon as possible, which will leave a way out for your family." Ma Laoliu was afraid, but his mouth was still hard. "Madam Mingjian,plastic bulk containers, I really just want to try my luck and get some money to spend!" Even if you want to steal silver, then who is your partner? Why don't you explain it quickly? "Same, partner, er, that's, that's." I met an idle man playing cards outside, called, called. He rolled his eyes, apparently making up and learning now. Wang Shi raised his sword, his eyebrows and eyes were fierce,drum spill containment, and he went straight down! Ma Laoliu screamed in fright! All the onlookers could not help but close their eyes, and Zheng made a sound to stop them, "Sister-in-law can't!" Although this Ma Laoliu with a knife into the official household, according to the law is also a capital crime, but sister-in-law really so in full view of the people to cut down, that can be greatly inappropriate! Even if the government side to fine silver, but spread out, but also let Song Hui how to marry? Mother-in-law has killed people, which son-in-law is also afraid to listen to ah! Wang's sword fell, but cut off half of Ma Laoliu's hair, because her head was not good, her hair still had a piece of oily skin, Ma Laoliu only felt chilly on the top of his head, only when his life was gone, the screams in his mouth never stopped. Wang threw the sword to the servant woman beside him. "Take it and wash it well, and then return it to the third little lady." Turning around and pointing to Ma Laoliu, "since he refused to say, plastic pallet bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, then go to Shuntianfu prison to say it!"! Put a gag on him! Tonight, the man who escaped was splashed with the bright purple potion, which, according to his niece, could not be washed off by himself. With such a dazzling mark, he was afraid that he could not catch anyone? If this partner also has something to do with Ma butler. Then, even if the mother-in-law Luo Shi wants to protect the Ma housekeeper, she can not agree! The servants gagged Ma Laoliu again, and there was a strange tranquility in the Chunhua courtyard. Zheng took a step forward, "sister-in-law." There was a faint excitement and fear in her heart. If we can catch the accomplice, will we get to the bottom of what happened in those years? "The eldest daughter-in-law, the third daughter-in-law!" Roche's excited and panting voice came from the gate of the courtyard. Zheng Wang is busy with his men to meet the past. Sure enough, he saw that Luo's hair was loosely coiled, his body was covered with a robe, and there was no decoration at all, so it could be seen that he had hurried over when he got the news. Luo Shi saw Ma Laoliu's true appearance, thin as a blade of mouth tight, "according to the roster of all the people in the house, the old woman would like to see, how many evil thieves are lurking in this house?" In the courtyards of all aristocratic families, there must be people who are greedy for ink and fake, cocks crowing and dogs stealing. As long as it is the kind of comprehensive search and inspection, there is almost no trouble. What's more, the composition of the Song family is very complex. Old Fuyang Gong, bought by Gu Shi when he was in charge of the family, sent by the government when he was conferred the title, married by Luo Shi and his three daughters-in-law, the confidant of the second Fuyang Gong, and served by the three sons of Fuyang Gong. Old Fuyang Gong left behind, is also divided into two factions, one faction station eldest son stayed in the government, the other faction with Song Lang Gu Shi moved away, Gu Shi bought part of the capable people also followed, those left behind, Luo Shi will not trust them, basically find an excuse to sell or release. Those sent by the government at the time of the knighthood were basically not placed on important functions, and after the event, Luo Shi sent a batch back. Luo's companion, Luo Yi, took over from Ma as the housekeeper of the outer courtyard, and the housekeeper of the inner courtyard was the confidant of Mrs. Wang. The daughter-in-law and grandson of the second wife died early, leaving only a granddaughter, Song Shu. Except for a few people who followed Song Shu, the rest of the people trapped in the second wife were also released. As for Sanfang Zheng Shi and Song Fu, it is because they have been away for many years, although the staff of Sanfang are still retained, but in addition to a few guards of Qiushiyuan, they all live in the alley behind the house, not in the house. This time, there was a big search and inspection overnight, and as expected, it was a big gain. A drunken gatekeeper, who, when the procession arrived, was lying on the stone steps by the door, sleeping on her back,plastic trash bins, reeking of alcohol, with flasks and food boxes thrown on the ground beside her. It was through this little gate that the two thieves entered from the outer court into the inner court! The result of the search of the alleys behind the mansion was that a man with half of his face dyed purple was found in the woodshed of a family. This man is not a servant in the house, but a common man. But it also has something to do with Ma butler. cnplasticpallet.com

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