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The road of online games is invisible. Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:16   Tourism & Restaurants   Farmsen-Berne   237 views Reference: 203
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The boy turned Tiandun's cassock into a red awn and blessed it on his wings. The speed of his flight was really very fast. He even threw away Jin Shentong, an anxious and all-out pursuer, and went to Yuntai Peak first. He even went all the way up to the cliff where Baiyun Ruins and Yuntai Peak were connected, in an attempt to tear open the magic amulet. According to the words of the nameless old monk, he alarmed Baiyun Crane Saint with the breath of Wanli Yunhe Card. If the water did not arrive at the cliff ahead of time by chance, and ambush down, this boy may really succeed, see the top BOSS in Baiyun Crane Saint Avenue, and take this opportunity to worship Baiyun Crane Saint, become the lucky one among tens of millions of players on the Avenue and even the best. But when he came to the cliff full of joy, stopped flying away, changed into an adult state and stopped on the rocks of the cliff of Yuntai Peak, and took out the Wanli Yunhe card wrapped tightly by the spirit amulet from his bosom, ready to open the spirit amulet and summon the Baiyun Crane Saint, two sword lights suddenly flying out of the void suddenly broke the dream of frost and ice. One of the two sword lights was as bright as autumn water, surrounded by nine thunder dragons of various colors, and the other was shaped like a rosefinch, with three-color flames flying all over the body, each showing great power, one left and one right. The frost cold three feet ice has been on guard against the enemy only by him far behind the Jin Shentong, but where would have thought that all have reached the Yuntai Peak cliff, unexpectedly there will be such an ambush against him,touch screen kiosk, but also so ruthless, the two sword light, any one is only 60 frost cold three feet ice is unable to resist, once eat it. Bi Ding was decapitated. However, although the frost cold three feet of ice had no resistance, at this critical moment, the Buddhist treasure of Tiandun cassock showed its power and saved the frost cold three feet of ice once. Originally, the precious cassock fell off from the wings of the white jade heron after the frost turned into a human shape,digital whiteboard price, and was restored to the appearance of a shabby cassock, floating in midair. Frost Cold Three Feet Ice also knew that the number of times Tiandun's cassock had been used was full, and that the treasure 19 was going to be taken back by the nameless old monk, so he didn't care about it at all, but went to open the Wanli Yunhe card by himself. However, when Ruoshui suddenly launched an attack, Shenxiao Taizhen and Ziyan Xingtian crossed their swords and prepared to cut the frost cold three feet of ice under the sword, Tiandun's cassock did not abandon the unscrupulous bird spirit and ignore it. With a slight shake, it stirred up layers of red Buddha light, like a savior falling from the sky in the frightened eyes of the frost cold three feet of ice. Like a wall, Ruoshui's two Acura flying swords were all blocked down. After Ruoshui, who urged the flying sword to chop people, hit the Buddha's light, he immediately felt that the anti-shock power of the two swords was so vast that it seemed to be endless, worse than the feeling of chopping the earth and the ocean. Finally, facial recognization camera ,temperature scanning kiosks, the force did not seem to hurt itself, so although the force of the shock was great, it was fleeting and did not invade Ruoshui's body, otherwise, I'm afraid Ruoshui has suffered a lot of internal injuries now. Tut-tut, what a strong Buddhist magic power. I'm afraid the master of this cassock is not really a Buddha, is he? Ruoshui has a wide range of knowledge and knows that there is nothing special about the cassock itself. The reason why it is so magical and even shows the power of the nine-step magic weapon is that the owner of the cassock himself is so highly cultivated that he actually uses the cassock as a guide to perform remote control magic without knowing tens of thousands of miles away, which is transmitted to this cassock. Thousands of miles apart, remote control can still have such power. There are definitely no more than ten Buddhist bald heads with such cultivation in the Great Road. Even many famous so-called holy monks, abbots and Zen masters of famous mountains and ancient temples, can not reach such a state of Buddhist cultivation. It can be seen that the power of the master of this day's cassock is really not blown out. But this monk is fierce, frost cold three feet ice this bad boy Ruoshui still want to kill, see the double sword castration is blocked, the unscrupulous bird spirit's eyes become proud again, Ruoshui heart cold smile, simply do not care about the two flying swords still entangled with the Buddha light, directly a small Xuanwei move into the side of frost cold three feet ice like lightning, a mouth. Yujin under the tongue in the middle of the row of Shuo star sword immediately turned into countless stars, gathered into a bright star river, directly pierced the frost cold three feet of ice in the chest, its heart thoroughly stirred into a pile of meat foam. The bird spirit's eyes were still full of pride, but before the look of fear appeared, he was already in a daze, and his life was empty. Although he was unwilling, he still had to close his eyes and rush to the underworld to find the impermanence of cattle and horses. They had gone to talk about the old days, and all the hard work and calculations before had gone down the drain. It's just that I can't blame Ruoshui for being cruel. As the saying goes, if you plant a good cause, you will get a good result, and if you plant an evil cause, you will get an evil result. This unscrupulous bird spirit has done a lot of things to benefit himself at the expense of others. Like today, when he was about to climb to the peak of success, Ruoshui stepped on him mercilessly, but he had only himself to blame. Even the nameless old monk's heavenly cassock could not save him. The Buddha's light emitted by Tiandun's cassock also stopped attacking immediately after the frost and three feet of ice died, and retreated to the top of the cassock. Ruoshui just didn't want to oppose the old monk behind Tiandun's cassock, so he stopped as soon as he got better. At that moment, he also took back the Shenxiao Taizhen Sword and Ziyan Xingtian Sword, and stopped. The well water did not interfere with the river water, and they lived in peace. As a monster player, the transformation method after death is naturally invalid, so after the frost and cold three feet of ice hang, a white jade heron's demon body immediately appeared in situ, "splash" fell to the ground, burst out of things on the ground. Probably because of too many bad things, this boy was done by Ruoshui unexpectedly also came to a big explosion, at least four or five things burst out, but most of them are bits and pieces of things, 60 players as a treasure, Ruoshui this 140 players seem to be more garbage than garbage,smart whiteboard price, only that caught in the hands of frost and cold three feet of ice. The Wanli Yunhe card, which inevitably falls out after death, has just aroused some interest in Ruoshui. hsdtouch.com

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The impostor brother of wear quickly is _ fubook. CC.