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The road faces the flood and famine Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:22   Financial Services   Saarlouis   172 views Reference: 451
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Sure enough, after the Hongjun Taoist called out his three corpse gods, he immediately collected the four immortal swords of Luo Jian and directly suppressed them in the twelve grades of golden lotus. Luo Jian was so angry that he trembled and looked at Hongjun with resentment. But Luo Jian knew that he really had no way to get the four immortal swords back. Luo Jian immediately became ruthless. Full of unwilling to look at this Hongjun. Unexpectedly, he was planted in the hands of the Hongjun Taoist Priest. Luo Kui was unwilling to look at Hongjun, and his eyes were full of madness. Now the array of the immortal sword array is still connected to the spiritual vein in the western part of the prehistoric world, and Luo immediately began to secretly urge his own mark of the primordial God in the array. PS: Dear readers, Liuhuo is here to thank you for your support. The new month is coming. I hope that readers can support Liuhuo's recommendation tickets and collections. Liuhuo is here to thank you. Now the collection of Liuhuo is very fierce, and I hope you dear readers can collect more. Chapter 49 Qingchen Chapter 49 Qingchen Qingchen Taoist had already felt it when he urged himself to hide the mark of the primordial spirit in the deep array of the earth, and suddenly Qingchen Taoist's smiling face became gloomy, and his face was so black that it seemed to be dripping ink, which made Lingming and Sanqing, who were standing beside him, dare not laugh at once. Although they do not understand what in the end can make this always indifferent Qingchen Taoist angry like this,digital whiteboard price, but they also understand at this time can not provoke Qingchen Taoist. Lingming looked at his master's angry appearance. He looked at Qingchen Taoist carefully and asked, "Master, I don't know what made you so angry. Tell the disciple and wait for him to vent his anger on you." Qingchen Taoist's anger, which was about to explode, dissipated a little when he heard Lingming's words of concern. He smiled and touched Lingming's head,temperature scanning kiosks, and immediately saw that Lingming's little white face seemed to be covered with good Rouge. Qingchen Taoist also regardless of this clever shy, but nervously staring at this Luo Kui, now this Luo Kui's action is obviously has touched the bottom line of Qingchen Taoist, Qingcheng Taoist has not been prepared to let this Luo Gui continue, although Luo Kui can not break the protection of Qingcheng Taoist layout on the dragon vein. But Qingchen Taoist understood that if this Luo continued, even if it could not hurt the dragon vein in the western part of the prehistoric world, it would certainly have a certain impact. However, for the sake of the development of the human race in the future, the Qingchen Taoist has divided the Hongmeng Ziqi in a dragon vein in the western part of the prehistoric world into eight parts. Such a scene of three emperors and five emperors governing the world in later generations will still appear. This is also a compromise made by the Qingchen Taoist in order not to change the general trend of heaven in the prehistoric world. The Taoist Qingchen snorted angrily and instantly appeared in the middle of the Hongjun Taoist and Luo Kui. Now the Hongjun Taoist has completed his testimony. As long as the amount of the prehistoric world has passed, temperature check kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, the Hongjun Taoist can become a saint. The Taoist Qingchen appeared precisely because he knew that the Taoist Hongjun had completed his task. At this time, the appearance of Qingchen Taoist has no effect on Hongjun Taoist. Luo Kui saw himself and Hongjun Taoist saw a strange Taoist appeared silently, but also saw the Taoist and the Hongjun also said hello, immediately was a surprise, the action in his hands was a stop, Luo Kui looked at the sudden appearance of Qingchen Taoist, I don't know if the Qingchen Taoist would be bad for him. Although now this Luo already knew that he had lost the hope of preaching this time, but Luo's heart did not want to fall like this. Qingchen Taoist saw that Luo's movements stopped slightly, and he knew that the time for him to make a move had come. It wasn't Qingchen Taoist that the sage didn't want to make a move directly, but this Luo was also the existence of the peak of the quasi-saint. Even if Qingcheng Taoist made a move faster, he wouldn't have the speed of Luo's mind. This time, he was shocked to see Luo appear. It immediately gave Qingchen Taoist a wonderful opportunity. Qingchen Taoist in Luo Kui froze the moment he made a move, only to see a silvery white magic sent out mysterious fluctuations, in a flash has disappeared into the body of Luo Kui, Luo Kui immediately felt a panic, because he in the Qingchen Taoist's magic into the body of the moment, has felt his body has been out of his control, which makes this Luo Gui how not surprised, You know, Luo is already the existence of the peak of this quasi-holy realm, and the person who can control him in one move must be already a holy realm. Qingchen Taoist looked at the panic in Luo's eyes and knew that Luo was worried about his life. Qingchen Taoist understood that although Luo's eyes were crazy just now, he wanted to detonate the spiritual vein in the western part of the prehistoric world with the array of the immortal sword array, but Qingchen Taoists knew that even if all the spiritual veins in the western part of the prehistoric world were detonated, Luo and Hongjun would not die. And the reason why Luo did this was just to create a chance for him to kill the Hongjun Taoist. Luo Kui in his own by the Qingchen Taoist fixed time already know that now he has lost the chance of this, suddenly Luo Kui heart is a burst of unwilling, to know that just Luo Kui almost has touched the realm of the sage, if not for this later appeared what Qingchen Taoist, Luo Gui he may have killed the Hongjun Taoist, Luo Kuo when the more I think the more resentment in my heart, Hate the unfairness of the prehistoric world,digital signage screen, hate the unprovoked intervention of the Qingchen Taoist, hate everything in the prehistoric world, and wish to destroy the prehistorical world. hsdtouch.com

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The road faces the flood and famine