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The plane of Shao Tang Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:26   Financial Services   Saarbrücken   93 views Reference: 459
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In the first arrow attack, Si Nan was hit by an arrow under his ribs. But Si Nan not only did not retreat, but rather a strong fight. At the time of the accident, Si Nan was not far from Shao Tang's car, so Shao Tang witnessed the whole process. This is the first time that Shao Tang realized how high the force value of this thin caravan master was! What shocked her more than this was the ferocity of the hungry wolf that Si Nan had shown! The arrow itself was not fatal, but in the fight, a despicable masked man attacked Si Nan and took advantage of his flaw to catch the arrow and pull it out! Si Nan killed the man with a knife, but a huge irregular wound was pulled out under his ribs! The blood won't stop no matter what! Watching Si Nan's face getting paler and paler, the doctor's hands with the team began to tremble. Holding Si Nan's hand, Si Rong's lips trembled and he said incoherently, "Dad.." Dad. No The people around him knelt down. Your Majesty! Some people have begun to choke. Si Nan is not reconciled! His daughter has not yet grown up, and he has not yet fulfilled the Queen's instructions! He I'm so unwilling. Suddenly, a discordant voice sounded. I I have medicine. Everyone looked at it in astonishment, but saw that Mrs. Shao turned around and got into her car and put down the curtain! Medicine is useless, such a wound can not be cured by the power of medicine stone! This is what everyone knows in their hearts. But Si Rong, Si Rong still gave birth to a glimmer of hope! She shouted, "Shao Tang!" Shao Niangzi got into the carriage, but in two or three breaths, she lifted the curtain and came out. She was holding a box in her arms. Her footsteps were staggering and her face was flushed. She seemed to be struggling to run over with great strength. She struggled and said,ultrasonic cutting machine, "Spray the liquid medicine first, and then paste the colloid!" Almost as soon as the voice fell, he fell down. Thanks to the quick eyes of the guards next to him, someone caught the medicine box and someone held Lady Shao. Doctor, this. The guard with the medicine box looked at the doctor. The doctor looked at Si Rong. Everyone looked at Si Rong. Si Rong gritted his teeth: "Medication!" Actually, without drugs, Sinan is dead. The Imperial Physician knew it in his heart. So I have no scruples. Opening the box,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there is a bottle of liquid medicine, a few things like meat jelly, which is about the so-called "colloid". The doctor quickly took out the medicine bottle and studied it. He tried to press it, and the medicine spurted out of the bottle hole. The doctor sprayed a few times at Si Nan's wound. This is a dead horse as a living horse, but as a result, Everyone was shocked to see that the wound, which had just been bleeding profusely, had stopped bleeding almost instantly! They couldn't believe their eyes! But Si Rong was the first to calm down: "Colloid!" As if waking up from a dream, the Imperial Physician answered in fear, took out the cuboid strip like the jelly of the flesh, thought about it, and pasted it directly on the wound. As soon as it touched the wound, it seemed to stick to it, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic molten metal, and began to melt and be absorbed at a speed visible to the naked eye. After a wick of incense, Si Nan helped Si Rong stand up. He's lost a lot of blood. He's still weak. However, at this time, he is a "living" person. He took one look at the naked rib, but even the scar had disappeared. His expression was complicated. The first thing he asked was, "How is Lady Shao?" "The fever won't go away," said Mother Si. Si Rongben supported Si Nan. Hearing this, he asked the steward Qin to take over Si Nan's arm. "Dad, I'm going to see Sister Shao." Si Nan nodded, and Si Rong went. Si Nan took one look at the Imperial Physician, who immediately knowingly handed over the medicine box-less than one third of the liquid medicine was used, and only one of the four pieces of colloid was used, which was a life-saving magic medicine-Qin steward took it over and held it carefully in his arms. "Those who reveal this will be punished by the clan," said Si Nan. "Promise!" They all said in awe. Si Rong got into his car. Her car is the most comfortable and spacious, and she can lie down. So Shao Tang was placed here directly. Si Rong touched Shao Tang's forehead, which was so hot that it was frightening. Si Rong called a few times, but Shao Tang did not respond at all. Worried and tired, Si Rong felt an indescribable fatigue and a dull pain in his lower abdomen. Si's mother came in with a basin of stream water. Seeing that Si Rong looked wrong, she reached out her hand and had a low fever. "Have a rest," he said. "I'll go and call the Imperial Physician." Si Rong looked at Shao Tang, twisted a towel in the stream, and gently wiped Shao Tang. Shao Tang saved Si Nan's life, and her heart was full of gratitude to Shao Tang. Who knows a towel goes down, Shao Tang. One of Shao Tang's eyebrows disappeared. It was not missing, but a thick broom eyebrow, which had been spreading downward, had turned into a thin and curved willow eyebrow. Si Rong was stupefied for a long time, decisively threw a towel, and carefully wiped Shao Tang's face. Si mother led the doctor to come over, opened the car curtain, and saw Si Rong looking at Shao Tang in a daze. She followed Si Rong's eyes and exclaimed, "She..." …… Shao Tang said "I have medicine" to get into his car, in the eyes of others is a short moment. In fact, in this short period of time, Shao Tang and a Pu had a quick communication in the layer of consciousness. Shao Tang, are you sure you want to do this? Exposing that you have a drug far beyond this level may bring unpredictable trouble and danger to yourself. [I understand. But I have to!] [Why? Shao Tang. I don't think a few days together will give you a deep feeling for them. Shao Tang was silent for a moment. Why is that? Just because the dying Si Nan looked at Si Rong's eyes, full of unwillingness, sadness, worry, reluctance. Just like.. …… Like the way my father looked at me before he died. It's just. Exactly the same..] [So, is it just because of empathy?] [Let's say. In short, I can't watch Si Rong lose his father! Have you really thought about it? [A Pu!] [Well..] Pu seems to be sighing. [Shao Tang,ultrasonic dispersing machine, move quickly.] Shao Tang did not react to the meaning of "moving quickly" for a moment. She flashed into space and quickly operated: advanced 20 cubic meters of mutant waste energy spar, and then used the 20,000 trading points to buy a high-tech plane of quick-acting trauma medicine-the latter is said to be able to save as long as it does not die on the spot. fycgsonic.com

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The plane of Shao Tang