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The official road is boundless by Regan Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:29   Engineering   Salzgitter   137 views Reference: 316
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Lu Weimin's idea of setting up a city financing platform company, that is, Fengzhou City Investment and Development Company, is not just now. In fact, he came to Fengzhou to take office. He put forward at the meeting of the Prefectural Committee that Fengzhou's urban construction was seriously lagging behind, which not only greatly affected the image of Fengzhou city, but also greatly restricted the economic development of Fengzhou city. Especially after the withdrawal of Fengzhou to build a city, this defect will become more and more obvious, so it is urgent to speed up the pace of urban construction, and for a financially weak region, it is unrealistic to rely on direct financial input to speed up urban construction, so the only way out is to take the urban financing platform to roll development. But even the development of urban financing platform companies is actually based on two factors, one is financial guarantee, the other is the value-added rate of urban land. The first is the key to start, and the second is the source of self-rolling development of urban financing platform. Without these two factors, urban financing platform companies are passive water and rootless wood, and can not develop at all. Zhang Tianhao has always been worried about Lu Weimin's idea. Although the development of urban financing platforms like Songzhou is relatively smooth, Zhang Tianhao believes that Songzhou and Fengzhou are different and should not be completely imitated. Songzhou's urban economy itself is relatively developed, and its urban population is ten times that of Fengzhou. In addition, the rapid economic development of the secondary and tertiary industries in the past two years has also provided a very favorable condition for the development of Songzhou,plastic pallet supplier, but Fengzhou is different. Fengzhou is traditionally not a city, but a county, the establishment of regional history is very short, if there is no North Machinery Factory and Changfeng Machinery Factory, Fengzhou does not have the conditions of a city than Futou, even after Changfeng Machinery Factory and North Machinery Factory settled in Fengzhou, Fengzhou's urban development is still very slow. It can be said that at first,collapsible pallet box, Fengzhou placed its hopes on Changfeng Machinery Factory and North Machinery Factory, but it did not really achieve its goal. Now the area east of Fengjiang River and north of Dongfeng River is regarded as Fengzhou New District, but the development is still unsatisfactory. Except for the relocation of two major factories and the main administrative organs of the region, several trunk roads and some unit dormitories have been built, the changes are not great compared with six or seven years ago. To be precise, Fengzhou's urban construction is still at a relatively low level, and those in power do not have a clear idea about how to plan and construct Fengzhou's urban economic development. It is for this reason that Lu Weimin proposed to start Fengzhou's urban construction in an all-round way and take advantage of the opportunity of land withdrawal and city construction to compose a new chapter of Fengzhou's urban economic development. Of course, the most important part here is to use the urban financing platform company to act as the main force of public infrastructure construction. Secretary Zhang, Fengzhou District, Fulong and Shuangmiao are poor and blank, facing tremendous pressure of development. For the people, this is beneficial to Fengzhou in the long run. But in the near future, it will bring greater pressure to Fengzhou. Fengcheng is better. The two districts should develop. How to develop? The primary problem is infrastructure construction. In terms of the current conditions of Fulong and Shuangmiao districts, they do not have this ability at all, wholesale plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, so they have to rely on the region, that is, the city in the future. The investment in infrastructure construction in the city in the next few years will be quite huge. There is no other way out except through the financing platform. Zhang Tianhao hesitated for a while, "This is a problem, it seems that the people are also under pressure, can not sit still, this issue can be considered first, but.." Qi Zhange nodded, "One divided into three for the people pressure is also great, I think there are some reasons for the people's opinion, Fengzhou withdraw to build a city, after Fengzhou is a prefecture-level city, as a prefecture-level city, its core position is to be reflected by the three elements of political, economic and cultural center, and the specific embodiment is the comprehensive construction of the city." But now the situation in industrial area, so a lot of energy was devoted to the economic development of Futou, Guqing and Dayuan counties. In fact, the development of these counties has indeed earned a political achievement for Sun Zhen, otherwise,wholesale plastic pallet, with the total economic output of Fengzhou area ranking tenth in the province, why did Sun Zhen rise to vice governor, even in a remote and poor province. cnplasticpallet.com

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The official road is boundless by Regan