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The obligation to recommend [fantasy] elders Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:39   Independent & Freelance   Calw   222 views Reference: 172
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"You have to feel carefully, the fire ability is very helpful to the alchemist, you can observe the state of the material, while changing the temperature and even shape of the fire, where the lack of where to strengthen, do not worry, slowly feel the different changes brought by different temperatures to this material, remember these, it will become a habit.." Uncle's quiet voice rang in the ear of the palace shop. The palace shop followed his voice and watched the changes in the fire carefully. I don't know whether he was too serious or not. He suddenly had an impulse to "lift" the melted metal slurry. He thought so. Then, the molten metal actually rose slowly in the furnace. It changed into various shapes in the air according to the idea of the palace shop. At first, the palace shop was a little out of control. Later, he gradually found the trick. The molten metal was flexible as if it was alive. It danced in the fire and danced into various shapes that the palace shop wanted. Very well done. Your fire melted it. It's now under your control. You can shape it directly in the air. That's where the natural advantage of fire is in refining. Come on, try it. Slowly roll the molten slurry into a cylindrical shape. Imagine how the pipe is made. Yes, very well done. Then maintain it, so that the wall of the pipe is thin and thick. Like the one I just made, there can't be any uneven thickness. Good, good, you've got the knack. Now, stabilize it and take it out of the oven. Quick! Uncle said, the palace shop suddenly withdrew the red pipe-shaped metal molten slurry from the furnace. Uncle stretched out his arm to carry cold water and sprinkled it on the pipe, only to hear a "bang" sound. The molten slurry,stesweet stevia, which had turned into a metal pipe, was no longer under the control of the palace shop. It fell from the air and made a clear sound when it landed. When the temperature dropped, the uncle picked up the pipe and looked at it carefully: "There is a little unevenness here, but other places are very good, and there are very few impurities. Because of this, although it is not symmetrical enough, it is still very good at bearing pressure. It is a pipe that can score 80 points." The uncle gave the palace shop a separate way. Looking at the uncle in a daze, Gong Wu scratched his head. Just as he was about to say something,lycopene for skin, the uncle threw another piece of metal raw material into the furnace: "Go on. Don't say anything. Remember the feeling just now. Continue to do it." Nodded, so the palace shop continued to do the pipeline. In the following time, two people no longer go out, concentrate on stuffy in the refining room, do the pipeline, this is a full nine days! In nine days, the palace shop made rapid progress and mastered the casting method of the pipeline. At first, the uncle was still guiding from the side. Later, the uncle went directly to another room. The uncle and nephew had a room and smelted separately. Finally, they succeeded in making a pipeline for the whole town to use! Some are thick, some are thin, some are straight, and some are indirect. When people are excited to assemble these pipes and try to get through the water successfully, others are cheering. Uncle is standing beside the palace shop and whispering to him: "Now, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,ghana seed extract, you can try to connect the many assembled pipes underground, melt the original joints, and connect them together completely." It's hard, it's far away and it's complicated, but I think you can do it, and only you can do it. Uncle said, a pair of black eyes looking at the palace shop. His mouth opened slightly and looked back at his uncle. Gong Wu nodded slowly. He glanced at the stream and suddenly took the stream's right hand. Then, closing his eyes, he began to feel the many pipes underground. Although all the pipes were not made by him alone, they were all smelted by his kindling. His kindling was smelted in the metal of these pipes, and had not yet been extinguished, so he still felt the existence of these pipes. Then he found every joint of these pipes and grasped the right hand of the stream. A steady stream of power began to reach him from the other side of the stream. A cluster of flames rushed into the ground from his feet. The cluster of flames was very small. At first glance, it looked like a cluster of sparks, but if you enlarged it carefully, you would find that it was a fire fish! Much more beautiful than the big head, I saw it smart from the soil to the pipeline, the fire fish passed by, all the pipeline interfaces instantly merged into one, it swam quickly, all the interfaces between the pipelines behind disappeared, until all the pipelines were integrated, there was no seam between them! Other people could not see the pipe which was quickly penetrated by the fire fish, but it was shining in the eyes of the palace and the stream, with a faint layer of fire, and the complete shape was very complex, just winding around, like an underground maze made of flames. Wow-it's a bit spectacular. The stream gave a compliment. "Congratulations, Ah Wu, you have just finished your first piece of work," said the uncle next to you. "Huh?" Gong Wu still did not come to his senses in the tension just now, and when he heard his uncle's words, he looked at him in a daze. The man with long black hair smiled, "How does it feel to have a seamless underground hot spring plumbing system as your debut?" Only then did Gong Wu understand what he meant, thinking about what he had just done, and thinking about his uncle's words, his mouth opened slightly. Now, according to the rules of craftsmen, you can try to name your work. What do you want to name your first work? Looked at the uncle, the palace shop seriously thought: "Zhu Rong?" He just said so casually, after all, he is a name waste, really not good at naming and so on. Uncle nodded: "Zhu Rong?"? It's a very good name, and it suits you. "Then it is Zhu Rong." Uncle said, and said to the palace shop: "You can leave this name in a certain section of the pipeline. Generally, we are used to leaving its name on each of our works. Each work can have a different name, or each work can have a name, but the number is different. For example,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, all the things I made are called Dingzhou, Dingzhou 002, Dingzhou 003 and so on." prius-biotech.com

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