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The moment of rebirth Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:43   Financial Services   Bad Salzuflen   140 views Reference: 386
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Under the leadership of Zijian, everyone, adhering to the principle of safety, took a detour when they saw the collapsed place and did not forcibly board it. All the way forward, the Great Wall is still broken, still mostly built on the steep slopes of the mountains. In this way, the Great Wall is winding and changing with the mountains, and the battlements are like piano keys playing in a staggered way, performing silent melodies on the mountains. Although some places have been weathered, the base of the wall is buried by shrubs and weeds, as if submerged in the dust and smoke of history. But whether looking back or looking into the distance, the Great Wall is endless until it disappears at the end of the sky. People who climbed the mountain had several breaks on the way, and often took pictures along the way and took a nap from time to time. Therefore, although climbing the Great Wall is steep enough, but the combination of work and rest, physical strength can still bear. In the morning, the sky is clear, and after noon,stainless steel tile edge trim, there are white cotton-like clouds in the southern sky, one after another, passing over people's heads and drifting to the north. They cast huge shadows of clouds, and on the undulating mountains, the contrast of light and shade is clear, like a picture rich in change. Several color friends are holding long guns and short cannons, busy,tile trim manufacturers, mouth also said: "Today will be a good film." Everyone arrived in Beijing in the afternoon. Here, the Great Wall from three directions is connected together, like a fairy ribbon tied in a knot here, hence the name. This is the end of today's journey. Let's take a short rest here and continue to take photos, and make the last viewing of the Great Wall far and near. The 301 brothers all lamented that they had gained a lot along the way and really saw the soul of the Great Wall. The ancient Great Wall without decoration and carving is the real Great Wall. Zhang Zijian said that he climbed Jiankou more than ten times, but still enjoyed it, because every time he passed through these undulating mountains and the Great Wall, he would have different feelings. We all feel the same way, because today's Great Wall is different from the one we climbed yesterday. People have also agreed to return to Jiankou at other times in the future, and then come to appreciate more different charms of the Great Wall. While moving freely and taking photos separately, Fanghua and Jiahui stood on the edge of a dilapidated city wall, enjoying the scenery and chatting. Fanghua asked Jiahui how he felt about this section of Jiankou Great Wall. Recalling what he saw along the way, tile trim factory ,aluminum tile edge trim, Jiahui said slowly and carefully: "I seem to see a giant. Even though his body has fallen to the ground and his flesh and blood have melted into ashes, his backbone is with the mountains and rivers. It has become an iron bone that has been constantly beaten by the wind and frost for thousands of years and cut by the golden iron horse for thousands of years." I feel the same way. The Yangtze River and the Great Wall are regarded as symbols of the Chinese nation. Now I really understand that it is because they all have the same characteristics, that is, endless and endless. Fanghua paused for a moment, then sighed and said, "I used to complain about the sufferings of our Chinese nation, and I used to swear to live a life without regret.". But now I understand that a nation without suffering can not become a great nation, and a life without regret can not be called a life. However, regret and suffering is nothing to be afraid of, the soldiers will block the water to cover it. A person may be powerless in the face of disaster, but a nation is not like this. The Great Wall is not a city brick, but thousands of city bricks. Even though some of the city bricks have weathered and disappeared, the Great Wall he made will last forever. Fanghua has mixed feelings in her heart, but what she says in her mouth is a little illogical. Jiahui gazed at her silently and listened quietly. But Fanghua stopped talking again. She thought of a lot of things and felt that she was really naive at the beginning. Can telling Jiang Bo about the future really prevent disasters from happening again? Obviously not, not to mention natural disasters in nature, even man-made disasters, can not be prevented by a few people. Besides, even if early warning can reduce losses in the past few years, what if there is no early warning after a few years? In fact, the most remarkable thing about China is that it has experienced great disasters one after another, but in the end it is always Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth. She has never relied on prophetic warning as a means of cheating to escape disaster. She relies on the people at the lowest level. In recent years, the representatives of the people at the bottom are the people's army. The army is the steel backbone of our nation. I also can't rely on myself, nor can I rely on the temporary cheating device of rebirth, and get along well. In the great test of life, the reborn will not always take advantage. In addition, there are always regrets in life, the pain of "loss" is inevitable, but there is always happiness of "gain". The human heart is gradually maturing in the torment of these pains and happiness. Fanghua thought through these and seemed to put down some invisible burdens in her heart. Her mood was a little better, and she was going to pull Jiahui to join the army. Approaching, she found that Comrade Haikuo, who had just been playing photography for two days, had put on a seemingly professional posture and invited Bai Yun to be his model to take pictures of people. And then look at Bai Yun classmate, there is no attitude, two people with tacit understanding. Fanghua looked at Elder Martial Brother yuan, who was talking and laughing with his brothers a little farther away. It seemed that he didn't pay special attention to Bai Yun at all. Fanghua couldn't help touching her chin: "Really?"? If you have the intention to plant flowers, the flowers will not grow; if you have no intention to plant willows, the willows will become shade? Fortunately, I haven't done anything yet. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a mess for Master Joe? But Fanghua, who was unwilling to fail, pointed to the two men and asked Jiahui,stainless steel edge trim, "Do you see that there seems to be a magnetic field between the two men?" Jiahui smiled. "Maybe." Fanghua tangled: "How so ah?"? I was going to introduce Elder Martial Brother yuan to Bai Yun. "Hai Kuo is also very good." "But he is too rich to be reliable." Jiahui shook his head. "Why do you say that?" "Men go bad when they have money." Jiahui looked at Fanghua's indignant appearance, both funny and helpless: "You killed a boatload of people again, and I just found out that you are prejudiced against Haikuo." jecatrims.com

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The moment of rebirth