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The modern rebirth of the heroine -- the rebirth of the wind and cloud Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:46   Independent & Freelance   Saarlouis   476 views Reference: 61
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For the public, it is lucky to have a genius like Lin Kaifei, but for the genius of Lin Kaifei's time, it is unfortunate, because the public always pays attention to the most dazzling star. Uncle Yun is very clever. The next day, he discussed with us to sell all the original songs for us. Maybe our singing skills are not very good, but the songs are very nice. This is the advantage. Very quickly, several of us were invited to the studio to record the album. Ning Jie and Wang Da were very excited. After all, this was their first album. Whether they could be famous or not depended on them. The next day, when I was totally unexpected, the TV station described the New Year's Eve party of No.7 Middle School in a very exaggerated tone. From the layout design of the party to the feelings of the audience, it gave a high appraisal, which made me very surprised. In the past, "Floxacin" can be so popular, but also our family behind the role of adding fuel to the flames, but this is only a small school theatrical performance ah! Later, I learned that many of the foreign aid who participated in the performance had their own familiar media friends, and naturally they would take this opportunity to report well and win a lot of fame for them. Now, it seems that Lin Kaifei, Lin Kaiyun, Lanci these names are very useful, as long as the reports related to these names, basically the degree of concern is relatively high! They're all celebrities! I smiled helplessly! A relaxing holiday This winter vacation is a very relaxed winter vacation. My brother is much more pitiful. Every day,Brushless Gear Motor, he and Lanci analyze the trend of stocks, analyze the current business situation, and then stare at the construction of business hotels in Beijing. I am the most relaxed. I took all the children in my family to travel all over China. I finally fulfilled my original promise to my mother and took them out to go shopping and travel. Lanqi and Guqing have all gone abroad to travel. My family and I think we should go all over China first and then go to other places! This trip is very happy, on the one hand, for the book signing of Tokyo, on the other hand, I took my younger brother and sister all over China. Every place I went, I was received by friends. Fang Yang,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Yu Xibin and Li Jian's friends are far more than me! And they are all children of powerful families in general places. Yu Xibin, a friend, is really a gold-lettered signboard. He is really good to me. Even Fang Yang is jealous. "Brother Yu doesn't care about me so much about you." Everywhere I went, I would call them to report that I was safe, and then Yu Xibin would contact his friends in the local area to lead us to play everywhere. His friends were all very good at playing. During this period, I really had a good time, and also took my younger brothers and sisters to gain a lot of knowledge. In Guangzhou, Fang Yang personally received and finally met Fang Yang's younger brother Fang Hong. No wonder Fang Yang praised him every day. He was really a handsome boy and treated people politely. He really made people like him. After listening to my words, Fang Yang looked at me with a half-smile, "Kaifei, my brother seems to be 16 years old this year, older than you!" "Huh?" I just remembered that although Fang Yang's younger brother was in the same grade as Yueer, he was in the first year of high school, but according to the normal school situation, he must be older than me, and his head slanted and pretended not to hear. Forget it if you don't hear it? Fang Hong, gear reduction motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, don't call her sister. She's proud of her. She's younger than you! "What?" It was funny to look at Fang Hong's surprised appearance. Call me Lin Kaifei. I'm not older than you, but I'm older than you. Your brother and I are in the same grade now! "I'll call you Kaifei, like my brother." "Whatever, er, Fang Yang, your brother is much simpler than you, not like you at all!" I looked at the simple baby Fang Hong strangely. My brother is a rare specialty for a family like ours! You don't even give a gift. You're a rich man now! "That is!"! Yes, Fang Hong, here you are. I handed Fang Hong the watch he had just bought, the gift he had prepared, and then turned to look at his younger brother and sister. "You all come here. Brother Yang wants to give you a gift!" As soon as the voice fell, a group of children gathered around. Lele and Zhenzhen met Fang Yang a few times. They were not too strange. They stretched out their hands to meet him. Yueer was spoiled by me and was not afraid of strangers. She also stretched out her hands without hesitation. Ling Ling, Xia and Hong were a little shy. Fang Yang has a bitter face, "I say Miss Lin, you pity us poor people, I.." Looking at Fang Yang's balsam pear face, Fang Hong burst out laughing, as if it was rare to see his elder brother eat shriveled. Fang Yang, which area do you think is better to build a business hotel in Guangzhou? "Huh?"? I said Kaifei, are you out to travel? "With a business trip!"! All right, don't be surprised, you are one of the shareholders, and you have to do something! "All right, young lady, I'm so suppressed by you that I have no time to go shopping with my girlfriend." "Fang Yang, your girlfriend changes once a month, but friends are different, friends are longer!" "All right, I didn't say anything. I'll take you to the scenic spot tomorrow, and then we'll go downtown.." "All right." Fang Yang, I heard you were entertaining your friends here? Yo, Honger is here too! Who are these people? A very stately-looking lady came in. Mom, these are my friends, the ones I told you about, Lin Kaifei, her younger brother and sister and cousin. "You are Lin Kaifei, ah, much smaller than on TV, let Fang Yang take you around more, free time to aunt's house to play ah!"! If Fang Yang is not good to you, you have to tell your aunt! Good gentle tone, good kind expression, completely a look at the daughter-in-law's expression. I nodded cleverly, "Thank you, aunt, Fang Yang took good care of me." "That's good, that's good, I." "Mom, why are you here? Your friends don't need you to greet them?" Fang Yang seemed to be afraid that his mother would say something again and interrupted in a hurry. Oh, yes,24v Gear Motor, you can eat slowly and put it on the aunt's account. Fang Yang, take good care of others. One step three back to exhort. I know, Mom. Bye! Fang Yang hurriedly sent his mother out of the door. ichgearmotor.com

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