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The Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--The Record of the Rebirth of Prince Huang Full-time Job

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At the age of sixteen, Xu Han also had long hair and wore skirts. He began to pay attention to his image. He was 164 centimeters tall. Xu Han thought happily that he would be taller than his brother when he went home this time. He was always mistaken for his sister. It was also one of the most depressing things for Xu Han. He went home happily and stood beside his brother. The difference was even farther. His 15-year-old brother was already a head taller than himself. At 174 centimeters, Xu Han's mouth pouted even higher. Listening to his brother's proud laughter, half of his face was black. In the second half of the year, Xu Han's house was finally higher than others. At the age of seventeen, Xu Han became a member of the management class. Long live! Hooray! Finally, I don't have to endorse, and I'm even happier that someone has finally confessed to me. Xu Han and Zhou discussed it, thinking that he did not have the capital to marry a rich man, and that he was still young and focused on his studies, so he refused. At the age of 18, Xu Han was admitted to the provincial Normal University, a first-class university second only to the eight famous universities in China. For this reason, Xu Han was very depressed. Xu Han also wanted to study in the Conservatory of Music like Zhou, but was forced by his mother's power. Xu Han changed his major to music department with his mother on his back. Xu Han wore flat shoes 168 centimeters, but Xu Han was not happy, because his brother was 180 centimeters. The dance teacher also said that Xu Han's waist was reinforced concrete and could not bend down. He also said that Xu Han had no dance cells. Xu Han was hit. The teacher was hated by Xu Han's classmates. In the second semester, a bearded teacher came and casually commented on Xu Han's international standard waltz: "It feels good!" Simple Xu Han was so happy that he fell in love with the teacher from then on. Every time the teacher demonstrated dancing, Xu Han looked very carefully and learned very carefully. If he didn't understand something,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he would ask alone. When he was about to graduate, the bearded teacher taught waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot and trot all danced very well. The original dance teacher taught folk dance, Latin dance and rumba. Cowboy and other dances are very poor. The professional bearded teacher is not as good as Mr. Zhang, but Xu Han's evaluation is: Mr. Zhang is filled with dumplings in the teapot,Inflatable outdoor park, and the goods can't be poured out. It was also in this year that the first ideal goal of Xu Han's "Marry a Rich Man" appeared. Fang Hao, a senior student of K University in the same city, was two years old. He majored in Western art history. He was generally long, and his height and weight were up to the standard. The key was his self-cultivation and an international famous brand. In order to have a common language with K University, Comrade Xu Han made up for the knowledge of Western art history. When he was free, he read books about it in the bookstore. He also bled and bought books such as Appreciation of Western Art History and Fifteen Lectures on Western Art History. He took out the vigor of the college entrance examination to make up for it. Although they did not achieve positive results later, Comrade Xu Han's Western art history was more professional than Fang Hao's. And a bachelor's degree in Western art history. Xu Han's strategy finally succeeded, Fang Hao finally became the first boyfriend of Comrade Xu Han, and also met Zhang Junjun, the second good friend in Xu Han's life. First love is always green, sweet, hot and sour taste of all kinds of taste, this is not? Xu Han was wearing small shoes by Fang Hao's ex-girlfriend. Fang Hao's ex-girlfriend is Xu Han's senior sister. She is a member of the English Association in the English Department. She speaks fluent English. The student union is Publicity Department. She is good at dancing with long sleeves. Her popularity is better than Xu Han. Her skin is whiter than Xu Han. Her personality is naturally more insidious than Xu Han's children. Of course, Xu Han's children are isolated. Xu Han and what people can get along very well, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable floating water park, good temper in a mess, but can not tolerate insidious people, especially their own people. Xu Han is a member of the Art Club and a member of the English Association. He speaks English in C City, which means that he and the people in C City can understand English that others can't understand. For this reason, Xu Han will be laughed at as soon as he opens his mouth in the English Association. Xu Han is on fire. Fang Hao's ex-girlfriend has become Xu Han's imaginary enemy. Get up very early every morning, take the repeater to practice oral English for two hours, and then find a remote place to practice oral English alone from five to seven in the afternoon, all the songs in MP3 are changed into English songs, the language of mobile phone is changed into English, only watch English movies, read English original books, English dictionary Ciba with you, and let the people in the dormitory help themselves to find oral English. On weekdays, all the conversations are in English. Even if there is a little mistake in pronunciation, Xu Han has to practice it over and over again. In order to pronounce clearly and not make any mistakes, Xu Han talks very slowly with people. He has also developed the habit of chatting with foreigners. After a semester, not only Xu Han's spoken English is advancing by leaps and bounds, but also the spoken English of several people in the dormitory has made great progress. While practicing oral English, Xu Han actively made a good relationship with the members of the student association, the student union, and the friends of his senior sister, and took the initiative to chat with them about the topics they were interested in. Huang Tian did not let down his painstaking efforts, and his efforts were not in vain. At the age of 19, Xu Han passed the CET-4 and applied for a minor degree in Western art history. He also understood the staff. At the age of 20, Xu Han passed CET-6 and became one of the three vice presidents of the English Association and the vice president of the Art Club. His study time gradually took up his love time. When Xu Han was twenty-one years old, his first love ended. He called Zhou and cried in a mess. In the evening, he pulled Zhang Jun to have a meal. He is also the vice president of the English Association and the president of the Sheng Art Club. In the same year, he received a bachelor's degree in the history of Western fine arts and a bachelor's degree in literature (music belongs to art, and he received a Bachelor's degree in literature). Frustrated in love, proud on the battlefield. At the age of 22, Xu Han picked himself up from the frustration of his first love. At the beginning of the second love affair, it was Xu Han who pursued him first. He was a German student. According to Xu Han's investigation, he was still a rich man. In the same year, after graduating from undergraduate course, Xu Han gave up the postgraduate entrance examination because his major was not what he wanted. After working hard, he was finally admitted to Fudan International Finance Major. There were only three people in the whole major. As the saying goes, a fall into the pit, a gain in one's wit, after the first love experience, Xu Han is more attentive this time, teaching TOMS to speak Mandarin, learning German with TOMS, learning Western food etiquette,Inflatable dry slide, dance etiquette. Two years later, TOMS learned authentic Chinese and returned to Germany. With grief and indignation, Xu Han poured a glass of white wine and got drunk. joyshineinflatables.com

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