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The Mandarin couple is natural Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:17   Public Service   Sankt Augustin   216 views Reference: 206
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Sheng lady said here, sheng language butterfly just heard the bed and intermittent crying, after giving birth to a child, sheng language butterfly found himself particularly can't stand such a scene, born on the lack of father and mother, now is even milk can't eat, rich people have please wet nurse, before she gave birth to a child, flat brocade and flat lady respectively outside to find a few wet nurse, even so, Sheng language butterfly also insisted on using their own breast milk to feed the child, she said that the child grew healthier, and the feelings between themselves will be very deep, listened to the baby in front of him did not eat, Sheng language butterfly without saying a word, then picked up the child, opened his skirt to feed the baby, the cat-like cry with the arrival of milk and dispersed, the little guy ate so sweet for the first time. Mrs. Sheng said to the woman who had just waited on her, "Yudie and I are here to talk alone. Mrs. Shun should go outside to rest for a while." The woman listened to Mrs. Sheng's words, nodded her head lightly,Micro Gear Motor, and then walked out gently. The room was quiet. Sheng Yudie looked at it carefully. Compared with her Daikang, the child was very different. Daikang was carefully maintained by her. Listening to Mrs. Sheng's statement, I think Sheng Yuyan did not have good self-cultivation at the beginning, and was in a state of anxiety every day. I think the child could not be compared with the one carefully maintained. Dai Kang's eyebrows have a bit of the shadow of Sheng language butterfly, and put aside the eyes of the girl's face because there is no long open wrinkles and dry skin, in fact, she is very much like Sheng language goose,Small Geared Motors, naturally, Sheng language butterfly and Sheng language goose with Sheng master, more or less similar, when the baby girl is full, Sheng language wild goose heart has made a decision, "Niang, I want to take this child back." Mrs. Sheng didn't expect that Sheng Yudie would make such a decision. She was a little surprised and asked, "Dai Kang is already busy enough for you. How can you make trouble for yourself?" Sheng Yudie said gently, "She is also a poor child. She lost her mother when she was born. Dad is not a popular person. It's better not to have one. Although you and Dad are not parents after all, they will have an impact on her growth. If you follow me, you will tell others that she and Dai Kang are twin brothers and sisters in the future, so that she won't be too sad." Although Mrs. Sheng thought it was a good idea, she also had her own concerns. She said carefully, "There's always something wrong with this. Not to mention Xiujin, how can they agree with your father-in-law and mother-in-law? And Xiuqi, brushless gear motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, this child is a symbol of his humiliation. It's always uncomfortable to see it. And everyone knows that you only gave birth to one." How can you hide the fact that this child is also yours? After thinking about it, I still feel that there seems to be something wrong with your method! Sheng Yudie bit her lip and thought about it. She said softly, "I'll talk about Xiujin later. As for my father-in-law and mother-in-law, I don't have to mind. If they don't ask carefully, I won't say where the child came from. It's not too late to ask carefully. For the people outside, they only say that the child was picked up by me. He has no father or mother. He looks really pitiful and lets the informed hide it." Do not know their true identity, at least can have a happy childhood, when she can withstand the event, really can not hide, and then tell her is not too late. Sheng madam listened to the words of sheng language butterfly, also no longer stop, and then said some sheng master to sheng language wild goose went to the attitude, that picture is too profound, even if sheng madam is not sheng language wild goose's mother, think of the heart also give birth to pain, sheng master just face not to say it. Back in front of Master Sheng, Sheng Yudie was afraid to look at Master Sheng. She was thinking about how to open her mouth to talk about the daughter of Sheng Yuyan, but she didn't want Master Sheng to open his mouth first: "Yudie, do you know about Yuyan?" With a tremor in her heart, Sheng Yudie looked up at Ping Xiujin, who was sitting on one side. Ping Xiujin was confused in her eyes. Nevertheless, when Sheng Yudie saw him, her heart settled down. When she looked at Master Xiang Sheng again, she only nodded firmly and said in a soft voice, "Dad, I'm sorry.". ” Master Sheng nodded his head lightly and said, "I don't need to explain if I know. I think your mother told you very clearly. Now I will formally say sorry to you. Will you forgive her?" Ping Xiujin understood probably from the conversation between Master Sheng and Sheng Yudie. Sheng Yudie took a deep breath and said calmly, "Dad, if you don't forgive her, you won't let her go so easily at the beginning. Now that you are no longer here, I won't say anything more." Master Sheng nodded gently and said gently, "That's what I said to her at that time. I'm afraid I didn't get your forgiveness in the end. It's a pity for her. In her life, she made it by herself. It's never been perfect. It just made the child suffer." Sheng Yudie was silent for a moment and suddenly opened his mouth to Ping Xiujin: "Xiujin, I want to adopt my sister's child." Ping Xiujin was stupefied. He looked at Ping Daikang, who was holding the woman in her arms behind him, and then looked at Sheng Yudie. Then he seemed to understand something. He smiled gently and nodded: "As long as you like it." Sheng Yudie smiled back at Ping Xiujin. She turned to Master Sheng and said, "Dad, I want to adopt the child left by my sister. After all, it's a miserable one. There are two nurses in my house. The milk is enough. When the time comes, we will say that she and Dai Kang are twin brothers and sisters, so that she won't live unhappily." Master Sheng looked at Ping Xiujin and then looked at Sheng Yudie. Finally, he saw Mrs. Sheng nodding. Master Sheng understood that the idea of Sheng Yudie was good for the child, so he should do it. When he left the Sheng family, Ping Xiujin held Ping Daikang in his arms, and Sheng Yudie held the daughter of Sheng Yuyan in her arms. He always thought of the sentence in a Dream of Red Mansions, "The organ is too clever to calculate,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but it misses Qing Qing's life." The girl in the bosom also had her own name, which was given by Master Ping. She enjoyed the generation with Dai Kang at the same time and was called Dai Shan. Master Ping hoped that she would be more kind than her mother in the future, and would not end up in such an unbearable situation. ichgearmotor.com

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