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The main character is hand-picked by me. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:39   Human Resources   Cadolzburg   246 views Reference: 173
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If you don't read such excellent works at the price of cabbage, you will suffer losses. With the recommendation of strangers, people will still be regarded as the official hired water army. The recommendation of relatives and friends is highly credible. A lot of people were recommended and ate the rations. Then he was amazed by the cross-era immersive experience of Fortress Crisis I and joined the tap water army. One spread ten, ten spread a hundred, in one day, "Fortress Crisis I" caused a sensation throughout the empire. As for the game, the wave is still very small. Or that sentence, addicted people can not extricate themselves from it, temporarily no time to Amway others, people who hate it have time to publicize everywhere. "Fortress Crisis I" is very popular, and there is a growing trend of fire, harming the interests of many people, naturally some people will not like it. And the producer of "Fortress Crisis I" is under the name of a true record of a military operation in the frontline fortress, such a big black spot, as a competitor, it would be strange not to seize the attack. But if "Fortress Crisis I" is really backed by the military, businessmen can not afford to offend,naringenin price, so whether it is film and television companies, or game companies, are looking for connections to find out whether "Fortress Crisis I" is over-publicized, what is the identity of the Emperor of the Underworld. Some well-informed people soon learned that the content of the video was true, and the military had been looking for the people behind the Zerg, but could not find them. And the military has sent a lot of fighters into the game.. The military took the lead in playing games for the first time. Those game companies, film and television companies that are still preparing to fight a public opinion war have given up the siege of the official Zerg when they get the news. Although the emperor of the underworld is not backed by the army,jujube seed powder, but seems to be very powerful, even the army can not take them. It's better not to get involved in an ordinary company like them. As things continue to ferment, gamers who are addicted to exploring the world of Zerg are finally forced to quit because they have been playing games for too long and are tired and hungry, which may endanger their health. Obviously still want to play, but before the body can not recover on the game, the new "Zerg" game fans of the players, can only drink nutrient solution to quickly replenish physical strength, while on the official website to check the strategy. Nutrient solution is not delicious? At this time, no matter how good the food is, they can't take a look at it. Quick replenishment of physical strength is the effect they want. However, when they go to the game forum, they are obsessed with the Zerg, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,akba boswellic acid, which is almost one-sided and scolded as a rubbish game. I was dumbfounded. Why do people still spray such a good game! Roll up your sleeves! "Fortress Crisis I" was overwhelmingly popular, but "Zerg" was very controversial, and the next day the Internet could still see a constant battle of words between true love fans and black fans. But really love fans once again into the game, the forum has become the world of anti-fans. Yougan did not delete any posts critical of the Zerg. The forum is for players to vent, whether good or bad. If they are not allowed to vent here, so that players can only run to other platforms to curse, that is funny. Anyway, as long as the product is excellent, it is not afraid of black. Sometimes being hacked is also a kind of value, at least many people see other people's complaints and enter the world of Zerg to experience how rubbish the game is. Then some of them became Zerg fans and refused to get off the line until they were forced to kick out. And some of the fragile hearts, choose to join the army of anti-fans. It seems to have been hacked more severely. But Yougan is still very calm. Rumors on the Internet, "Zerg" was cold at first, but later afraid of the game cool, it exaggerated the game excessively, and put a high standard on the game, which did not exist at all. Not long after he and 888 made the game, they just waited for the novel world to stabilize and release it immediately. It's really only been released for more than a day! More than a day to cause such an impact, can only say that his promotion plan is very successful. As for the experience of watching "Fortress Crisis I", which can make the audience fully empathize with it, he learned from Kunpeng Giant Beast and worked with 888 to study how to apply it to technology. He even learned to manipulate other people's moods. It seems to be another'evil 'skill that only a villain BOSS can have. Now without 888 Tucao, Yougan also found that he has few similarities with the protagonist, but many similarities with the villains BOSS in various novels. No matter how many players curse Zerg, it is also true that the popularity of Zerg is rising crazily, and more and more people are pouring into the game. Ordinary people only regard Zerg as a game, while professionals look at the game in their own professional eyes. On the afternoon of the second day of the game's official operation, some people complained that geological researchers and experts in cosmic biology had entered the game. It is said that a biology professor rushed into the game with his graduate students and encouraged all the students to enter the game and write a report with the information explored in the game as homework. Because This game is not God's perspective. Everyone's map, only the scope of their own exploration. And the difficulty of the game is very high, players explore the process is very slow, every step must be careful, alert to hidden dangers. As long as one is not careful, he may die. After death, they will return to their original birthplace and become the weak Zerg. What professors and experts need is more maps and what you have seen in the game about the Zerg ecological community. Gamers are shocked that the professors are studying the game as if it were a real Zerg hinterland! Even the experts think it is true, the military did not stand up to stop, is that the emperor of the underworld did not talk big, this game is really great? More people followed the trend into the game and wanted to find out. However, it is so difficult that if you relax a little, you may die. One of the unlucky ones died ten times in ten minutes! How big is the psychological shadow. Fortunately, after killing a more powerful creature, it can become a larva of the species, and it can choose kryptonite to retain its new identity. To die later,lutein eye complex, you don't have to start with the lowest species. Krypton gold, which was hated by everyone, suddenly became very cute at this moment. Many people want to record their own death experience of the game and share with you how unfriendly the game is to rookies. prius-biotech.com

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