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The inverse of heaven Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:45   Transportation & Logistics   Sankt Ingbert   316 views Reference: 57
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Piao Nanzi shook and said with a smile, "This.." Xiao Lin, you know I just woke up, there are a lot of things I didn't remember, I remember now, Huan Huan that old man, often sleep, I can not find him, is also reasonable ah. Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked around. Then he stared at Piao Nanzi for a long time until Piao Nanzi blushed. Then he withdrew his eyes and said coldly, "Follow me for a while." Say that finish, his perception and yuan Li at the same time, into the state of divine consciousness, frequent into the state of divine consciousness, causing his heart some can not bear, immediately spurted a mouthful of blood. Piao Nanzi was startled, was about to come forward, suddenly he stopped, his face has never been dignified, staring at Wang Lin, at this time in his eyes, Wang Lin is like a changed person, the whole body is full of a merciless breath, although the expression looks quite calm and plain, but Piao Nanzi saw the absolute calm in the plain. Especially his eyes, Piao Nanzi was frightened. Wang Lin breathed a few breaths slowly, his mind was Pure Brightness, huge computing power opened, countless information flashed in his mind, he was calculating, calculating a correct way. According to the direction of the sun,digital signage kiosk, the trace of the ground, and even the finger of the shadow under his feet, Wang Lin added everything to the calculation, and the number of times his heart beat became lower and lower. Moments later, Wang Lin's body moved in an instant and swept to the southeast. Piao Nanzi has been staring at Wang Lin from the beginning to the end, revealing the color of pondering, at this time to see Wang Lin move, immediately closely followed up. After Wang Lin calmly jumped 100 meters, he suddenly stopped. He looked back and calculated, and then swept to the southwest. In this way, after all the four directions of northwest and northeast were completed,smart interactive whiteboard, Wang Lin shook his body and relieved the state of divine consciousness. His face suddenly turned pale, and after a short rest, he stood up and walked forward. Piao Nanzi silently followed, the bottom of my heart has been guessing, just what Wang Lin was doing in the end? The two of them walked for an hour one after the other. In this short time, Wang Lin sometimes turned, sometimes stepped back, and often drew marks on the ground. Piao Nanzi looked confused. At this time, Wang Lin stopped, looked around, and muttered to himself: "The calculation is right. It seems that the second layer of illusion has some rules in the end." When Piao Nanzi pricked up his ears and heard Wang Lin's words, his face showed shock and he lost his voice: "You.." Xiao Lin, what did you say? Were you calculating just now? You Can you calculate the direction of the illusion emitted by the illusion? Shocked, Piao Nanzi has lived for so many years, very few times so shocked, but now, he stared at Wang Lin with his eyes wide open, his eyes showing the color of disbelief. After seeing Wang Lin's cold nod, Piao Nanzi scolded from the bottom of his heart: "abnormal!" Piao Nanzi originally did not believe it, but when he saw that he had followed Wang Lin for so long, outdoor digital signage displays ,digital whiteboard price, he did not see one of the many marks he had drawn, which already explained the problem. He gawked at Wang Lin, and his heart turned upside down. Especially seeing Wang Lin's surprised expression at his shock, Piao Nanzi couldn't help it and said with a wry smile, "Xiao Linzi, do you know that the illusion is a creature of the Great Disillusionment ten thousand years ago? How many people have been trapped by its illusion?"? Even the masters of the dust period have been trapped to death, but now you say you can calculate the location of the illusion, this. It's unbelievable. No wonder you vomited blood just now. If I had your ability, I would be willing to vomit heart, lung and liver, not to mention vomiting blood. As he spoke, he did not even notice it, and his tone became sour. Wang Lin did not pay attention to Piao Nanzi, but after drawing a trace on the ground, he continued to walk forward according to the direction calculated before. Piao Nanzi stared at Wang Lin's back and muttered to himself, "It's too abnormal. The successor you are looking for, Xiao Linzi, is really too abnormal." A week later, Wang Lin walked out of the desert with a tired expression. As far as the eye could see, like the first floor, a huge door stood up. This week's time, he met some people on the road, one by one are at a loss to find a way out, and some see Wang Lin after the crazy general action. For these people, Wang Lin did not waste the number of Red Mist Spirit, but quickly retreated, turning left and right, the other side will immediately lose their direction, even if the distance is very close, but under the effect of illusion, completely ignored. After a short rest, Wang Lin looked back at Piao Nanzi, frowning slightly, and said, "You should be able to go back to the beads, right?" Piao Nanzi has completely understood Wang Lin's temper after this week's events. At this time, he shook his head and said, "I can't go back." Finish saying, he is in the bottom of one's heart dark happy: "Joke, Lao Tzu comes out with great difficulty, you don't want to let me go back." Wang Lin did not speak, but calmly looked at Piao Nanzi. Piao Nanzi couldn't stand Wang Lin's move. At first, he could stare back confidently. But later, the momentum slowly weakened. Especially when he thought of the relationship between the boast and the illusion before, the momentum flinched even more. So he curled his lips and muttered: "That's all. I'll go back. But you're not allowed to put me in the storage card. You have to put it close to my body, so that it won't prevent me from looking outside." Wang Lin nodded, Piao Nanzi sighed, turned his body, immediately turned into beads, flew into Wang Lin's hands, Wang Lin complied with the agreement, did not put him into the storage card, but into his arms. Having done all this, he took a deep breath and opened two defensive devices. Suddenly, two layers of defensive circles appeared outside his body. Then he opened the red mist device and released a red light. In the previous one, because there was no attack target for a long time, the energy dissipated. After getting ready, Wang Lin walked in the direction of the door. When he came here, Wang Lin found that the place was empty. He hesitated a little, shook his body, and stepped into the door. On the third floor of the hexagonal altar, there was a dark swamp. At the moment when Wang Lin appeared, his pupils suddenly contracted. On the swamp in front of him, there were several blackened corpses floating. Wang Lin looked carefully, these people are the students of Down's Academy,temperature check kiosk, one by one they are obviously poisoned and died, not to mention the blackening of the whole body, but also exposed the traces of ulceration. hsdtouch.com

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