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The impostor brother of wear quickly is _ fubook. CC. Full-time Job

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Su Xia understood the whole thing and his present situation, but how could he leave now? "Can you take me away?" Su Xia asked in reply, but did not believe Su Fang and Ning Hui very much. Su Fang and Ning Hui nodded at the same time. Su Xia doesn't know what to do now? Although there are doubts about the possibility of Su Fang and Ning Hui taking him away, they can only listen to them now. So what now? Su Xia asked. Su Fang looked at the scattered people downstairs and answered, "It depends on the situation first." "Oh.." Reluctantly, Su Xia was taken downstairs by Qi Yao and Ning Hui to make up and change clothes. When he finished dressing up the groom, Su Fang and Ning Hui were urged to go to the wedding scene. And Su Xia was pulled to the wedding scene by Ning Hui and Su Fang. In fact, the whole process of Su Xia in the fog, did not want to understand a lot of things. The author has something to say: If I write like this, will someone beat me. In the evening, there will be a watch today. This chapter is almost four thousand words. I am so tired. In the real world. Su Xia a sleep is a few days, just woke up and was pulled to the wedding scene by makeup, so long did not eat Su Xia by the hot sun has a feeling of fainting. The wedding scene is not indoors, but outdoors, the most important thing is that the decoration of the wedding scene is arranged in a hurry, although it looks exquisite, but this kind of wedding is obviously anxious to prepare, even the arrival of guests is a discussion. Su Xia was blankly taken to the position where he should stand, and there were unknown guests below. Su Xia looked around, so many people looked at him with probing eyes, which made him very uncomfortable. Hungry and dizzy,interactive boards for classrooms, he really did not want to stay on the stage, looking sideways at Su Fang on the left and Ning Hui on the right, there was no chance to slip away. Su Fang and Ning Hui are now his best men. When Su Xia thought of marrying Qi Yao, she had a feeling of dreaming. He couldn't imagine Qi Yao wearing a wedding dress and swearing to him. Of course, when he did not know that Qi Yao was a man, he fantasized about marrying Qi Yao. Nowadays, he doesn't even dare to fantasize. Su Xia touched his flat stomach and looked at Ning Hui again. Ning Hui looked at the watch on his wrist with no expression on his face, as if he was looking at the time,smart board whiteboard, while Su Fang greeted the people around him with a smile. Su Xia couldn't help touching Su Fang, who greeted a young man, with his arm. Su Fang felt Su Xia's movements. After the young man left, he looked at Su Xia, who had been touching the sweat on his forehead. He asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you?"? Sweating so much? Su Xia didn't eat for a few days, and now he's a little weak under the sun. "I haven't eaten for a few days, and I'm a little hungry." "Mmm." Sue nodded. "I'll get you something to eat. You stand here first. It's almost time." "Oh.." Su Fang said what time is, Su Xia himself knows, but do not want to face, the first time in life to get married, unexpectedly not their own willingness, looking at the guests coming and going under the stage, he estimated that if he ran away now, the Qi family also lost face. He knew that Su Fang and Ning Hui were going to take him away, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive digital whiteboard, and the time should not be now. Otherwise, I wouldn't have dragged him here. But now he was in a daze and could not think of a better way to escape. After Su let go, Su Xia and Ning Hui did not stay on the stage for a while, and the host came to the stage and said some opening remarks. The people who were walking under the stage were no longer walking, and it was quiet all around. The host said a lot of very smooth words, Su Xia did not listen to a word, and then was next to Ning Hui hand in hand through the guest area on both sides, to the front of the flower-shaped arch. At this time, Su Xia's eyes were very tired, and he hung his head and blinked, forcing himself to open his eyes wide. When Su Xia raised his head again and looked at the man coming towards him, he was stunned and his heart began to beat irregularly. Qi Yao wore a white wedding dress, heavy makeup, more beautiful than ever, never before wearing earrings and necklaces, now also wear, earrings and necklaces are drop-shaped rubies, shining in the sun. The drop-shaped ruby pendant matches the snow-white skin, which is more seductive. The most important thing is that the white neck below the tight wedding dress, outlined the figure, waist and chest. This chest.. Su Xia some consternation, this chest is certainly not true, but, so clearly in the eyes of relatives are male Qi Yao, to marry as a woman? Although I don't know what the Qi family thinks? At the moment, Su Xia's heart was about to jump out. Every movement of Qi Yao attracts the attention of the people around him, and everywhere is full of attractive breath. It was his happiness to marry such a man, but he could not accept the fact that his dream lover was a man for so many years. Even though it was an out-and-out woman-like Qi Yao coming to him now, he still didn't want to accept it. But why was he so unwilling to accept that his heart was beating so hard as he watched the man coming towards him motionless? Su Xia trembles the mouth to look at the person, Qi Yao also looks at Su Xia, to Su Xia shallow smile, that smile looks happier than at any time in that world, must be happy. Su Xia could not help but smile at Qi Yao. In this way, two people look at each other, as if there were only Su Xia and Qi Yao in the world. Qi Yao was Su Wei holding close to Su Xia, stretched out a white jade hand, Su Xia naturally took over, the two looked at each other together to the direction of the host. Su Xia felt as if he had been bewitched by Qi Yao, in addition to smiling at Qi Yao, his mind was blank, and even after going to the host, he did not know what he had said or done, so he was dazed and pulled down by Qi Yao to toast, and fainted directly after a cup. Su Xia's drinking capacity is not very bad, will faint, entirely because a few days did not eat, an empty stomach drank a glass of wine and then drunk. Su Fang and Ning Hui had planned to take Su Xia away as soon as the wedding was over. Su put because Su Xia hungry, to find food,touch screen whiteboard, and so come back to find that has been unable to wake up Su Xia, Su Xia was completely fascinated by the beauty of Qi Yao, and the side of Ning Hui is a gloomy face without any way. hsdsmartboard.com

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The impostor brother of wear quickly is _ fubook. CC.