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The great assassin Full-time Job

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"Laugh at you." He laughed loudly. What's so funny about the uncle? "Are you one of the eleven masters in the universe?" "Not bad.". Who doesn't know that Master Tai is Wulong? "Do you have the face to order a gang fight against me, a little man who has just entered Jianghu?" "Younger generation, you." "When Lin Mou challenges you in front of so many pawns, do you dare to fight a fair duel with me?" "Ha ha!"! Do you want to use the rules of Wulin to duel with me? "Not bad." He answered loudly without thinking. But as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he knew he had been cheated. All right, I promise you. The dragon grinned grimly and said, "Tell me.". I am a master of Jianghu, the supreme of Wulin. You, a younger generation, want to fight with me. How many tests do you have to pass according to the rules? "This.." You can't say it, and you don't understand it. Now, you must fight with our corporal, which is the first pass; if you win, you must fight with our trusted children, which is the second pass; and finally, with our relatives and friends. If you can pass these three passes, you deserve a fair duel with the master. "Good, Lin is waiting to teach." He is full of heroism, he said. At least, it will not be trapped by the bad situation of melee siege at present. Have the guts. Said the dragon, with a wave of his hand. Idiot Suddenly there was a high-pitched cry in the direction of the house, which was high-pitched but quite pleasant. The running dogs were surprised. The dragon roared: "Who is in charge of that side of the guard? I will cut off his head." More than a dozen minions who had blocked the direction of the firewood door had quickly entered the house and searched for the speaker. It sounds like a woman's voice. Commander, I'm afraid, is the granddaughter of the Dragon of the Four Seas. An evil star in black said to the dragon,plastic packing tube, "Or Shura in white." How old is that girl? The cry will not be so loud. Poisonous Dragon says: "You go, search this person to me, stripped him, abominable." This interruption virtually opened up a way of life behind Lin Yan. Out are two strong men, two steel knife left and right one point. The man on the right patted his sword and shouted, "The younger generation will accept your life. Gan Kun and Shuangsha will kill you." "Lin Yan slowly raised his sword and gazed at it with his eyes toward the sky, standing like a mountain." Is it life and death? He asked. That goes without saying? Accept your fate, junior. "Go!" He uttered a word. Gan Sha gave a guffaw and pounced on him ferociously,empty cosmetic tubes, calling for a "wild eagle to spread its wings", and both men and knives rushed to attack the upper plate. Kun Sha was also close to the ground at the same moment, and the force of the knife sank fiercely. A dragon returned to the sea, like countless steel knives greeting each other. The two sides went up and down together, cooperating seamlessly, and the offensive was unprecedentedly fierce. Lin Yan waited for the steel knife to get close to him before he launched a counterattack. The cold rainbow sword first flashed to the right, but when he saw the sword rainbow flashed away, his body turned like a windmill, and he made a wonderful side somersault in situ, which was faster than lightning. The figure suddenly stopped, the vicious fight ended immediately, one move decided life and death, and few people saw the changes clearly. Gan Sha's knife was thrown three Zhangs away, and it flew away. The man staggered forward with his arms open, and rushed past Lin Yan. His face, from his lips to his eyebrows, was cut open by the tip of the sword from bottom to top. He took five or six steps and fell to the ground with a bang. Kun Sha servant fell on the left rear of Lin Yan, metal cosmetic tubes ,plastic laminted tube, his vest cracked, and blood gushed wildly. Lin Yan's sword still kept a pillar to the sky. He took five steps forward and said solemnly, "Dragon, don't let these people die in vain. Why don't you come out in person and decide with me?" As soon as the dragon's face changed, his previous contemptuous look was swept away and he took a step forward. At the same time, the two evil stars stretched out their hands to block each other. The evil star on the right said in a low voice, "Elder brother, don't act too hastily. Let's go out and consume his energy first.." "No, it's very dangerous. The swordsmanship of the younger generation is so amazing that I'm afraid you can't stop him." The dragon whispered. Otherwise, if we use Youdou, then God's swordsmanship will be useless. "All right, be careful. Brother Yu should pay attention to the number of his Jianlu family." The two evil stars drew their swords and stood shoulder to shoulder at about ten paces. Sky Blue Star Zhou Hao. On the right is the name of the Evil Star Fencing. Earth Shaxing Yu Yong. "Jiangnan Lin Yan." He also gave his name. Life and death are at stake. The two evil stars shouted at the same time, waiting for the sword to salute. After death. He said solemnly, saluting with a sword, politely posing as the younger generation, with excellent demeanor. At the end of the ceremony, with a sound, he made a move, and the sword shifted to the left. Life and death are determined by each other, and there is courtesy but no concession. The evil star moved to the left, fighting for the empty door. Lin Yan attacked three false moves, and the two evil stars entered without hesitation. With a low shout, they moved and rushed in respectively. The sword gas suddenly burst out, and the electric rainbow gathered on both sides. It was extremely fast. Lin Yan turned left to retreat, to meet the left head of the earth evil star, to attack and attack bravely to attack a move pointing to the sky and the earth, the first half of the move is to seal the frame, the second half of the move is to return the color, Zheng a sound to seal the sword, the sharp point of the sharp stroke to the right knee of the earth evil star. The evil star is like a ghost. He slants his body and retreats his legs. He turns into a cloud and seals the fog lock to stop Lin Yan's pursuit. As soon as Tian Sha Xing made a move, his body was as fast as lightning. He changed into a flying star and chased Lin Yan's right flank month by month. He attacked what he must save, so as to reduce the pressure on Di Sha Xing. One retreat and one advance were well coordinated. When Lin Yan withdrew his counterattack, he immediately shifted and retreated. His internal force and swordsmanship were superior to others, and he easily got rid of Lin Yan's pursuit. The two evil star this advance and that retreat, not forced to recruit, will not recruit old, a touch that is to go all directions to plunder, as expected to pin down Lin Yan. A burst of fighting, the two sides show what they have learned to deal with, three Zhangs inside the sword flying, the wind is extremely cold, but see the shadow flying, thousands of sword rainbow all over the sky. After thirty strokes, Lin Yan saw through each other's mind. The enemy is outnumbered, how can he allow the other side to consume his energy by fighting? His physical strength is still weak, and he is most afraid that the other side will consume his physical strength by fighting. I have to nail a man. He's got the pearls of wisdom. But he did not know that the two evil stars were also counting him. The sword in the back arrived, and the white rainbow of the earth star came through the sun like electricity. If he does not give up the pursuit of Tiansha Star on the right side, his spine or back of his neck may be pierced by a sword. He seized the opportunity to spin right, clank a cold rainbow sword to wave back, and catch the white rainbow of the earth star. The two men took a step back to the side and were evenly matched. Shaxing figure is uncertain, Lin Yan has a low roar, a terrible fatal blow,plastic cosmetic tubes, a flash that is, the twelve types of killing, it is time. emptycosmetictubes.com

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