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The gate of creation Full-time Job

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Many sorcery children in the palace of the sorcery emperor also began to talk in a low voice, and in a short time, the long-haired man who called Xuan Ping led a strong man in. The man's arms were extremely long, and he was not only strong, but also his head was twice as big as that of ordinary people, and he looked like a tiger. Qiangxiang has seen Emperor Zu! After the man came in, he stood in the middle of the Wudi Palace and bowed. Zu Di Hong looked at Qiang Xiang with an expressionless face and said in a flat tone, "Qiang, when you escaped from the sorcery world, your soul was destroyed outside.". Had it not been for the fact that there was still a trace of soul left in the Wu Emperor's Palace, there would have been no you in the world. My sorcery clan has spent a lot of effort to restore your body and soul. You do not want to repay the kindness of the sorcery clan, but also spread rumors everywhere to confuse the hearts of my sorcery clan, what is your intention? Qiangxiang bowed to the ground and said, "Qiangxiang is a sorcerer no matter whether he lives or dies. He will never spread rumors to bewitch my people.". Zu Di again, since the beginning of the chaotic universe, my sorcery clan is the most orthodox blood race. But as the most orthodox race, what have we gained from humility and tolerance? Be banished from the land of the road, come to the edge of the universe, and linger on. My life and death is a trivial matter, but if my sorcery clan has been breathing on the edge of the vast universe, it will always be a chess piece in the hands of others. Hongzu, you can kill me Qiangxiang, but you can't ignore what I say. My sorcery clan must go out. If it goes on like this,metal stamping parts, my sorcery clan will never have a chance to turn over. Zu Dihong's face was a little ugly, and he snorted coldly. At this time, a woman standing on the right came out, bowed and said, "Emperor Zu, there is some truth in what Qiang said.". If, as the rumor goes, the door of creation opens for the second time and we don't participate,metal stamping parts, my sorcery clan will really never have a chance to come out. After following the woman, several strong sorcerers stood out and said in unison, "Emperor Zu, if the door of creation is not open, it is also a good thing for my sorcerers to stay here.". But as soon as the door of creation opens, if I don't go out to fight for it, I will indeed become a chess piece in the universe and a mole ant. Hong was silent for a long time before he sighed and said, "Haven't I ever thought about that?"? But my sorcery clan does not cultivate spirits, and is doomed to be unable to participate in the struggle for good fortune. I've been in seclusion all these years, just to find a way for the sorcery clan to cultivate their spirits. Alas, it's a pity.. Qiang Xiang suddenly opened his mouth. If Hong hadn't been talking, he would have started talking long ago. Hong also saw Qiangxiang's movements, stopped and said, "Qiang, tell me what you saw and did before you fell." ...... Chapter 1389 the late period of hedao. Once again, Qiangxiang saluted respectfully and then said, die cast light housing ,non standard fasteners, "When I left the sorcery world, it took me countless years to return to the center of the universe.". Only then did I know that it was a premeditated thing that my sorcery clan was forced out of the land of cosmic cultivation. They were afraid of the strong body of my sorcery clan, so they joined hands to squeeze out my sorcery clan with conspiracy. Hong nodded, and he naturally knew what he had said to Qiangxiang. It's just that there are other people's conspiracies, as well as the sorcery's own considerations. When I arrived at Mount Kalam, it was just when the gate of creation opened. At that time, I was very excited. I participated in the battle of opening the door of creation. "Wait.." An old man who looked very old stopped Qiangxiang. Qiang Xiang stopped and went on, but respectfully said, "Please ask Ji Zu." The old man nodded and said, "Qiang, you said you took part in the first battle to open the gate of creation?"? As far as I know, your strength is very strong, but with your strength to participate in the first battle to open the door of creation, I am afraid there is still a slight lack of.. Qiangxiang blushed a little and then said, "In fact, I said I took part in the opening of the gate of creation, which was a bit of an exaggeration.". I just saw the process of that war of creation. I saved my life in that war of creation by relying on the strong physical body of the sorcery clan. I saw the Lord of Xuanhuang fall with my own eyes, saw the rules of Xuanhuang broken, the source overflowing, and then fell in front of me.. "What?" Hearing this, not only was Ji Zu shocked, but Zu Dihong, whose expression had always been dignified, also stood up in amazement. Almost all the people in the hall stared at Qiangxiang with eager eyes, and no one did not know Xuan Huangzhu. There are few people who have not heard of Xuanhuang Shengzhu. Hong soon calmed down and stared at Qiangxiang's voice and asked, "Qiang, are you talking about the creation of Xuanhuangzhu at the beginning of our chaotic universe?" Although he knew that Qiangxiang was saying this, he still asked, which showed how important Xuan Huangzhu was in his heart. Qiangxiang nodded and said in the same dignified tone, "Yes, it is indeed the Xuanhuang Pearl of Creation.". It was also because I got the Xuan Huang Zhu that I managed to save my life, and then escaped from Wangshan, where the door of creation was opened. "Xuan Huangzhu is still on you?" Although Hong knew it was impossible, he couldn't help asking. Qiang Xiang shook his head, "No, after I got the Xuanhuang beads, I found a way to cultivate the spirit of the sorcery clan through the original breath of Xuanhuang.". And then my strength improved greatly. "Have you found a way for my sorcery clan to cultivate their spirits?" Hong is even more excited, Xuanhuangzhu precious is just a world of creation. But the way the sorcery clan cultivates the spirit, for the sorcery clan, it is rebirth, a kind of nirvana. The sorcery clan has great physical power, even if it is the supernatural power, it is also the supernatural power. The only regret is that it is impossible to cultivate the spirit, and because of this, when the sorcery clan and the ascetics fight, they suffer a great loss every time. If we can solve countless ways to cultivate spirits, why should the witches hide in this corner for countless years? Ji Zu is also excited, he forced to stabilize his voice and asked, "is your Xuan Huang Zhu lost when he fell?"? If so, even if I gather the strength of the whole clan,deep draw stamping, I will recapture the Xuanhuangzhu that belongs to our sorcery clan. Qiangxiang took a breath and said again, "I underestimated the cunning of those monks.". I actually thought that people like Xuan Huang Shengzhu would fall at one time and let me get Xuan Huang Zhu. Could it be that the fall of Lord Xuanhuang is false? Or is Xuan Huang Zhu a fake? Knowing that he was not qualified to speak, he could not help asking the comment that Qiangxiang had invited. autoparts-dx.com

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The gate of creation