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The first moment clapped the table in surprise Full-time Job

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When he finished writing, he went to Yang's mother's house and asked him why he had broken the appointment. yuan came to the Luo family in order to cherish things, and entrusted him to take care of all the housework. Yang Yang's mother made an appointment with Youqian that day. She didn't want to have a Jie-niang to come, so she asked him to accompany her. Needless to say, she sent him to sleep with her in the room at night, and she couldn't do anything. Wait until this day to go, Yang's mother just came and handed him this poem. Xi Xi looked at it and said, "Zhang Lang has wrongly blamed the slave again!" He said to Mother Yang, "I haven't slept a wink for three nights in the slave's house because of my sister Jie, who is sleeping in this room.". If there is no chance, the non-slave family will break the promise. "Now that Chieh-niang has gone, ask him to come tonight after the lamp is lit. It won't be late." Yang's mother got the news and came to reply to Zhang Youqian, saying, "I won't have a chance to speak for three days. The deadline is after lighting the candles tonight." Youqian waited until then and strolled outside the wall to see that there was a bamboo ladder leaning against the wall. Youqian couldn't help himself. He took a picture of the ladder and went up step by step. When he reached the top of the wall, he saw a dark shadow on the branch of the camellia tree. He was taken aback. But it was Ying Ying who was waiting here, coughing, and everyone's heart was shining. Climb the branch and hang down more. Fei Ying led him to the pavilion, and Xi Xi was there, so they joined hands and went up to the pavilion. When they looked under the lamp, they all felt that they had grown up separately. Everybody is extremely happy, chorus: "Also have this day to meet also!" Also regardless of Feiying in front of us, we hugged. Ying Ying understood and moved the lamp to the outside of the pavilion. When the moonlight entered the room, the two of them snuggled up to each other and went to bed to have sex. After four years of separation, we meet for a while. Recall the childhood of Zui, muddy like a dream of pleasure. At that time, there was a small battle, and today the whole army is fighting against each other. The bud is slightly broken,custom cosmetic packaging, and the big Chuangyuan is more than red; the jade stem is male, and suddenly it is not without half timidity. Only because of the love in my heart, but behind the eyes of my father and mother. Clouds and rain have dispersed, and each has its own song. "I'm only happy with you for a while," said Youqian. "He must let others enjoy it at the end of the day." "I don't know what's in my heart," said Xi Xi. After the slave was hired, he often fought to the death in order to get married before he could get married, and he was greedy for a happy meeting with his brother. If the future of this body with others, the dog is not as good as the dog! See you at the last minute. The two men murmured and talked all night. At dawn, Xixi called Youqian to get up,pump tube, dress and go out. Youqian asked, "How was the evening?" "I often have something to do at home," said Xi Xi. "It may not be convenient every night. I'll give you a secret signal. The west tower of my pavilion can be seen from the wall. After that, if three lamps are lit upstairs, the bamboo ladder will guide you in. If there is only one lamp, you can't come. Don't wait outside like the previous one. It's a waste of hard work. So agreed to leave. Youqian still went up the hill to the tea tree and went down the bamboo ladder. Then Feiying climbed up the wall and pulled out the bamboo ladder. He was really a ghost. Later, Youqian only went to look into the distance, but when he saw three lights on the west side of the building, he stepped out of the wall and saw that the bamboo ladder had already been installed. Even if you go into the party, so, often four or five nights, even night carpe diem. In case of inconvenience, but every other night, come and go for more than a month. Just when things are going well, good things come and go: there was a commander in chief in Hubei who, in the name of Zhang Zhongfu, hired him as secretary. ZhongFu quit the state Satrap of the hall, go home to pack up to go to the appointment, eye cream packing tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, will take the young Qian to that village test. When Youqian got the news, he was reluctant to cherish it. He was very upset, but he could not disobey it. Had to tell love to cherish, and cry to say goodbye. Xixi took out a lot of gold and silks and gave them to him as money. She cried to him, "If I'm lucky enough not to be married, I'll see you when you come back.". If, before you return, there is a day to force me to marry, I will just die in the well in front of the pavilion and marry you again in the afterlife. There is no time in this life, just farewell forever. The two sobbed and cried in the middle of the night. Although they were making love, they were miserable and could not enjoy themselves as usual. At parting, Xixi took Youqian's hand and exhorted him, "Don't forget your kindness. It's just that it's good to come back one day early." "There's no need to share this," said Youqian. "If I don't take the provincial examination, I'll find someone else to say, and I won't go. Now there is this, it must not be pushed, is it my wish? "If I could return, I would return. If I had seen you one day earlier, I would have been happy." Hold each othe bamboo ladder to meet. There is a note here. When Youqian took it apart, it was a poem named Bu Zhenzi. Word cloud: Thanks to that person, how to teach to also? A day of lovesickness twelve hours, straight is hard to give up! This is a good marriage, but afraid of false marriage. If you teach someone else,plastic packaging tube, you will meet in the afterlife. After reading the poem, Youqian replied, "I know." Fei Ying went by himself. Youqian has treasured the words. emptycosmetictubes.com

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The first moment clapped the table in surprise