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The first concubine Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:52   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   223 views Reference: 31
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"There is no doubt that the champion of the women's group must be Xiao Yun. Emperor Haoyun has trained such a talented person to win glory for the country every year and beat the other three countries. He really earned face for Haoyun." Haoyun? As soon as Li Yue heard this, her pupils immediately contracted. Feng Lin and Qin Jing Tong were the common enemies of her and Qin Jing Yu. She had sworn to seek revenge from Feng Lin. Unexpectedly, this fierce cloud is so powerful that she has won five championships in a row. It seems that she is not a weak opponent. She has to be careful to guard against it. Why doesn't this Xiao Yun go to die? She wins the championship every year, and she is indispensable everywhere. And she has the internal force of 30 years of other people's true biography, and this internal force alone can be said to win. "The most angry is not the other two countries, but the Northern Qi.". The emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty advocated martial arts, and the Northern Qi Dynasty was the host of the martial arts conference, but he lost every year. Now the Northern Qi Emperor had lost so much that he put the martial arts conference in front of the place where the four countries exchanged. "If the Northern Qi emperor could win once, the humiliation of many years would disappear. Unfortunately, the Northern Qi Dynasty had no talent, and the Western Liang Dynasty and the Later Zhou Dynasty had no talent." "I heard that every time I fight with Xiao Yun, something will happen. Some will fall out of the ring, some will faint on the spot, and some will foam at the mouth and die of blood." "Why is that?" "I don't know, some people suspect that Xiao Yun is cheating, but there is no rule against cheating, and no one found her cheating at all." Li Yue looked sharply at a woman beside her and whispered, "Do you know what Xiao Yun is best at?" "I don't know, you know?" The woman was puzzled and asked Li Yue. Only then did Li Yue realize that when she asked this question, others thought she knew. Thinking of this, she shook her head lightly, "I don't know." "I know." A woman in a goose-yellow dress raised her hand and said, "Xiao Yun is not only skilled in martial arts,plastic laminted tube, but also good at medicine." "Medical skill?" Others began to talk again, while Li Yue was lost in thought. Medical skills can save people if they are used in a good way, and can harm people if they are developed in an outward way. Moreover, Xiao Yun actually has thirty years of internal force, she only has seven layers of internal force of Xuanxin Jue, and ten percent of the internal force given by Qin Jingyu, so how can she beat Xiao Yun? This Xiao Yun's internal force may be passed on to her by others, look at her appearance in her early thirties,plastic packing tube, but so powerful, is a role that is not easy to mess with. It seemed that she had to find a way to make her watch out for herself and not let her see through her own strength. Moreover, and Xiao Yun such a real master to fight, she has to come together in the light of the dark, otherwise it will not be able to fight. Everyone you a sentence I a sentence, suddenly, is chatting vigorously Tingting to see Liyue, eyes immediately is a look of disdain. Then, she whispered a few words to several confidants around her, and suddenly, several princesses all looked up at the glass moon, all with disdain and coldness on their faces. Who should I be? It turns out that Princess Cuttlefish is also here. With your three-legged cat kungfu, you also want to compete on the stage? "Yes, if I were you, I would get out as soon as possible, so as not to lose my father's face for a while." "I heard that Princess Moyu was named the first talented woman in the Northern Qi Dynasty yesterday, polyfoil tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, and a straw bag princess was also a talented woman. It's really amazing." When Tingting heard this, she immediately shouted at the top of her voice, "You don't know that with the help of someone, she quietly recited ten poems before she became the first talented woman.". In fact, she is a nymphomaniac, a piece of shit. Hearing this, they immediately frowned and looked at Liyue disdainfully. Not everyone went to the flower feast yesterday, so those who didn't understand followed Tingting's nonsense. Father said, this time we can't lose the Northern Qi, if we lose again, we all have to be confined. "Shh, keep your voice down. If you want others to hear you, how can you say father?" "Anyway, I'm not happy to see Ugly. I'm afraid she'll be brushed down in the first game." The competition is divided into three games. In the first game, all players are divided into four venues, and each venue holds out until the final promotion. In the second game, two players fight with each other, and the winner is promoted and the loser is eliminated. The third game is the summit match between the two winners to decide the champion. Li Yue ignored the ridicule of the eyes, just think carefully how to deal with the cloud, if the first game let her meet the cloud, can play is good, can not play that will never have a chance. The Northern Qi Emperor sat on the stage with a dignified face, and his sharp eyes glanced at Liyue from time to time. Of course, Liyue caught his eyes early, and still sat in place with indifference and coldness. It is an indisputable fact that the Northern Qi Dynasty lost five years in a row and lost miserably to Haoyun every year. This time, she must save face for the Northern Qi Dynasty and beat Haoyun to a pulp. If she wants to seek revenge from Feng Lin, she has to do it step by step. At this time, there are a group of west cool, after the week, the northern qi masters slowly, men and women are wearing light, the weapons in the hands of the bright, looking very addicted. It seems that there are many masters in this competition, and that Xiao Yun can win the championship every time, which is really awesome. The girls not only want to talk about martial arts, but also about the handsome man sitting on the stage. Today, many princes and grandsons have come to the Northern Qi Dynasty, and they are very handsome everywhere. Especially on the stage of King Jing and King Qinyang, the magnificent appearance of the two people is known to everyone, everyone's eyes have been glancing at the two people, as if to melt the two squat icebergs. When all the people were present, the eunuch took out a number of sticks and drew numbers 1 to 20 in the first field, numbers 20 to 40 in the second field, numbers 40 to 60 in the third field, and numbers 60 to 80 in the fourth field. The number of exactly eighty people, are the elite specially selected by the four countries and the big families, Li Yue followed the people to the stage to draw lots, after drawing lots, she lazily glanced. Number seven, field one. Xiao Yun was assigned to the fourth venue. I was so unlucky to meet the God of pestilence. "There are many masters present, Xiao Yun may not be able to win the championship every time,pump tube, I do not believe that she can win every time, but also do not believe that Hao Yun really has so much face." "All right, stop talking and go on stage first." emptycosmetictubes.com

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