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The evil wife that the underworld matchmaker is marrying is too provocative. Full-time Job

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When Mo Xiaoye took the helicopter arranged by S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Savage Ridge in the outer suburbs, there was a bloody horror in a cave on the Savage Ridge. In the huge dark cave, three heavily armed soldiers in special combat suits were panting with their backs against the huge rocks. Chief, the Hot Wheels should have gone down the mountain. We can't hold on any longer. Let's break through! One of them spoke in a low voice. Yan Xi squints the muzzle of the gun to the outside, the eyes are full of murder: "I cover, you two go out first!" "No!" Those two people object immediately: "We cover, chief you go out first!" Yan Xideng turned his head and shouted, "This is a military order!" The two men were stunned, and then their eyes turned red. Chief, you must. "Cut the crap and get out!" Yan Xi's voice fell, suddenly stood up, snap is a few point shot, suddenly, the three red monsters just emerged on the top of the cave were beaten back by him, the next moment, two people around him are like electricity, whoosh out toward the mouth of the cave. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Someone is trying to break it straight, and now.. It seems that the mood is a little complicated, hahaha. 024 Kill Monster, Fall The red monster on the top of the cave was about to pounce on the two men with a cry,liquid bottle filling machine, and Yan Xi shot a monster to the ground with two shots. But the monster just roared in pain, after landing is suddenly turned over and jumped up on the ground, the next moment, like a huge human-shaped frog, suddenly jumped up toward Yan Xi. Yan Xi squinted and fired. After the monster was shot in the head, it fell to the ground with a splash. But the monster was followed by one. Yan Xi had no chance to shoot his head again. The monster's body was shot and reacted. He threw Yan Xi out directly and hit the mountain wall hard. The only remaining pistol fell aside. The monster fell to the ground like a red orangutan, wheezing toward him. Yan Xi suddenly possessed to look at the monster, eyes like a sword,plastic bottle making machine, slowly wipe away the blood around his mouth. At the moment when the monster pounced on him, Yan Xi squinted and rushed straight past. The monster was so strong that Yan Xi did not fight hard with him. He turned over and spun very fast and rode directly on the monster's neck. When the monster roared back, he twisted his hands and broke his neck with a bang. At that moment, there was another gust of wind behind him. Yan Xi was not in a hurry to escape from the monster. He suddenly rushed forward and was ready to be injured. At that moment, with a bang, the monster fell to the ground. Yan Xi looked back and saw that it was Yoko who had just left. Yoko shot the monster in the head and opened his mouth in a hurry. Boss, hurry up. "Be careful!" Yan Xi suddenly roared, but it was too late. Behind Yoko, a red monster appeared again. He pressed his shoulder and bit Yoko's neck, lifting Yoko's whole body. The neck suddenly gushed with blood, but Yoko looked at Yan Xi and opened his mouth with difficulty: "Chief, go.." Yan Xi's eyes are cracked, but he has no weapons. Just as he was about to rush up with his bare hands, he suddenly touched the dagger on the side of his leg, juice filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, and Yan Xi was stunned. He's the one who confiscated the little guy's dagger! Also regardless of the small dagger in front of the monster's powerless, Yan Xi brush the dagger in his hand, like a cheetah, whoosh forward to jump high, holding the dagger mercilessly into the monster's shoulder. Just when he was ready to fight half to death to save Yoko, he found that the monster, who did not react much in front of the bullet, was stabbed by the dagger and suddenly let go of Yoko with a shrill roar, which turned out to be a direct release of Yoko and a stench of corrosion on his shoulder. Then he fell to the ground and convulsed, without any lethality. Yangzi neck blood like a spring, Yan Xi hurriedly helped him up, at this time, just left another person also came back with a face, see Yangzi is stunned. But at that moment, Yan Xi slowly looked up. On the top of the cave, several red shadows appeared again, clinging tightly to the top, wheezing at them, as if they were looking at food. Yan Xi suddenly blocked the two men behind him without looking back. Pig, take Yoko out alive, or I won't be finished with you! The man who came back gritted his teeth: "Yes!" Then he ran out quickly with the injured Yoko on his shoulder. Yan Xi stopped at the entrance of the cave and looked at the monsters on the top of the cave, squinting. He knew that if he ran out now, he should be able to live, but once he got out of the way, these monsters would surely catch up with Bajie, who had brought someone with him, and they would be finished! At the critical moment of life and death, Yan Xi was in a trance, not knowing what he had thought of, and a wry smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Really regret that night did not obey the mind to taste the taste of that mouth, what about the man. Damn it, it's a wimp to hang up like this! The next moment, on the top of the cave, several red monsters rushed at him at the same time. Yan Xi squinted to meet up, at this time, behind a strong wind hit. Before he realized it, the palm of his hand suddenly burned, and when the dagger suddenly got out of his hand, Yan Xi saw that a figure of the seal suddenly crossed him and rushed at the monsters. Mo Xiaoye started with a dagger and stabbed a monster in the head. When the monster fell to the ground, she suddenly turned her head and shot her backhand. The monster who rushed to Yan Xi was hit in the head by her. After falling to the ground, her whole body began to corrode and melt from the brain. Mo Xiaoye immediately raised his eyebrows. This gun is so powerful! She didn't want to use it again. Put the gun back! "Be careful!" Yan Xi immediately shouted. Damn it, how dare that little thing be distracted at this hour! Then he saw that Mo Xiaoye dexterously put his foot on the top of the cave and waved the dagger out with his backhand. Puff pierced a monster and nailed it into the stone wall with a ding. Just then, two more monsters rushed over in the dark. When Yan Xi's expression changed greatly, he saw Mo Xiaoye suddenly open his five fingers, and the dagger nailed into the cave flew back automatically, and at the same time he pierced a monster. When the dagger fell into his hand,Beverage packing machine, Mo Xiaoye suddenly jumped down and stabbed the dagger from the top of the last monster's head! Everything happened in a flash of lightning, five monsters were killed by her, Yan Xi pupil suddenly tightened. gzxilinear.com

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