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The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:37   Tourism & Restaurants   Saarlouis   144 views Reference: 420
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They no longer need to dodge, no longer need to look ahead and back, no more need to contain, fifty thousand additional life value limit, five thousand life recovery per second, they do not need any scruples at all, as soon as they come up, they are strong to kill, even if the front is the enemy's attack, they are completely blind, so they rush up against the attack, and they are attacked at the same time. Cut the body of the enemy with a fierce killing move. Originally presented a one-sided situation, so miraculously fell to the other side in a short time, because those Japanese players who finally rushed to the front of the city gate all the opponents they faced gave up all their defense as if they had gone on a rampage and killed them crazily! Kill! Kill! Generally speaking, this kind of killing regardless of oneself is bound to be internecine, killing is fast, but the death is equally fast. However, the wave of teams near the city gate was almost about to be killed, none of these violent wolves fell down, and all of them who had been defending the city gate rushed out on their own initiative like killing red eyes, and rushed to the approaching team.. A terrible breath began to make Japanese players tremble with fear again. Immortal reincarnation safety gave up defense, all out,heavy duty racking system, rushed to the huge Japanese player group, the two armies collided, small to big, should be the end of small fish being swallowed by big fish, but. The team of immortal reincarnation is divided into five teams and rushes into the Japanese player group, but like five extremely sharp scissors, the huge Japanese team is cut apart, just to kill,pipe cantilever rack, regardless of their own way of playing, so that the Japanese players leave corpses all over the ground in a moment. Japanese players are frightened to fight back quickly, and their attacks fall on the target, once, twice, and again. The other side is still fierce attack, never fell, but he killed one after another. This kind of fight with killing as the main theme, the speed of the dead is extremely fast, the bodies are piled up in piles, basically belonging to the Japanese players, occasionally there will be a few members of the immortal reincarnation who are attacked to death. Japanese players occupy an absolute advantage in the number of people, but the more frightened they are in Vietnam, the terrible enemy is not a ferocious enemy, but an enemy that can not be killed at all. Gradually, Drive in racking system ,Pallet rack beams, their surprise turned into trembling, and then from trembling to fear, until their hearts nearly collapsed. On the high platform in the rear, another telescope of the mysterious man was smashed on the ground by him: "That green light.." It's the green light! "Withdraw the troops and evacuate them all!" The opponent is equivalent to blessing the terrible state of immortality for a long time, and continuing to be so deadlocked is equivalent to dying in vain. The mysterious man had to give the order to retreat in anger. Received the instructions of the eastern army, such as amnesty, have fled back, in the face of a strong enemy can be a fight. But in the face of an immortal enemy, going up is simply at the mercy of others. The Japanese team is like a flood rushing in the opposite direction, which is faster than the speed of their attack, and the immortal reincarnation players who have killed all their blood are burning up are holding weapons and roaring to catch up. A funny and incomparable scene is presented in front of Tianchen City. A team with nearly twenty thousand troops was chased by a team with less than three thousand troops like a lost dog. The souls of heaven stood in front of the city gate, their faces smiling one after another. Sophie took Chen Xue's hand and praised her: "Chen Xue, thanks to you this time." "Oh." Chen snow showed a smile, a mysterious weapon, often can be powerful enough to control a war. Chen Xue has made a perfect interpretation of this sentence with a mysterious book of herbs. All come back, don't chase. Blood wheel calmly launched the command, his light drink, immediately let all the players of the immortal reincarnation stopped, and then neatly and quickly returned. When they returned to the front of the city gate, the green light on their bodies disappeared at the same time. Ah It's been 600 seconds. Chen Xue said. 600 seconds is the limit of the time that Baicao Tianci can maintain every day. But also is this short hundred seconds, does not extinguish the reincarnation not to want the life under the fighting method, the Dongying army nearly seven thousand people died. The gap between the two sides has been miraculously narrowed from ten times to five times. Outside the battlefield, all the players concerned here have been under this continuous change, trembling do not know how to describe their feelings. Has been almost an hour, guarding the gate of the three thousand troops not only did not let the east Ying army attack, but.. Hit them again and again, now, and even forced them to retire temporarily. Chapter 953 desperate situation. Chapter 953 desperate situation. Dong Ying army retreat is not far away, probably about three kilometers away, from the direction of the city gate, the distance is still dark. The retreat of the Dongying Army is naturally due to the sudden rampage of the immortal reincarnation, but from a distance, it can be clearly seen that the green light on the player of the immortal reincarnation has dissipated, which is obviously just the additional state has disappeared. And it's pretty shocking that this state can last so long. However, the Dongying Army did not know what to think, but stayed in the distance and did not attack again. Are you scared? The blood wheel looked into the distance and said. Unable Zuo Pojun shook his head and said, "If you can be their leader, you will not be a fool.". The longer they wait, the more time our reinforcements will have to come, and then they will have no hope of breaking the city. If they stop for a few more minutes, they will attack again soon. Now, they should stabilize the morale of the troops, before a series of heavy losses, enough to make their hearts scattered, direct attack, the lethality will be greatly reduced. "That makes a lot of sense." Szeto nodded for a moment, then turned to the blood wheel standing on the high wall and asked, "According to the time,Industrial pallet rack, how long will it take our reinforcements to get here at least?" "At least.." Seventy or eighty minutes, that's less. Said the blood wheel. As soon as the voice fell, his eyes suddenly contracted as he looked into the distance. omracking.com

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The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky