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The evil concubine of King Leng Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:18   Engineering   Bayreuth   151 views Reference: 353
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"Cold!" Luoluo searched the rooms one by one, including the study, the bedroom of Ming Xianhan, the inner room of all the secret rooms, and the Hanyuan Building. Luoluo ran all over, but he did not see the figure of Ming Xianhan: "Xianhan!!!" Luoluo shouted at the top of his voice, but no one answered. Seeing a servant girl passing by, Luoluo grabbed her hurriedly and looked at the little servant girl with red eyes: "Where is Wang Ye?"? Tell me, where is Wang Ye? "The king, the princess.." The little servant girl didn't know what had happened. She just came to clean up. She looked at the familiar princess in a panic at this time in amazement. She was a little afraid: "Wang Ye, he wasn't in Hanyuan Building early in the morning." "Not here?" Luoluo loosened his hand and stared at the servant girl as if she had run away. Xiao Fangzi came in and saw Luoluo standing in a daze in front of the door of Hanyuan Building. He sighed gently and looked at her lightly: "I would rather you were Princess Biluo who was not liked by Wang Ye. At least Wang Ye would never sacrifice his life for you." "I.." Luoluo covered his heart and turned to look at Xiao Fang. Tears fell down drop by drop. "Where is he?"? Where is he now? Xiao Fangzi closed his eyes feebly: "Last night I sent you back to Biluozhai. When I came back to look for Wang Ye, he had already disappeared.." "What do you mean it's gone?" Luoluo stared at him with wide eyes. Small prescription is to twist suddenly however eyebrow, look coldly fall: "Do you think you have qualification to ask so?" "I.." Luoluo bit his mouth. She really did not know what to say for a moment, she was so painful, her heart was so painful, she just wanted to see Ming Han now, just wanted to see him all right. "Wang Ye is for you, he does not want you to see his death, he does not want to make anyone sad because of this matter, only he will choose to leave under such circumstances, is not to let you see it with your own eyes!"! How dare you ask what is missing now! Princess Biluo, our great princess! The great princess! Do you really know the heart of our prince? Such an iron Zhengzheng man,Lamella Plate Settler, all for you to come to this point, you now, you now can still be so calm to ask us, where is Wang Ye? Xiao Fang gritted his teeth. Luoluo opened his mouth wide. "Cold.." It's cold. Luoluo covered his mouth and squatted down slowly. Xiao Fang looked at Luoluo coldly and suddenly strode out with a sneer. He really can't bear to look at this woman, from the very beginning he hated that Princess Biluo, he thought she became lovely later, but did not expect that the result of her and Wang Ye together was to ruin a Wang Ye's life. In the end, even Wang Ye did not know where he had gone, whether he was alive or dead. Women are really a curse, really a curse! "Cold." The body is weak to fall to sit on the ground, falling heart mouth even the blood of the whole body seems to be in pain, rapid sand filters ,rapid sand filters, pain she is unable to support the body, unable to look up at this familiar cold deep floor, unable to feel whether Ming Han is still beside her. "Cold." She could not believe, nor could she believe, that he would not die! She did not despair, because he believed that Ming Han would never die! She believed that he would not die! "Cold!" Suddenly, Luoluo looked up and roared, "Cold!" Pei Luoxuan, who had suddenly heard the news from the people in the dark, suddenly ran into the palace. Despite the obstruction of the palace guards, he went directly to Hanyuan Tower and heard the cry of Luoluo tearing her heart inside. He walked in quickly with heartache. As soon as he went in, he saw Luoluo sitting under the stairs, almost crying until he was powerless. "Luoluo." Pei Luoxuan frowned and stepped forward. "Ah.." Luoluo cried until she lost her voice and put her hands trembling on the ground, but even the ground was not as cold as her heart. Pei Luoxuan suddenly picked up Luoluo's body, held her shoulder, lowered his head and wiped the tears on her face with heartache: "What happened on earth?"? Why did I hear someone come to report that he was cold for you. "Ah.." Luoluo suddenly cried out and raised his hand to tear his hair at random: "Ah! Ah!" Luoluo! Luoluo! Pei Luoxuan hurriedly and tightly pressed the shoulder, suppressed her moving arm, afraid that she hurt herself. Some quiet cry to come up to say, don't feel too sad at this time. No matter how lovely and strong a woman has a heart, watching the man she loves die for herself, or disappear like this, she cries crazily. To vent.. Can you really calm down? Chapter 208 of the main text "Cold!!!"! It's so cold!!!! Luoluo opened his mouth wide and hissed. Why didn't he come back, why didn't he stand in front of him and tell her that he was alive and that he was all right. He's not going to die. He will not die! He's not going to die. Luoluo trembled all over. "Well, he won't die, Ming Lihan won't die, Luoluo, cheer up!"! You will break your body by crying like this! Pei Luoxuan raised his hand to help him up, but he suddenly turned his head and bit Pei Luoxuan's hand. Pei Luoxuan regardless of the pain in his hands, can only soothe the back of the fall, if she bit him can calm down, even if he put the hand stack, can also! "Luoluo, are you better?" Pei Luoxuan lowered his head and looked at Luoluo, who was lying feebly on his arm. Luoluo closed his eyes, silent, Pei Luoxuan suddenly startled,wall penstocks, hurriedly holding Luoluo's people, until she opened her eyes again, eyes full of tears looking at him. khnwatertreatment.com

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The evil concubine of King Leng